Plastics News Executive Forum 2013

Wesley Chapel, Florida
Sunday, March 03, 2013

March 3: Workshop  |  March 4-6: Conference
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Saddlebrook Resort | Tampa, FL

Wrap-Up: PN Forum delivers key workforce advice
For its 15th annual Executive Forum, Plastics News focused on the vital topic of workforce development. More than 30 expert presenters shared advice, insights and best practices. Watch this space for full coverage from the 2013 event. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Just a few examples follow:

I thought the event was nicely orchestrated to give the attendee a lot of input for consideration in making better business decisions.
-- Larry Jutte, President & COO, Ernie Green Industries Inc.

Forum Video Series
We’re posting two new Forum clips every week through the end of May. Check back often.
Hoffer, Rodon, DeKalb execs talk hiring basics on Forum panel (June 5, 2013)
McNelly: Manufacturing more important than ever (May 29)
Modern Edge's Angell offers lessons in creative thinking (May 23)
Gros: Hunt for talent time-consuming, necessary (May 16)
Schmidt: Social media can lead firms to talented recruits (May 15)
Steinwall: Strong worker orientation necessary (May 8)
Kaczmarek: Create a culture that breeds success (May 7)
SME’s Kunz: Company training shouldn't be one-size-fits-all (May 1)
Speakers say veterans are largely untapped labor pool (April 24)
Flint sees service as key to good leadership (April 17)
Recruiter Riendeau offers do's, don'ts of hiring (April 10)
Philip Katen, Doreen Lettau & Shawn Reilley talk recruitment (April 3)
Fred Keller details Cascade's welfare-to-career efforts (March 27)
Prof. Peter Cappelli challenges employers (March 20)

I found this year’s Forum program content to be more valuable than any other comparable event I have attended. … Thank you for filling a critical area with such valuable information.  
-- Roger Klouda, President, MSI Mold Builders

News stories
Modern Edge's Angell offers lessons in creative thinking (April 12)
Bill Flint: Bolster leadership through service (April 10)
Hunting down good recruits worth effort  (April 9)
Training shouldn't be one-size-fits-all  (April 9) 
Panel tells execs: Go on offensive to recruit talent (April 3)
Manufacturers need to invest in education & training (March 29)
Academia, industry need to tighten ties (March 29)
Recruiter tells industry: Your websites send the wrong message (March 28)
Using ‘soft skills’ requires dedication (March 27)
Veterans make up largely untapped labor pool (March 22)
Cultural integration a key to successful M&A (March 21)
All play, no work? Not social media (March 20)
Frustrated employers find hiring game changed (March 20)

I found the conference to be top-notch and very applicable to our industry as well as our company. As a first-time attendee, I was thrilled to attend and was very impressed with quality of the content as well as the presenters. I would highly recommend this conference and look forward to attending again in the future.
-- Maria Gaeta, Director of Human Resources, Mar-Bal Inc.

Processor of the Year & PN Excellence Awards
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VIEWPOINT .... These firms shine in worker relations
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STORY ............ PMT, DeKalb, Rodon earn PN Excellence Awards
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VIDEO ............. POY finalist DeKalb pays attention to detail
STORY ............ POY preview:  It’s down to three: Hoffer, Rodon, DeKalb

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