Health & Wellness Conference 2013

Baltimore, Maryland


The University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine Health and Wellness Conference 2013: Explore, Experience, Engage is a one day symposium for physicians, allied health professionals and the lay public. The goal of the conference is to provide attendees with an understanding of integrative medicine and how different evidence based modalities, many practiced in different cultures and medical systems, promote health and well-being and can be incorporated into conventional health care.  See what others had to say about our inaugural conference in 2012!

Supplement Your Dietary Supplement IQ
Dietary supplementation is growing in popularity. While most Americans take at least one dietary supplement, many people are confused by the regulation, safety, and efficacy of the supplements that they consume. Dr. D’Adamo will clarify these issues and present the latest research on specific dietary supplements that are effective as well as those that may be best to avoid. Learn about popular dietary supplements that are being taken for a wide variety of health conditions — ranging from arthritis, to immune system enhancement, to depression — and become a more informed consumer when choosing supplements.

Religion, Spirituality, and Health: What Science Has to Say About the Faith Factor
What is the connection between religious/spiritual beliefs and health? Does that connection have to be taken on faith or is there scientific proof?  Extensive research has revealed intriguing answers to these questions. This workshop, led by health psychologist Dr. Michelle Pearce, will examine the various ways religious beliefs and spirituality affect physical and emotional health. We will also explore potential reasons for these relationships, including mind-body mechanisms. Evidence-based suggestions will be offered on how you and your patients can benefit from the power of faith.

What 10 Americans Can Teach Us About Toxic Chemicals and Health
The Environmental Working Group found 287 chemicals in the blood of 10 Americans. Of these chemicals, 133 are linked to cancer in animal tests, 151 are linked to birth defects, 153 can alter the hormone system, 185 are associated with infertility and reproductive problems, 130 affect the immune system, and 157 are toxic to the nervous system. 10 Americans whose exposure to these chemicals did not come from the air they breathe, the water they drink, or the food they eat – who were they?  In 10 Americans, Ken Cook reveals the shocking number of toxic chemicals EWG’s research team found in the umbilical cord blood of 10 American babies born in 2004.  This landmark study affirms the negative impact that environmental pollution can have on human health.


Hilton Baltimore
401 West Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD


This year's conference keynote will feature wellness advocate, physician, educator, and best-selling author Dr. Mark Hyman. 

Mark Hyman, M.D. has dedicated his career to identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness through a groundbreaking whole-systems medicine approach known as Functional Medicine. He is a family physician, a four-time New York Times bestselling author, and an internationally recognized leader in his field. Through his private practice, education efforts, writing, research, advocacy and public-policy work, he strives to improve access to Functional Medicine, and to widen the understanding and practice of it, empowering others to stop managing symptoms and instead treat the underlying causes of illness, thereby also tackling our chronic-disease epidemic.

Integrative pain and trauma pioneers Dr. Brian Berman and Dr. Thomas Scalea, as well as other leading experts, will take you on a journey to better health and wellness. Attend thought-provoking workshops in mind/body medicine, acupuncture, integrative nursing, nutrition, and many others that will change your view of health care. Click here to see the full list. 

8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.

The Center for Integrative Medicine is committed to evaluating the scientific foundation of integrative medicine, educating health professionals and the public, and integrating evidenced-based complementary therapies into clinical care. Founded in 1991, the Center was the first of its kind at a US academic health center. As a National Institutes of Health Center of Excellence for over 15 years and the coordinating center for the international Cochrane Collaboration Complementary Medicine Field, we are a leader in producing scientific evidence in integrative medicine.

Our goal is to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness by emphasizing an approach to healing that values mind, body, and spirit. We honor a person’s innate capacity to heal, providing our patients with choices and empowering their their self-care. 

Check back as we post our latest calendar releases, speaker features and more!


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