Powering Positive Action!

Madison, WI
Friday, January 11, 2013
RENEW Energy Policy Summit 2013
Powering Positive Action!
Friday, January 11, 2013 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Central Time)

Pyle Center, UW-Madison Campus
702 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53703

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At our 2012 Summit, RENEW proposed a realistic agenda for retaking the initiative on renewable energy policy. Building on the energy unleashed by that gathering, we prevented a number of policy reversals from occurring this year, and in other areas we started moving forward again. At this year's Summit we will lay the policy foundation for Powering Positive Action in 2013 through investments in new renewable infrastructure serving Wisconsin businesses and citizens. 

Former Colorado Governor to Deliver Keynote

The Director of the Center for the New Energy Economy (CNEE) at Colorado State, Bill Ritter, was elected as Colorado’s 41st governor in 2006 - the first Colorado-born governor in more than 35 years. He quickly established Colorado as a national and international leader in clean energy by creating a New Energy Economy and tripling the state’s renewable energy portfolio. In a state with substantial fossil energy as well as renewable energy resources, Gov. Ritter created policies that balanced energy production with protection of land, water, wildlife and communities.  Governor Ritter also worked on creating a 21st century transportation system in Colorado.

In Gov. Ritter’s four years as governor, he built the New Energy Economy that created thousands of new jobs and established hundreds of new companies; enacted an aggressive business-development and job-creation agenda that was focused on knowledge-based industries of the future, such as energy, aerospace, biosciences, information technology and tourism; initiated sweeping K-12 education reforms to give Colorado children the skills and knowledge they need to compete and succeed in a 21st century global economy; and, improved access to quality and affordable health care for many of the 800,000 Coloradans who lack health coverage.

Registered Participants
Rick Adamski, Full Circle Organic Dairy Farm
Michael Allen, Energy Law Wisconsin
Paul Amdorn, Western Technical College
Barb Anderegg, Madison Area Technical College
Jennifer Anderson, Danfoss Solar Inverters
Jeffery Anthony, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)
John Bailey, Independent Consultant
Irving Balto, CETF
Rich Bannen, Prairie Solar Power and Light
Dennis Behr, ATS
David Bender, McGillivray Westerberg & Bender LLC
William Bloomenkranz, Clear Horizons LLC
Ed Blume, RENEW Wisconsin
Charles Boardman
Gregory Bollom, Madison Gas and Electric Company
Tom Brandstetter, Transition Milwaukee
Delanie Breuer, Public Service Comission of Wisconsin
Duane Brewer, JATC Media Services
Matt Bromley, Customers First! Coalition
Kurtis Butrymowicz, Zachry Engineering Corp.
Dave Cieslewicz, Citizen Dave
Chris Collins, H&H Solar Energy Services
Pat Conway, Kickapoo Wind/Solar, Inc.
Tyson Cook, Clean Wisconsin
Lee Cullen, Cullen Weston Pines & Bach LLC
Rob Danielson, Wisconsin Energy Awareness Initiative
Will Davis, UW - Stevens Point
Chris Deisinger, Energy Foundation
Piyush Desai, Danfoss Solar Inverters
Rich Donohue, UW-Madison
David Donovan, Xcel Energy
H. Tom Drake, WW Williams
Dave Drapac, H&H Wind Energy
Brian Driscoll, WECC
John Dunn, JCDL
Jesse Durst, UW-Madison
Dena Eakles, Eco Valley Hope
Dan Ebert, WPPI Energy
Tom Eggert, WI Sustainable Business Council
Deb Erwin, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
Jon Evans, Sustainable Engineering Group
Maureen Faller, Kettle View Renewable Energy
Jake Fellenz, RENEW Wisconsin
Don Ferber, Sierra Club
Jennifer Feyerherm, Sierra Club - Midwest
Harry Fischer, H.W. Fischer
Pete Flesch, Crawford County
Nathan Franklin, Dairyland Power Cooperative
Jim Funk, Energize, LLC
Lee Gasper-Galvin, Galvanacar LLC
Michael Gay, UW-Platteville
Matt Giovanelli, Werner Electric
Samuel Gomberg, Union of Concerned Scientists
Sherrie Gruder, UW-Extension
Jon Gumtow, Stantec
Adam Gusse, H&H Solar Energy Services
Annie Haas, Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative
Rich Hackner, GDS Associates
Gary Haltaufderheide, RENEW Board of Directors
Mark Hanson, Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction
Rich Hasselman, GDS Associates
Fritz Hastreiter
Mark Haug, Danfoss Solar Inverters
Shannon Havlik, Western Technical College
Jenny Heinzen, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Jordan Hemaidan, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
Richard Henes, Werner Electric
Julia Henley, Village of Gays Mills
Charlie Higley, Citizens Utility Board
John Hippensteel, Lake Michigan Wind and Sun, Ltd.
Ellen Hildebrand, UW-Madison
Steven Holaday
Kyle Hoppe, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
Mark Hutter, Michels Corporation
Nick Hylla, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
David Jenkins, Wisconsin State Energy Office
Steve Johnson, Convergence Energy LLC
Merl Jones, Foremost Farms USA
Rep. Robb Kahl, State Assembly
Beata Kalies, Cooperative Network
Duane Kexel, Duane T. Kexel Consulting, LLC
Kim King, Alliant Energy
John Kilvin, Helios Solar Works
Jeffery Knutson, A-A Exteriors
Nancy Korda, RENEW Wisconsin
Eric Kostecki, WPPI
Daniel Kraemer, Kraemer's Windy Haven
Joe Kramer, Energy Center of Wisconsin
Raymond Krueger, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
Chris Kunkle, Cullen Weston Pines & Bach LLC
Chad Laibly, A-A Exteriors
Monte Lamer, Clear Horizons LLC
Peter Lee, RENEW Wisconsin, Former board member
Alicia Leinberger, RENEW Board of Directors, RePower
Doug Lindsey, Lakeshore Technical College
Mike Malmstead, Richland Center Renewable Energy
Jim Mapp, Dark Energy Associates
Taylor McCabe-Juhnke, RENEW Wisconsin
Bill McClenehan, WiSEA
Kevin Merfeld, Student
Dave Merritt, County of Dane
Juliana Montero, Student
T.J. Morice, Marth
Bryant Moroder, Sustainable Resource Group LLC
Amanda Mott, Wisconsin State Energy Office
David Muller, Polk County Ledger
Jay Mundinger, Emerging Energies of Wisconsin, LLC
Tom Nowakowski, WDNR
George Nygaard, Citizens Energy Task Force
Andy Olsen, Environmental Law & Policy Center
Eric Olson, Student
Jim Olson, E3 Coalition
Kelly Osborn, RENEW Wisconsin
Todd Osman, E3 Coalition
Steven Ostrenga, Helios Solar Works
Bob Owen, Construction Engineer  Meteorologist
Kara Pennyover, State Senate
Katie Peterman, Organic Valley
Annika Petty, Office of State Rep. Katrina Shankland
Mark Pfeiffer, Organic Valley/CROPP
Mike Pieper, Western Technical College
Jane Powers, BlueCrest Farm
Gary Radloff, Wisconsin Energy Institute
Bill Rakocy, Emerging Energies of Wisconsin, LLC
Bobl Ramlow, Artha Renewable Energy
Alex Rein, SunPower
Jonathan Reinbold, Organic Valley
Kurt Reinhold, Solar Conections LLC
Keith Reopelle, Clean Wisconsin
Governor Bill Ritter, Center for New Energy Economy
Anne Rodriguez, WPPI Energy
Alarik Rosenlund, Midwest Solar Power
Mick Sagrillo, Sagrillo Power & Light
Craig Schepp, SAIC/Focus on Energy
Hugh Schmidt, UW-Madison, ECE
Chris Schoenherr, State of Wisconsin
Tom Schuppe, Schuppe Consulting
Parker Sear, UW-Madison
Debra Severson, Citizen's Energy Task Force
Megan Severson, Wisconsin Environment
Jennifer Shilling, WI State Senate
Carl Siegrist, Carl Siegrist Consulting, LLC
Wes Slaymaker, WES Engineering
Steve Sletten, Atkins
Amber Smith, Clean Wisconsin
Kristin Stafford, UW-Madison
Doug Stingle, Midwest Renewable Energy Assn.
Josh Stolzenberg, Northwind Renewable Energy, LLC
John Sumi, Madison Gas & Electric Co.
Fredrick Swed, Consulting Engineer
Anna Szczerbak, Danfoss Solar Inverters
Peter Taglia, Energy and Environmental Consulting
Rep. Gary Tauchen, Wisconsin State Legislature
Phil Theisen, Renewable Power Markets Access
Ashley Thiel, UW-Stevens Point
Jeffrey Thompson, CEO Gunderson Lutheran
Lincoln Tice, Sustainable Solar LLC
Mong-Tien Tran, Student
Lyne Travis, Baker Tilly
Michael Troge, Baker Tilly
Jim Turek, Schreiber Foods
Eric Udelhofen, H&H Wind Energy
Beverly Vaillancourt, Town of La Valle
Melissa Van Ornum, DVO, Inc.
Jeff Vercauteren, Cullin Weston Pines & Bach LLP
Michael Vickerman, RENEW Wisconsin
Bob and Sonia Vogl, Illinois Renewable Energy Association
Ray Walsh, JATV Media Serviyces
Katy Walter, Clean Wisconsin
Elizabeth Ward, Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter
Mark Warnick, Full Spectrum Solar
Jordan Weibel, UW-Madison
Cory Wendt, Baker Tillyyyyyy
Don Wichert, RENEW Wisconsin
Diana Wilson, Geronimo Wind and Solar Energy
John Wilson, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
Thomas Wilson, UW-Madison
Niels Wolter, Madison Solar Consulting
Cecil Wright, Organic Valley
John Young, Resource Solar
Linghong Zhang, UW-Madison

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