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The iaedp Core Curriculum is designed to accomplish two goals:

1) to endow the candidate with advanced, practical, graduate-level knowledge considered essential to eating disorder expertise; and

2) to prepare the candidate to successfully pass the iaedp™ Certification Examination. Candidates for the CEDS, CEDRD, CEDCAT or CEDRN must satisfactorily complete all four Core Courses.

Each Core Course has required textbook readings from which exam questions are derived, and includes video of professional presentation(s) made available through iaedp. The candidate follows a detailed syllabus for each Core Course, completing the required readings and videos, and writing an essay(s) to demonstrate in-depth application of key concepts. Once the candidate has completed the above, s/he will take an online final exam for each Core Course, and must pass each exam with a grade of 75% or higher. Exams contain approximately 40 multiple choice and true/false questions, some testing knowledge acquisition and others testing knowledge application.

Course 1 – Overview of Eating Disorders
Course 2 – Effective Therapy Modalities for Eating Disorders
Course 3 - Nutritional Guidelines for Treating Eating Disorders
Course 4 - Medical Aspects of Eating Disorders

The cost of each course is $100 for iaedp™ members and $125 for non-members.  Completion of these four courses is a requisite as one requirement in the process of becoming certified. Note:  These are self-study courses which can only be completed through an online process including credit card payment, testing, and document submittal.  We will not be able to accept faxed documents, mailed documents, etc.  No exceptions to this policy.

For more information on our courses, or to review the syllabus for each course, please click here.


Contact Information

  • Questions about Membership or Certification?  Contact Pat at 800-800-8126 x84 or pat@iaedp.com.
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