Online Experiential Program : "Breaking the Code: Recreating Your Life Story"

Sunday, January 27, 2013

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Online Experiential Program : "Breaking the Code: Recreating Your Life Story"
Sunday, January 27, 2013 - Wednesday, March 27, 2013

All lesson broadcasts will be at 5:30pm Pacific time

Lesson One:  Conception at the Soul Level: Before the Beginning
Live Lecture and Exercises Sunday September 9, 2012 
Live Special Guest Interview and Q&A Wednesday September 12, 2012

Before we encountered the cultural beliefs of family and tribe, we originated in the place of pure potentiality.  In this first session, you will begin re-patterning your story in the realm of spirit.  Dr. Houston, one of the great visionaries of our time, combines the latest discoveries of science, the ancient lessons of past and present philosophers, multiple rich cultures and her own breadth of understanding into a new beginning for your life and all the blessings that accompany it.

  • You will go through powerful processes where you re-experience your original identity, indivisible and interwoven with the Great Mystery.
  • You will experience the re-conception of yourself, entering pre-time where you recall the original coding for the life you have chosen.
  • In a deep state of consciousness, you will learn the pattern for your life, discover relationships you only suspected exist, and uncover the creative destiny that holds a treasury of potentials unique to your soul.
  • You will encounter unexpected allies and learn how to access them at any time.
  • You will reawaken and clarify your original calling, the one that has been yearning for you and you for it.
  • You acquire the birthmark and name that you will carry and that will carry you forward wherever you travel.
  • You will emerge with a new appreciation of your Divine origins that reframe your identity and your place in the world.

Ultimately, you will cross the threshold from formless to form and bring with you all the insights of your true beginning.

Lesson Two:  A New Entrance:  You, the Holy Child is Born
Live Lecture and Exercises Sunday September 16, 2012
 Live Special Guest Interview and Q&A Wednesday September 19, 2012

Age Birth to 2 years

A young child once asked his parents to be left alone with his new baby brother.  Finally the parents consented allying their fears for the newborn by putting an intercom in the baby’s room.  They heard their son approach the tiny child in his crib and whisper, " Little brother, tell me what it is like where you come from, I’m starting to forget.”

In this session, the portal into the physical world is crossed and you are born as the holy child entering the world.  Unlike having your umbilical cord severed, the cord that ties your heart to your Origins is activated so that memories and inspiration continue to flow through.  Your first breath draws in the “pneuma,” the air that encompasses the world, the very element from which all else is created.  The next code is deciphered as your tiny body becomes a holographic cell in the living universe, preparing to live simultaneously on many levels.  This session re-members your entry as the “Renaissance child,” one born out of grace with memories and gifts that extend far beyond your simple physical birth.

  • You will understand the codes embedded in the very act of birthing and be able to consciously apply them to your life.
  • You will explore the five important ways that consciousness is sustained in the body.
  • You will re-learn how to use the meta-levels of curiosity that you were born with.
  • In the same way a baby learned the core skills necessary for living, such as eating, talking, walking, and conveying and receiving communication, you learn the 5 fundamental requirements for living as a sacred universal human.
  • With the understanding that a name can create a unique identity or signature for purpose-driven living, you learn the steps to receiving your own sacred name.
  • You discover the secrets of your local and non-local self
  • You are reintroduced to your family in a significant new way

Without reciting the events surrounding your actual physical birth, by re-membering all the aspects of your expanded nature, you have an important opportunity to retire old wounds around your birth and realize the enormity of what you brought to the world.

Lesson Three:  The Wonder of the Child: Maintaining the Stradivarius
Live Lecture and Exercises Sunday September 23, 2012 
Live Special Guest Interview and Q&A September 26, 2012

 Ages 3-11 years

We enter childhood as magnificent as a concert Stradivarius violin, and are all too often played like a plastic fiddle. When your many gifts are not recognized or nurtured adequately, you may forget the many splendid attributes that you brought to the world. During this stage of your life, you had the possibility of a wild and creative imagination. Your curiosity could have turned you into an inventor, perhaps fully impractical, but willing to explore the unchartered civilizations that resided in the corner of your play yard, or find joy in sloshing through the mud, taking magnificent journeys through cherished books, exploring the range of your emotions, enthusiastically forming spontaneous new friendships, falling deeply in love with your favorite pet, probing the world and all its miracles with joy and affection. 

Now, during this course, you examine and recover what was not ignited. You reactivate the original coding of your childhood and both acknowledge your own many latent gifts, and learn how to nurture them to full expression in your everyday living.

  • You will learn how to live with a new experience of a higher order of childhood that can open up a wide-range of possibilities for your life
  • You will learn how to reclaim your original adaptive and empathetic self
  • Through re-living childhood through the eyes of your spirit, you will learn greater forgiveness and compassion for those around you.
  • You will discover the latent gifts that have been nagging for attention
  • You will awaken layers of your higher destiny that are yet to be lived
  • You will expand your own sense of identity inclusive of joy, imagination, radical curiosity and a freedom of pure being.
  • You will release constrictions that have bound you for years
  • You’ll gain a multi-sensory awareness and mindfulness, and with it an expanded curiosity about self, universe, culture and each other.
  • You will have a valuable blueprint for nurturance that you can use to support others as well as the children in your life.
  • You will understand how very valuable you are, and how deserving of kindness and the deepest respect.

You will emerge with expanded capacities for a boundless creativity that can be applied to all your endeavors.  Life becomes, through the eyes of your child, an enchanted world and enchanted universe.

Lesson Four:  The Adolescent Magician: The Mythic Promise
Live Lecture and Exercises Sunday September 30, 2012
Live Special Guest Interview and Q&A Wednesday October 3, 2012

 Ages 12-20

These are the years of sudden jumps in body, mind and awareness.  Like a race car gearing up in the trials, hormones often outpace emotional maturity, ideals run side by side with profound experience about people and the politics of family and community. Great upheavals of emotion blur borders as intense loves and passions experience rapid growth and woundings.  Your constantly changing body challenges your urge to create your own identity.  This is the time of the stress of education and the choice of a career track.  The din of growth and all types of learning assists you in developing your own moral code as you stretch toward maturity

During this session, you will add a conscious level of abilities to your spiritual nature to parallel your emotional-physical growth during this stage.  Here, you will expand your definition of personal identity and add new heroes to your repertoire of those who were your way-showers.  You will do preliminary investigation into your sense of purpose and remember the unique expression you were born to manifest.

You have arrived at this stage, with not just a growing body, but a fluid one, not just a determined mind, but also a humorous and resilient one.  You will visit the root of your passions, find a poetic sense of life, find expression for the curiosity you have brought from your early years, and discover a host of new intelligences that can support your dreams.

  • You will experience a powerful rite of passage that initiates you into the pending adult phase of your life.
  • You will grow your own North Star, combining your own values with those cherished by your soul.
  • Using the latest scientific discoveries, you will decode your entanglement with the universe and everything in it.
  • You will learn the 7 most important skills for living as a part of an indivisible world.
  • You will establish the 10 most important laws that will influence your decisions
  • Through a series of powerful exercises, you will learn how to use the sensory, psychological, mythic and spiritual processes to facilitate decision-making.
  • You will learn what lays beyond “self-esteem” and the important difference it can make in your spiritual and everyday life.

During this session, The Adolescent Magician: The Mythic Promise, you will take a new look at your own formation, and discover a new promise of what can be possible for your life.

Lesson Five:  Responsibilities of Maturity: Sacrifice and Success
Live Lecture and Exercises Sunday October 7, 2012
Live Special Guest Interview and Q&A Wednesday October 10, 2012

Ages 21-40

At this stage, you have all the freedom that you sought through your adolescent phase.  With that freedom you step into various roles that you feel define you as a person.  You’ve entered the first of perhaps many careers and many often choose a partner during these years.  Your education is tested and your learning continues to grow as your family, work, visions and financial responsibilities encourage creativity and resiliency.  This is the time when the final structures of the pre-frontal cortex of the brain which controls impulses and good judgment mature.  The great question is how success is defined and its value to your spiritual growth.

You lived your youth in and out of profound relationships that shaped you.  Now it’s time to add more insights, spiritual abilities, and guidelines that will become fundamental building blocks that enable your going forward.  In this session, we revisit your development from the perspective of your own critical spiritual identity and early evolution.

  • You will understand the 5 stages of “Renaissance thinking” and why it is such a critical necessity for today.
  • You will meet your Entelechy, your own dynamic purpose that is coded in you and learn the lessons it has to teach you about your path through life.
  • You will acquire three fundamental new skills for conflict resolution that will change the way you evaluate and respond to discord.
  • You will discover how outreach requires in-reach and the finer ways of achieving it.
  • You will break the code of archetypal imagery (universal symbols, symbols or situations) and understand why it represents a coded information set that will inform and assist you.
  • You will explore your vision for your life, and if you don’t have one, you will learn how to create one.
  • You will learn how to re-write your first story of adulthood from a “mythical” perspective and discover how it can influence your beliefs about life.
  • You will identify goals on five specific levels and track them as you continue your journey.
  • You will learn how to create a philosophic definition for your life and develop practices on how to adhere to them.
  • You will understand how you are a microcosm of the universe possessing both subjective and objective realities.
  • You will learn to extend the frontiers of your inner space with its inexhaustible resources.

During this important session, you enter into deeper relationship with not only the world around you, but the very Beloved of your soul.  In that relationship, you find the grounding for all the life that lies ahead.

Lesson Six:  The Booming Maturity:  The Metaphysics of Middle Age
Live Lecture and Exercises Sunday October 14, 2012
Live Special Guest Interview and Q&A Wednesday October 17, 2012

Ages 40-65

Now that you have learned how to take care of yourself, work, family, and your many responsibilities, it’s time to ask the larger questions.  Does your life have meaning and significance?  What is your purpose and have you fulfilled it?  You will continue to take care of others and to adapt to the constant changes that you face in the world.  You may care for your parents as they age, and possibly even your children and grand children.  You may start your own business, change careers or partners, but now there is a knock at your heart that has been growing over the years, and it must be answered.

This session addresses the Transcendent Period during which you consciously evolve your Universal Self.  You become a practitioner of inner transformation and develop new capacities that take you to a whole new level of living.  You learn the metaphysics of service and the many ways you can be of deep service to the world around you.  You further unpack the code that you have been carrying with you all your life, and you understand that you are not nearing the end of your days, but the beginning of a new era on your life spiral.

You will synthesize the experiences of your personal, professional and spiritual life to open new frontiers of living.

  • You will re-visit your goals to see if they have changed and identify your new direction.
  • You will learn how to use your early skills to become a generative force for a better society.
  • You will discover the 7 steps to becoming a Change Agent wherever you are called.
  • You will learn how to form networks of mutual help for any project.
  • You will experience an Ancestor Journey through which you unravel your ancestral code and identify your true passion.
  • You will learn how to determine which aspects of your life need to be retired and which aspects need to be born.
  • You will explore the mysterious realm of concurrent realities, and learn how to guide your life to the one that is for the highest service.
  • You will create your own ceremony, and learn how to create ongoing practices to maintain your spiritual awareness.
  • You will know yourself as change agent, with a profound sense of responsibility    for making a better world

Lesson Seven:  Sage Maturity:  Sharing Your Wealth
Live Lecture and Exercises Sunday October 21, 2012
Live Special Guest Interview and Q&A Wednesday October 24, 2012

 Age 65+

You have spent a lifetime acquiring skills, wisdom and experience.  You’ve learned how to incorporate your spiritual and physical worlds and bring both into alignment with your deepest intentions.  If you are engaged in a business, your may be enjoying the pleasures of competence at what you are doing, confidence in your ability to learn and expanding your ability to share.  You may be experiencing health challenges and learning how to reinvent yourself through new eating, exercising and nurturing practices.  You may be aware of or helping others to make their transition.  In almost every case, you are conscious of the cycles of life and grateful for every moment. This is the time of mastery when you can make choices with more conviction, less need for approval and a deeper relationship to your spiritual essence.

The 60’s are the new 40’s say many experts. And the powers and practices of rejuvenation are yours to experience.  You no longer have the specialized commitments that dictate so many of the concerns and obligations of your earlier maturity. You may be ready to take on new roles in life, embark on quests and adventures that previously would have seemed more mythic than real.  But now you have the time and energy to explore new ways of being, or deepen into the your own potential.  You can outwit the cultures plans for you because the power of your mind, heart, and spirit are rising. The growth and evolution of your inner life is as astonishing as it is useful. This is the stage that you discover to be an ascending passage, not a descending one.

  • You become a Sage, a wise elder, one who serves as a potent resource, giving back to individuals and society the lessons and experiences of your rich life. 
  • You become the glue of society not its ashes. With so broad a view and so expansive a feeling, you become a seer and a visionary, detecting the deeper levels of events and the wider fields of life.
  • With your multiple skills and breadth of perspective, you are also living repository of change, and thus able to give the most practical counsel and offer the most far-seeing visions on making society work.
  • You will become an intergenerational expert, able to maintain  and enhance the  relationships  and mutual help across the generations.
  • You will experience a deepened personal sensitivity concerning ecological and symbiotic relationships, with nature perceived as a thou, in all parts personal and sentient.

*Without the same needs for personalized ego satisfaction that you had when younger, you will be capable of expressions of unconditional love, perhaps the most healing and empowering force in the world today.

Session Eight:  Entering the Spiral: the Holographic Continuum.
Live Lecture and Exercises Sunday October 28, 2012
Live Special Guest Interview and Q&A Wednesday October 31, 2012


As you prepare for the Great Mystery you find yourself bridging between here and the greater there, entering into archetypal dimensions that seem to contain the blueprints of greater possibilities.  There occurs dissolution of the old parts that kept you apart. Now you are beyond dualism, beyond separation and thus have the capacity for all-embracing kinship, and a new order of partnership with Spirit. You can look out at the panorama of your life and be greatly satisfied. You can even choose to write the book report on your life, leaving an epitaph for the life you have lived.   You discover that in our ends are our beginnings as you prepare to return to the Original Source Place.  You discover the state of radical innocence, looking out on the nature of things as ever new. For some, there can be the reacquisition of childhood on higher levels, with ever fresh, child-like delight and discovery.  You even know yourself as Holographic life so that your entire experience has contributed back to the whole of creation.

  • You will move beyond the dualisms and divisiveness that previously inhibited the natural developmental process of spiritual growth
  • You acquire the higher characteristics of both sexes without fear of recrimination
  • The loving lure of becoming has you moving through the spiral into the next evolution of life itself.
  • Your death becomes a conscious and joyful experience, that of the butterfly emerging from the cocoon of its completed form.
  • You enter the state of tremendous reunion, with a sacred dissolving of singular identity into the Divine Identity.
  • You are given teachings and ways to understand the Nature of Reality and in this you are both astonished and surprised by joy.
  • Eventually you feel yourself in the womb, where the universe is pregnant with you again. You are becoming the fetus of your higher self.
  • You are Reborn into a new reality as your Essential life continues in new form, new possibilities.

All live lessons will be archived so you can download them at your convenience


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