Two-Day Virtual Seminar for Women by EnlightenNext

Lenox, Massachusetts
Saturday, May 19, 2012

   A Two-Day Virtual Seminar by EnlightenNext
  Saturday & Sunday May 19-20

Sex, Power, and Leadership for Women

How do we women develop greater power and become more effective forces for change in our lives and our culture? The word “power” comes from a Latin word that means “to be able.” Think about it: what do we draw on in ourselves to be able to…create, catalyze change, and lead others? What’s our confidence, sense of empowerment, and creativity based on? 

For thousands of years, women’s power has come from being sexually attractive and compelling. The natural chemistry between women and men has been a means to get what we want and need—and for most of human history it was the only way to do this. In the last fifty years, we have begun to have access to the levers of power in society. And at the very same time, the media’s sexualization of women (and girls) has become more insistent than ever before. Just as we have the power to have a real impact in society, the pressure to be forever “hot” draws our attention, energy, time, and money into a relentless focus on our appearance. Is physical attractiveness our only attractor? Are there limits to what we can make happen if sexuality is our only source of power? Are there other sources of power that we can access to create the lives and world we most deeply want?

This two-day virtual seminar will take you into a deep exploration of who you are and will give you access to new sources of power and creativity. You will discover the creative impulse in the Cosmos (Eros) that is the source of our sexuality and also drives creativity, innovation, and evolution. Awakening to and freeing Eros in your self gives you the confidence, clarity, and motivation to become a very powerful and creative agent of change.

Day 1

On the first day of the seminar weekend, Dr. Elizabeth Debold, Mary Adams and other senior women at EnlightenNext will lead participants into the discovery of a new source of empowerment—the evolutionary impulse, or Eros—that motivates and directs us toward culture-changing leadership. Through presentation, group discussion, Q&A, and experiential exercises, you will develop an understanding of where we are as women right now, how we got here, and where we can go to transform culture through our creative leadership.

In this first day, which can be taken separately, you will learn how to:

       Identify the culturally reinforced motivations that undermine your leadership abilities.

       Learn about three different levels of the evolutionary impulse as the source of authentic power in yourself.

       Shift from being "attractive" to being an "attractor" who catalyzes creativity, and inspires others.

       Discover a profound source of meaning and purpose that gives you clarity and direction.

       Liberate your deepest source of creativity, courage and vision.

Day 2

The second day of the virtual seminar will begin with a dialogue between spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and Dr. Elizabeth Debold about catalyzing the emergence of new human potentials through Eros and Agape. The Greeks identified Eros and Agape as two different forms of Love that are present in the Cosmos. More recently, Ken Wilber has argued that these two are important functions in evolution. Why should we care? Because our potential to evolve as women depends on how we understand these forces and identify them in ourselves. Eros has often been considered a masculine force in creating culture and Agape has been related to the feminine roles of nurturance and care. In this dynamic dialogue, This way of “gendering” Eros and Agape is true historically but limits our capacity to consciously evolve now. Cohen and Debold will reveal how men and women need to embody an evolutionary form of both Eros and Agape in order to forge new structures in consciousness and culture. In addition to this dialogue, participants will be engaged in Q&A and discussion to awaken these potentials in yourself.

On the second day, you will discover:

        A vast perspective on who you are in the context of cosmic evolution and human development.

        The fundamental principles of evolutionary development. 

        Eros and Agape as they function in you at different levels.

        How to transcend limiting ideas about women that block us from catalyzing change.

        New potentials in yourself that liberate creativity, and facilitate higher orders of relationship.

        How to become an agent for creating a new culture.

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Your Guides for the Virtual Seminar

Dr. Elizabeth Debold, bestselling author, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on girls’ and women’s development. Over fifteen years ago, she left behind her career as an author, internationally renowned gender researcher, feminist activist and speaker to join a small collective of women, working with spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, to pioneer a new order of consciousness in and between women as the foundation of a new culture. The fruit of her work is the co-creation of a new developmental pathway for women that unites the timeless dimension of Being with cutting-edge understanding and application of women’s consciousness development. She is now a Senior Teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment, and has recently founded Artemis Forum, an online space for serious conversation and learning between the different generations of women.

Mary Adams, spiritual leader and mentor to hundreds globally, has well over thirty years experience bringing the insights of spiritual enlightenment to the reality of human developmental transformation. As one of a handful of Senior Teachers of Evolutionary Enlightenment, Adams creates and teaches innovative programs that catalyze individuals and groups to develop new capacities of awareness, relatedness, and creativity. Her particular passion for women’s awakening has led her to forge a new developmental path for women based on the principles of Evolutionary Enlightenment. She currently is Director of Retreats at EnlightenNext and is also co-leading a course for women with Dr. Elizabeth Debold on The Shift Network.

Andrew Cohen is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, cultural visionary, and founder of the global nonprofit EnlightenNext and its award-winning publication EnlightenNext magazine. For over twenty-five years, he has worked with thousands of seekers around the world to discern and transcend the unique obstacles facing women and men in the pursuit of higher development. This has led to the ongoing development of pathways for both sexes to live an enlightened, evolutionarily inspired life. This virtual seminar will be the third dedicated women’s retreat that Cohen will co-lead with Dr. Elizabeth Debold in the context of evolutionary enlightenment.

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  • "Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams are rare and powerful teachers whose commitment to the evolution of consciousness, to awakened community, and to the innate power in the leadership of women is stunning. Rarely will you spend time in the company of teachers whose dedication runs more deeply than theirs."Diane Musho Hamilton
    (Lead Trainer, Integral Life Practice; Founder iEvolve)

    “For women who don’t ever wish to find themselves waking up, looking at their lives, and asking, ‘Is that all there is?’ I suggest they go directly to Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams. These two brilliant, compassionate life forces have dedicated themselves to understanding on the deepest level the issues that inhibit women from finding their purpose, and then offer a unique program for profound self-transformation."Dalma Heyn
    (Bestselling author of The Erotic Silence of The American Wife; Marriage Shock: The Transformation of Women into Wives)

    "Profound, wise, and compelling pioneers of women’s evolution, Mary Adams and Elizabeth DeBold brilliantly articulate our collective journey as women in illuminating, clarifying and inspiring ways. These two are amongst the great women of our time. Their work is an extraordinary and central contribution to the conversation, and I recommend them as teachers to any woman serious about taking her rightful place as a co-creator of the future of our world."Katherine Woodward Thomas
    (author of Calling in The One,and co-creator of the Feminine Power transformative courses for women.)

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