2012 General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference

West Point, New York
Thursday, May 03, 2012

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2012 General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference
Thursday, May 03, 2012

West Point, The United States Military Academy
West Point, New York 10996
United States

The Department of Systems Engineering is hosting a Capstone Presentation Conference, May 3rd, 2012.  The conference features undergraduate students from West Point and a number of other universities presenting their capstone work to an audience made up of fellow students, judges, clients and professors.  For Cadets in the Department of Systems Engineering, these presentations serve as a culmination point for the cadet adademic careers and allow them to present their findings to their instructor, possibly the client, a general audience and judges.  Each presentation track is assigned judges who vote for the best project of each track.  These winners receive awards at the Capstone Banquet the evening of May 3rd.

Track Descriptions:


Decision Analysis (DA) is the discipline comprising the philosophy, theory, methodology, and professional practice necessary to address important decisions in a formal manner. Decision analysis includes many procedures, methods, and tools for identifying, clearly representing, and formally assessing important aspects of a decision, for prescribing a recommended course of action by applying the maximum expected utility action axiom to a well-formed representation of the decision, and for translating the formal representation of a decision and its corresponding recommendation into insight for the decision maker and other stakeholders.   Past projects in this track: “Analysis of Alternative Energy Sources for the United States Roadway Transportation System”, “ Communications on the move-Assessing the IA Architecture”  and “Colorado Springs Police Department: Equalization of Workload through Reallocation of Divisional Boundaries”


Process Modeling- Past projects in this track: “Simulating malevolent behavioral intent on college campuses”, “Process Design for Ceramic Tile Cleaning and Coding” and Location Analysis of Supermercado de Walmart”


Modeling & Simulation- (M&S) is the use of models, including emulators, prototypes, simulators, and stimulators, either statically or over time, to develop data as a basis for making managerial or technical decisions. Past projects in this track: “Identifying Movement Patterns using Satellite Observations”, Veterans Benefits Administration Compensation Claims Processing”, and Join High-Powered Solid State Laser in the FOB Defense Role”


Modeling and Simulation for Military Applications- M&S in modern military organizations is part of the acquisition/procurement strategy. Specifically, M&S is used to conduct Events and Experiments that influence Requirements and Training for military Systems. As such, M&S is considered an integral part of systems engineering of military Systems.  Past projects in this track: “Developing a Drop Zone- Battlespace Terrain Reasoning and Awareness system”, “Swarming Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Small Unit Operations” and “Analysis of Conventional Prompt Global Strike Alternatives”


Project Management- is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific engineering project goals and objectives. Past projects in this track: “Human Cooling Team”, “Force support to improve logistics tracking systems” and “Information Assurance for GPS IIIA”.


Systems Design For Defense Applications- Past projects in this track: “LT Utilization while awaiting BOLC-B”, “Payload Configurations for the Gray Eagle Unmanned Aircraft System”, and “Technomics Cost Data Digital Library Redesign.”


Systems Design:  Past projects in this track: “Airline Fleet Maintenance: Trade-off Analysis of Alternate Aircraft Maintenance”, “West Point Cadet Uniform Factory Improvement”, and “Modeling the Complexity of the Terrorism/Counter Terrorism Struggle: Mathematics of the Hearts and Minds.”


Problem Solving in Systems Engineering- This track is only offered to USMA Systems Management or USMA SE450 capstone projects.  Past projects in this track: “Exploring Civilian faculty management systems for USMA”, “Conflict Indicators for Sudan” and “USMA Garrison Command Cost Modeling”


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