Third ACCRI Symposium

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Third ACCRI Symposium

(757) 425-9000
3501 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451
United States

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About the ACCRI Symposium
The Third Annual Aviation Climate Change Research Initiative (ACCRI) Symposium will be held at the Sheraton Virginia Beach Oceanfront hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on November 27-29, 2012.

Worldwide commercial air transport is increasing rapidly with potential impacts on climate and atmospheric air quality. It is a goal of US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) initiated ACCRI to quantify the aviation impacts on climate with associated uncertainties. The symposium focuses on the poorly understood effects of aviation emissions on climate at all levels in the atmosphere with the four specific themes:

1. Chemical impacts of aviation
2. Contrail/Cirrus impacts of aviation
3. Metrics and their quantification by regional, zonal and global impacts
4. Physical and chemical research leading to better quantification of impacts.

The first theme will explore the potential chemical impacts of aircraft emissions on the trace constituents in the atmosphere such as ozone. Plume and contrail formation and persistence and subsequent growth to aviation-induced cirrus clouds is the focus of the second theme wherein physical and chemical characteristics of aviation generated aerosols will be addressed along with direct and indirect effects on radiative transfer within and outside the clouds. This will be followed in the third theme by an assessment of commonly used metrics including atmospheric forcing and global warming potential, in their ability to adequately describe the aviation effects and search for any alternatives. Finally, in the fourth theme, attention will directed toward other research "Coming Soon".

Topics of interest include measurements of aviation related atmospheric quantities (in-situ, aircraft, or satellite methods), laboratory investigations in support of aviation impact studies, chemical reactions and microphysical process studies in the upper tropospheric/ lower stratospheric (UTLS) region as well as model simulations of convective and advective transport of pollutants from aircraft altitudes and airports that impact air-quality and climate. Papers on other cross-cutting issues are also welcome.

There is no fee to attend the symposium, but registration is required. (Click on the “Register Now” button at the top). Participants are invited to submit papers and indicate their preference for oral or a poster presentation. The last date for submitting a 400 (maximum) word abstract is November 10, 2012.

Virginia Beach has a generally nice weather in November (40 F – 60 F) with occasional rain. The meeting venue is in close proximity to many restaurants and is close to the Norfolk International Airport; alternatively Richmond airport is a short drive away.

We look forward to seeing you in November!

Guy Brasseur, Science Chair,
ACCRI Program.
Climate Service Center, Hamburg, Germany

Rangasayi N. Halthore & S. Daniel Jacob,
Office of Environment and Energy,
Federal Aviation Administration,
Washington, DC


Contact Information

  • Phone: 617-494-6341
    E-mail: Clay Reherman
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