Understanding and Treating Personality Disorders

Brattleboro , Vermont
Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Brattleboro Retreat conference attendees have written about Dr. Joseph Shannon's past presentations:

"I was highly impressed with everything! This has been the most effective and accommodating conference I have ever attended.The presenter was highly intelligent, articulate, and entertaining, which made the information much more retainable."
"Dr. Shannon was great - just as he always is."

"Very helpful and applicable. LOVED the reference list, and I feel I can more accurately diagnosis Cluster B personalities."

"Dr. Shannon keeps things rolling. He knows his material, is very interesting and responsive to the audience."

"Dr. Shannon is terrific - clear, down to earth, and a great sense of humor. Loved the movies!"

Understanding and Treating Personality Disorders
Thursday, September 27, 2012 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

The Brattleboro Retreat
One Anna Marsh Lane
P.O. Box 803
Brattleboro , Vermont 05302
United States

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Personality-disordered individuals comprise 20 percent of the general population and are seeking or being referred for professional counseling services at an increasing rate each year. And yet there is much confusion and debate over the definition of "personality disorder," the classification of personality types and the distinction between health and disordered personalities.

In this highly practical program, helping professionals will learn how to quickly recognize the signs and symptoms of personaliy pathology and how to treat personality-disordered patients in an effective and ethical manner. Categores of personality disorders will be discussed in great detail. Film clips from major motion pictures which feature personality-disordered characters or real-life case histories will be used to illuminate the unique aspects of each sub-type of personality disorder. The etiology of personality pathology will be discussed. The latter will lead to a lengthy discussion of strategic treatment approaches. Guidelines for assessing and addressing patient resistance will also be discussed throughout the program.

Course objectives:

As a result of attending this program, participatns will be able to:

1) Define and describe the parameters of personality pathology;

2) Discuss the prominent theories regarding the causes/evolution of personality pathology;

3) List and describe 12 distinct types of personality disorders;

4) List and describe sources of resistance commonly seen with personlity-disordered patients; and

5) Describe a short and long-term treatment model for addressing personality pathology in an efficent, effective and ethical fashion.

Course agenda:

I. Basic concepts, prominent theories re:etiology, and common properties

II. Cluster A, Cluster B and Cluster C personalities

III. A short-term treatment model 

IV.  A long-term treatment Model  

V. Questions and closure

Joseph W. Shannon, PhD, received his PhD in Counseling Psychology in 1982 from the Ohio State University. He has over 30 years of successful clinical experience as a psychologist, consultant and trainer. An expert in understanding and treating a broad range of mental disorders, Dr. Shannon has appeared on several television programs including the CBS "Morning Show" and "PBS: Viewpoint." 

Dr. Shannon has developed and presented training programs for medical, allied medical, mental health and substance abuse professionals in the United States and Canada. He is recognized for innovative teaching methods including the use of film excerpts to illustrate disctinct mental disorders.

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