Psychic Development and After-Death Communication Workshop With Suzane Northrop and Terri Daniel

Portland, Oregon
Sunday, July 22, 2012
Psychic Development and After-Death Communication Workshop With Suzane Northrop and Terri Daniel
Sunday, July 22, 2012 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Pacific Time)

Marylhust University, Clark Commons, Hawthorn Room
17600 Pacific Hwy - Hwy 43
Portland, Oregon 97036-0261
United States

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Internationally acclaimed medium, TV and radio host Suzane Northrop has helped thousands worldwide by bridging the gap between the world of the living and the spiritual world where the departed reside. Her Emmy-nominated TV series, The Afterlife has captured the  hearts of millions, demonstrating Suzane’s unparalleled talent as a medium and her profound impact on those who experience her work. Suzane has been an expert consultant to numerous investigation agencies including police departments in New York City, Washington D.C., Hartford, Connecticut and Los Angeles, and has worked in partnership with other noted mediums including John Holland, John Edward and more.

In her workshop, Suzane will teach participants how to tap into their own ability to communicate with the afterlife using demonstrations, guided meditation and instructional techniques. She will conclude with  "gallery-style" readings for random audience members.

JOHN EDWARD, world-renowned medium
and star of the hit TV show Crossing Over,
has this to say about Suzane:

Suzane's ability as a medium amazes those who have experienced her in action. Her gift is in the clarity of her message, the compassion of her delivery, her use of humor in her healing, her tenacity to deliver all messages (skeptics included), and most of all, her unique manner to teach and simplify for all of us the greatest mystery of all... death.


Terri Daniel is a channeler, author, hospice worker and grief guidance facilitator who works closely with the dying and the bereaved to further a metaphysical understanding of birth, death and beyond. She is the author of two books about the afterlife, and is the founder of the annual Afterlife Awareness Conference.

Terri will lead the audience in guided meditations and interactive channeling exercises to help develop psychic sensitivities and open a conduit to the higher realms of consciousness, where guides, angels, departed loved ones and others are eager to assist you in the work of living and dying. 

Payment Instructions

    Register before July 10, and  you'll be entered into a drawing to win:

    . A DVD of Suzane's emmy-nominated TV show, "The Afterlife."

    . Suzane's book, "Everything Happens for a Reason," which sheds light on why you were born, what death is, and why there can be so much pain in-between,

    . "A Medium's Cookbook" -  Suzane gathers some of her best "ingredients" to teach you how to make your own connections with the Other Side.

    Registration includes:

    . Terri Daniel's morning session
    . Lunch
    . Suzane Northrop's afternoon session

    . Full day session (includes lunch) -  120.00

    . A limited number of partial registrations are available (Suzane's portion of the program only) for $75.


    . Full refund (less $20 processing fee) up to 75 days before event.

    . 50% refund 74-50 days before event

    . 25% refund 49-31 days before event

    . No refund within 30 days of event.

    For more about Suzane,
    including bio, press info
    and testimonials,
    click HERE.

    This event is sponsored by The Afterlife Education Foundation, an Oregon non-profit corporation dedicated to furthering awareness and education about birth, death and beyond.


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