EFCA Five-Day Boot Camp 2012

EFCA Five-Day Boot Camp 2012

Team Special--Register two people at full price and receive two additional registrations for free:

Register the lead church planter first at the $169 rate.
  • Choose, "Add another person," and register the second person at the $169 rate. 
  • Choose, "Add another person," and register team member three by using the "Team Special" option to register him/her at no additional charge
  • Choose, "Add another person" and register team member four by using the "Team Special" option to register him/her at no additional charge.

Register additional team members at the $169 rate.

Spouses need to register but are free because we value training as a church planting couple.  Just click the "Spouse" option when registering.

Click "Register Now" to begin your registration.


Contact Information

  • Web: EFCAStartChurches.org
    Phone: 952-854-1300
    Email: churchplanting@efca.org

Payment Instructions

  • All payments are by credit card only.  We accept Visa and Mastercard. 

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