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NHI’s leadership learning process does not stop when its students graduate from high school.  It continues into college through forms of learning interventions, such as short internships as senior counselors in NHI’s LDZ, student trainers in the Great Debate, and summer interns at NHI in Maxwell.  More recently, Celebración has broadened involvement of NHI undergraduate alumni, who appreciate and value the importance of social entrepreneurship as a valuable life tool for community engagement and change. 

This year, the Collegiate Leadership Network has launched a campaign drive to solicit the participation of 1,000 active members and supporters from among the over 7,000 estimated NHIers enrolled in undergraduate studies through an annual membership fee charge of $20, plus a $3 electronic service fee.  Funds generated through the annual campaign will go towards the following:

·         Support the annual planning activities of the CLN board of directors and conference during the annual Celebración;

·         Provide partial support for at least 2 John F. Lopez Fellowships during the summer at NHI, Maxwell;

·         Underwrite the design and maintenance of the CLN Newsletter published monthly on the official NHI website;

·         Support the curriculum design and implementation of the annual CLN training program during Celebración

·         Underwrite the training material and supply needs of CLN training activities;

·         Underwrite the travel fees of the CLN president’s participation in NHI board of trustee meetings.

·         Provide assistance to NHI’s Hispanic Youth Fund that annually provides scholarship support to applicants to the Great Debate, LDZ, and/or CWS who gain admission but are unable to afford the full fee requirements to personal family circumstances. 

Additionally, registered members of the CLN will have access to multiple opportunities within the NHI and their communities.  These benefits of membership include:

·         Membership in local “NHI Communities” at your university with fellow CLNers.  These local communities will function in making the NHI experience a year round experience.

·         Access to summer staffing & JFL internship opportunities throughout the summer with NHI.  (One must be a registered CLN member to be considered for staff & internships)

·         Access to “Social Entrepreneurship” training at NHI’s annual convention, Celebración held in late October.

·         Access to the “Alumni Showcase” at Celebración, where professional alumni of the NHI will gather to demonstrate their enterprises and practices. CLN members can seek out employment and internship opportunities through this network of alumni professionals.

·         Access to start-up funding though the CLN for social & business ventures proposed by members.

For more information about membership, contact the CLN President, Arthur D. Soto Vasquez at 915.588.0463 or via e-mail at

You may also contact Analysse Escobar in NHI’s Advancement Office at 512-357-6137 ext. 208 or via e-mail at


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