Grand Rapids, MI Embracing Elderhood

Grand Rapids, MI
Thursday, November 15, 2012

Grand Rapids, MI Embracing Elderhood
Thursday, November 15, 2012 - Friday, November 16, 2012

Porter Hills
Meeting House
3600 East Fulton
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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There is an African saying that equates the passing of an Elder with the loss of a library. This 2-day training offers participants, called Embracing Elderhood Guides, the tools and resources to coordinate the development of meaningful intergenerational partnerships over time through the experience of creating an Elder’s legacy. A legacy is part-life story and part-gift to the world, in the form of whatever the Elder wants to share with younger generations.

As an Embracing Elderhood Guide, you will receive two days of training that empower you to coordinate an ongoing Embracing Elderhood project in your organization or community.  Over time, your certification makes it possible to continue training new volunteers and/or students who will serve as Recording Partners to the Elder Storytellers that participate in your project.  Together, an Elder Storyteller and a Recording Partner make a Recording Team, focused on the creation of the Storyteller’s legacy.  Making the power of story and legacy creation an integral part of your organizational or community culture shows your commitment to growing sensitive, connected, intergenerational communities, no matter where an Elder lives.

Who might want an Embracing Elderhood Guide on staff?

Non-profit organizations; faith-based organizations; Area Agencies on Aging; community organizations; senior Centers; and long-term care communities interested in building a more committed volunteer base, a commitment to deeper relationships, and stronger connections with the larger community.

Who should Guides recruit to become Storytellers?

Guides can recruit Storytellers from long-term care communities or from the larger community, depending on the focus of the organization that the Guide represents.

Who should Guides recruit to become Recording Partners?

Guides should seek students, ages 16-22, or adult volunteers from the community to volunteer as Recording Partners.  Partnerships can be forged with high schools, homeschooling cooperatives, and/or colleges and universities to secure the participation of students.  Adult volunteers can be recruited from any number of community or faith-based organizations.

Once Recording Partners and Storytellers are recruited, what’s next?

As an Embracing Elderhood Guide, you are empowered to deliver Recording Partner Workshops that introduce Recording Partners to culture change concepts and person-directed awareness.  They are offered a strong sense of why legacy is important and how to work effectively with their Storyteller.  As a Guide, you will be prepared to mentor Recording Teams throughout their process together, which can anywhere from 5 to 12 months – long enough to forge meaningful relationships!



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