Virtual Leadership Series

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Virtual Leadership Series
Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:00 PM -
Tuesday, December 04, 2012 1:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Five powerful 90-minute skill development sessions prepare you to successfully lead online: you'll build trust and strong relationships, use viable processes, and generate great results!

Cost: $195.00

Five consecutive Tuesdays, starting October 30, 2012.

The Business Challenge

Trust builds loyalty and commitment.  But a majority of employees in US companies don’t trust their leaders. This condition has negative impacts on personal initiative, teamwork, and top-employee retention. Some distrust of leaders is well deserved.  Examples abound of executives looking out for themselves at the expense of customers, shareholders, and employees.  Most employee distrust of their leaders has more benign causes. 

Most leaders, from mid-manager up to the C-suite, are focused (understandably) on short-term results and immediate opportunities.  By default, they neglect the human element: the soft tissue of organization performance.

In these sessions, you’ll remember (again) what employees working “at a distance” need from their leaders  . . . and how the philosophy and behaviors of collaborative leadership help build trust and drive extraordinary performance.

Take all of these sessions, or select just the sessions that suit you. They are designed to stand alone, and they work together for even more powerful results.

Workshop Solutions

Session 1: Motivate with Vision, Tuesday Oct 30, 12:00-1:30pm EST

Learn to create and communicate an inspiring image of the future in a way that enrolls others in its pursuit.  And inspires you!

People believe their efforts can make a meaningful difference, and work with greater commitment, when they are guided by a positive vision of the future. Do you recall the values and aspirations that guided you when you were most enthusiastic?

If you prefer to take this session alone, rather than as part of the series, click here to register.

Session 2: Win the Trust of Key Stakeholders, Tuesday Nov 6,  12:00-1:30pm EST

Learn how to engage your key stakeholders in a way that advances your goals, builds trust, and shares responsibility for success.

How does one build trust?  Tell the truth as you know it, keep your promises (and acknowledge when you can’t), and include people in decisions that affect their lives. But how does a leader do these things without losing control?

If you prefer to take this session alone, rather than as part of the series, click here to register.

Session 3: Lead Productive Virtual Meetings Tuesday Nov 13, 12:00-1:30pm EST

Learn several practical tools and tips for planning and conducting online meetings that keep people engaged, on track, and productive.

Meetings are a microcosm of the organization or team culture.  If you improve the productivity and efficiency of online meetings, you’ll experience positive ripple effects across the enterprise.  But most people, including their leaders experience online meetings as difficult exercises, and often a waste of time.

If you prefer to take this session alone, rather than as part of the series, click here to register.

Session 4: Influence from a Distance, Tuesday Nov 20, 12:00-1:30pm EST

Learn how to apply tried and true communication strategies and techniques for influencing the thinking and behavior of others – across distances.

Relationships at work are based on both conscious and unconscious patterns of give and take. “I’ll fulfill your request now and, in return, you’ll ‘owe me one.’  A clear and compelling reason behind a request facilitates the exchange – and helps build a trusting, mutually rewarding relationship over time.  Leaders of people and projects are constantly holding exchange-based conversations, aiming to enroll or persuade others to take specific actions.  This system of exchange breaks down when people don’t have regular, positive interaction.

If you prefer to take this session alone, rather than as part of the series, click here to register.

Session 5: Build Trust Through Feedback, Tuesday Dec 3,  12:00-1:30pm EST

Learn techniques for giving performance feedback to someone in another location so that the feedback is received, understood, appreciated and acted on!

Giving and receiving feedback is a delicate matter.  Very few people like to hear the words, “I’d like to give you some feedback” even though most of us relish practical ideas for improving our performance.  We want constructive support; we fear criticism and blame. The normal challenges of giving and receiving feedback are magnified when the parties reside in different locations. Face-to-face feedback provides both parties – giver and receiver – with sensory cues that help them adjust their dials of listening and speaking. These support props are missing in most virtual interactions. 

If you prefer to take this session alone, rather than as part of the series, click here to register.

Barry Rosen will be your host for this series.
Barry has 25 years of consulting experience in the performance improvement and learning industry. He is the designerand developer of much of IA's intellectual content, including leadership, teamwork, and facilitation workshops. A former President of IA, he has held the positions of Senior Consultant, Director of the Training Practice, Director of Consulting Services, and West Coast Regional Director. He holds an MA in Planning from U.C. Berkeley. He is currently the president and founder of ZoomCollaborate.

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