Mind, Body & Spirit - Transformation Benefit

Woodbury, New York
Friday, December 07, 2012
        Mind, Body & Spirit "Transformation" Benefit 2012    
Mind, Body & Spirit - Transformation Benefit
Friday, December 07, 2012 4:00 PM -
Sunday, December 09, 2012 11:00 AM (Eastern Time)

Crest Hollow Country Club
8325 Jericho Turnpike
Woodbury, New York 11797
United States

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Turn Negative into Positive.....

Donate or Just Come for the PAMPERING!
CL3 Agency is hosting a 'Hurricane Sandy' essential needs drive at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, NY on Friday, December 7th & 8th, 2012 entitled: Mind, Body & Spirit Transformation Benefit. Your donation of personal hygiene & grooming products and winter clothing will help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

We want to remind everyone in attendance that it’s in times like this, the aftermath of such a devastating disaster, the need to keep balance of mind, body & spirit is vital to coping.  This is a transformational period for self, family and community and we invite you to enjoy some wonderfully encouraging company, food, pampering & music!

•    Pamper one's body, mind and spirit in health, wellness & spirituality
•    Strengthening families through the rough times
•    Workplaces supporting employees with high stress levels due to such a crisis
•    Youth & Teen community involvement

This benefit will be a unique experience that includes expert overviews of health and wellness approaches for mind, body, and spirit, walk-through break-out rooms, a PAMPERING station and information & resources on available community services related to disasters and how to pull together as a community.  We will introduce participants to several strategies for self & family care in the home and the workplace; stress management and resilience; positive thinking and how to get in touch with individual spirituality at times like this.

Items that can be donated include:
  • Clean, gently-used, seasonally-appropriate clothing and outerwear for men, women, teenagers, children and infants
  • Accessories such as footwear, scarves, gloves, hats, ties, handbags, briefcases, backpacks and belts
  • Socks and pajamas for children
  • Blankets & Sheets
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Combs & Brushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Toilet Paper
  • Towels (face and bath)
  • Nail clippers
  • Lotions
  • Face & Body soap

Donations will go to:
SCO Family of Services in Glen Cove, NY
SCO Family of Services envisions communities throughout New York City and Long Island that support family life and personal well-being, where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.  SCO Family of Services helps vulnerable New Yorkers build a strong foundation for the future. We get young children off to a good start, launch youth into adulthood, stabilize and strengthen families and unlock potential for children and adults with special needs. SCO has provided vital human services throughout New York City and Long Island for more than 100 years.


To come together as communities and integrate wellness for mind, body & spirit into one's lifestyle and healing practices to encourage self, family and community transformation.

Who should attend: Men, Women and Young Adults 16 +

Those affected by Hurricane Sandy

Those who want to support the displaced by Hurricane Sandy

Those who have had to deal with disasters

Those dealing with trauma & Grief

Those in recovery


Those who have been affected by workplaces being damaged in disasters

All Individuals in a transformation phase of life!!

CL3 Agency 'Transformational Panel'


Dr. Maxwell Nartey Founder of Symptometry & the American School of Symptometry in Illinois Symptometry is not alternative medicine. Also, it is not allopathic (drug) medicine. It is applied therapeutic science that addresses the needs of the cells at the cellular and DNA levels.

 What does Symptometry mean to you?

(1) You do not have to live in pain or with disease any longer!

(2) You do not need to depend on medication for the rest of your life!

(3) No disease (herpes, cancer, genetic disorders, etc.)  is incurable!

(4) You CAN eat in a way that will PREVENT illness!


T Wayne THE BUILDER is an educational services provider and provides workshops and speeches for students, educators and parents. These workshops are designed to complement existing programs. The mission is to educate youth by teaching them to apply the practical concepts of math and carpentry, which helps them overcome the fear of math. This begins to open their minds to the many options available to them in life that compliments their innate gifts, while at the same time teaching them how to build generational wealth to ensure a secure future for themselves and their families.

In the business world, T. Wayne discovered his abilities as a trainer. His own personal learning challenges, along with his innate interest in teaching, inspired him to study learning techniques. He has attended training and seminars studied with experts such as Bob Pike, Stephen Covey, Les Brown and at Hamburger University, Disney University, and Harvard University’s Project Zero Summer Institute. Wayne received personal coaching from Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden and local business giants Ralph Sanese Jr. and Jim Grote.


Sharyn Abbott, founder of Elite Leads Business Development, a business organization dedicated to helping people find success in their own passionate work.  Entrepreneurial educational program with business practices including sales, speaker's and writer's training. Sharyn is a professional speaker and author of 8 books and inspires others to find their passion in life and shows them how to shed the myths that keep them from realizing their ideal life.

Sharyn has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she was featured for her innovative concepts on positive communication techniques and has been featured as a keynote speaker in national conferences.

Since 1991 Sharyn has helped more than 2,000 people become successful entrepreneurs, with more than 90% of them still in business, which is an amazing success rate considering that 90% of companies fail by their 2nd anniversary. She attributes her client's success to the educational environment and relationship-building techniques she teaches.

Sharyn's passion is launching the Ultimate Business University, a school for kids at risk. 300 boys from the Bay Area will be chosen to complete their high school education, grade 10-12th, in Belize. The goal is to have 3,000 boys in 10 years.  Taking Kids at Risk to Kids in Power - 


Cheryl Lacey Donovan Ministries is a multi-talented pastor, evangelist, lecturer, educator, motivational speaker and author. She is a woman of integrity with a keen level of wisdom and humor that is nothing short of re-freshing .

Known as the F.A.I.T.H. Walker (Fearless, Anointed, Inspired, Thought Provoking, and His), Cheryl Lacey Donovan is an award winning best selling author and spiritual life coach, she has influenced the lives of thousands in the U.S. and abroad through her powerful life changing messages. Desiring to see others sufficiently armed with what they need to succeed, Cheryl’s passion is assisting people, especially women, in discovering their authentic purpose and destiny.

Cheryl presents a powerful message with a conversational style that's just like sitting around chatting with one of your sisters - one who's filled with pearls of wisdom and whose heart is filled with giving. Some of us long for that kind of sister or friend who will just sit you down, tell you the truth about life, share her experiences, and then give you access to a greater more meaningful purpose in life. You'll want to sip a warm cup of your favorite drink, bring a note pad and enjoy a candid and educational presentation with Cheryl.

Cheryl has been ministering the gospel for many years and has served on the ministerial staff of Jones AME Praise and Worship Center for three years as Director of Women's Ministries. Before answering the call to full-time ministry; Cheryl worked as an educator of medical students in the Houston area. Cheryl's heart for leaders and those that have been called to serve in the ministry led her to reorganize and serve as Chief Visionary Officer of Worth More than Rubies Ministries, which now operates as a covering and midwife to several ministries including 10 churches in Kenya. 



Guest Speakers

Dr. Terry Jackson, Founder of WEpiphany, creates, develops and Inspires Leadership Excellence... One Step at a Time, One Individual at a Time.  Dr. Terry Jackson has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, operations management, and business consulting within startups and Fortune 500 companies including Exxon Mobil, Bristol Meyers Squibb and Searle Pharmaceuticals.  Primary responsibilities were to enabled Executives to develop and sustain high performance cultures.  

As a certified Executive Coach, Business Coach and Sales Trainer & Consultant, Dr. Jackson's vast life experiences give him an incredible ability to engage and empathize with  many diverse audiences.  Terry has demonstrated success catapulting sales expanding existing markets, building strategic business relationships, and developing staff to achieve client and corporate goals.  Development  is transforming and Terry's passion to help others improve the quality of their lives, personal and professionally, has been so enriching and rewarding that he has expanded his reach to an international level.


Natalie Forest Founder & Visionary of Life Transforming Coaching in Maryland believes you are here because you are ready to transform your life from how it is now to the life you are here to have, the one you deserve, the one that is loving, bright, and abundant.  Natalie coaches and guides clients to help them through their challenges and reconnect with their beautiful inner core so that they can continue on their own amazing path.


Dr. LindaJoy “LJ” Rose, Founder of Raw Fusion Living, is a Natural Wellness expert, Gourmet Raw Fusion Chef, therapist, author and healthy living advocate.  She is the former Director of International Development for the American Board of Hypnotherapy, with over 25 years of experience in hypnotherapy, subconscious dynamics, power of suggestion and childhood trauma.  She holds a Ph.D. in Cross-Cultural Psychology and implemented hypnotherapy certification training in Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

 Dr. LJ’s Natural Wellness/Healthy Weight Loss programs take a “food as medicine” approach like Dr. Oz and Dr. Joel Fuhrmann, combining cutting edge information/ education with motivation, demonstration and inspiration to help people incorporate more nutrition into their lifestyle.   She created Hypnovation for Health (www.hypnovationforhealth.com), an online healthy eating and weight loss program combining Mind Mastery and Cognitive Recognition strategies with the incredible health benefits of raw foods alternatives to favorite comfort foods, to help individuals reprogram their habits, reduce stress and effortlessly implement a new eating lifestyle.   Dr Rose’s Natural Wellness Cardio-Vascular Prevention Program successfully launched at WV Healthright, one of the nations largest and most respected clinics.  


Rufus & Jenny Triplett, Ebony Magazine’s Couple of the Year, Co-Authors, Radio Show Producers & Speakers - Rufus and Jenny Triplett are “changing the game” in every way possible. Not only are they one of very few professional husband and wife teams who do just about everything together, they have survived twenty plus years of marriage being attached at the hip. Mr. & Mrs. Triplett have traveled extensively and seem to draw attention wherever they appear. With their young look and laid back personalities, they are never far from an intelligent conversation.  Their book Surviving Marriage in the 21st Century – 13 Easy Tips to help you get to 20 Years and Beyond (release 2013) is sure to be a hit. Their mission is to Inspire, Innovate and Ignite thinking regarding marriage. The Triplett’s will present a 30 minute talk on Marriage is an Institution not a New Year’s Resolution.


'Elevator Speech' Speakers

Brett A. Scudder, President and Chairman of SISFI in New York,  an international non-profit organization, provides education, awareness, training, support, development and research on the social, societal, emotional intelligence of sociological and psychological abuse, bullying, domestic violence, suicide awareness and prevention, Technology and IT Security across all levels of our infrastructure (people, processes and technology).  SISFI host workshops, presentations, training, lunch-n-learn and personal/professional development workshops to schools, business, parents, youths, administrators and C-Suite executives to help in addressing these issues across the board.  The international network of partners and resources spans across many industries, verticals and markets that allows us a wide visibility of how much these issues are deeply integrated into our daily lives and what are the needed resources and solutions to fix them.


Robert Shepherd, Founder of Beyond Healthy U, a Health, Wellness, Fitness, Spiritual and Motivational Movement, inspires and empowers individuals to look and feel great through a holistic, spiritual, fitness and nutritional approach to health and wellness. He encourages people to join the movement and focus on these great aspects of daily living.

Robert has created an empowerment group named 'Re-Thinking the way we eat Movement' to educate, motivate and inspire others to eat the right foods for better health and incorporate fitness into one's daily and busy lives!

This movement provides education on ways to utilize and maximize the nutrients and raw materials our body needs to repair, rejuvenate, regulate and heals itself.  It promotes a balanced plant and food based nutrition program that works with your biochemistry to building your body’s natural defenses, minus the side effects and prevent or reduce the amount of harmful drugs we tend to depend on.


Dori DeCarlo, CEO & Founder of S1 - for Safety First - which has a full line of clear bags, backpacks, corporate, school, sports, travel and wheelchair bags assisting with the safety measures being implemented world-wide. As security faces the challenge of monitoring large groups of people in schools, airports and other public transportation, sports arenas, office places and other venues, S1 will continue to expand our line to offer the finest line of clear bags available on the market.

Dori is also Founder and Host of 
Word of Mom Radio, sponsored by HP.  The station celebrates MOMpreneurs and Business Women by sharing the wisdom of women on the BlogTalkRadio airwaves. Growing up, we were told that women can't have it all; MOMpreneurs are breaking those myths daily as we find the balance between building a business and raising a family. 

The new business women doesn't have to sacrifice a home and family to be successful; MOMpreneurs are not dabbling in business in between bake sales and having their nails done. Both women are smart, savvy professionals ans Word of Mom Radio brings them to the forefront as we give voice to these amazing women and share a place where MOMpreneurs support MOMpreneurs as the NEW Business Women taking the world by storm.


Neal Dias has received top honors by top Executives and Managers at Verizon headquarters in New York, was the leader in helping to ensure that the company’s first-ever “Diversity Week” went according to plan, was the guest speaker in garages throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and in Rhode Island and also planned lectures focused on the importance of inclusion, diversity, respect, and teamwork in the workplace. The week was a success and was rewarded by being sent to a top minority mentoring and leadership course in Boston called “The Partnership Inc.”. Neil has also volunteered for the less fortunate and is a leader who has it in his soul to help.


Feature Presenter

Dr. Khailfani, Co-Founder and Music Director of Sound Therapy Ensemble, coordinates a Wholistic therapeutic staff of Nephropathy, Music Therapists, Meditation, Dance, and Movement Therapists.  Sound Therapy Ensemble creates therapeutic environments with workshops, seminars, retreats, and concerts for group interactive activities that address stress management, conflict resolution, health and wellness, behavior modification, professional awareness, staff development, team building, goal setting and more.         

  As a Wholistic Health Practitioner,Dr. Khailfani has over 30 years experience specializing in many aspects of Wholistic Health.  His Mission is to improve the quality of life within the community.  To strengthen and empower families, to foster the development of children and youth, through programs that provide support, enrichment, and teach life skills that promote wellness of Spirit, Mind and Body.

 He’s the Founder of Wholistic Temple, a health and wellness organization whose services include Wholistic Diagnosis, Psycho-Therapy, Herbal Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Astrological Counseling, Education, Cultural Beauty and Tui-Na, a Chinese form of bodywork.

Feature Organization

Solace of Southern California, a grassroot organization that provides adequate resources for survivors of domestic abuse, specializing in abused men. The group, located in Southern California provides different aspects of healing, education of domestic violence, abuse, trauma, alcoholic and substance abuse education. The group is open to all individuals with income or without income. The goal is to create a community of people helping each other coming together regardless of their backgrounds to heal, help others heal, and spread awareness. The goal is comfort and safety.

For more information contact CL3 Agency at 203-565-6170 cl3agency@gmail.com 

Feature Artist

Michal Madison 
is a watercolor portrait artist with a passion for bringing awareness to child abuse & domestic violence.  Michal Madison also does commission work & sells prints on her website.

Michal Madison is painting to make a difference! When you support this artist you are supporting the fight against child abuse & domestic violence!


Robert Syslo is a Cinematographer/Editor/Director and specializes in direct, edit, produce, film, interview short promotional, photography, post production and biographical films and works for Citysearch, YellowPages, Yelp, NBC Universal and other clients.


Additional On-Site Experts

LaDawn Frasier, CEO of A Soulful Touch Wellness, LLC in South Carolina, a mobile holistic health practice committed to helping you understand and solve your health problems so you get the results you are seeking. In the process you’ll learn about the key physical, emotional, social, and spiritual connections between disease, illness, and lifestyle.  This training helps empower you to not only deal effectively with current health problems but achieve an entirely new level of wellness and whole body happiness.


Emcee & Break-Out Room Specialist

Stella Crowe, Idea Bound Creative Suites  in Georgia, has a motto: "In Life, You have only One Time to be Yourself, why would You want to Risk Being Someone Else"? Stella has always created a new idea or concept that are successful, meaningful & entertaining as well as encouraging people to dare to dream, to laugh, to share, to love, and so much more.  I'd call it a journey to success, but rather a journey to Freedom.  Freedom of expression and Freedom to be the Creative ... in keeping with the teachings of my Mother, I will heal my life through my thoughts & heal the world through my deeds...


Proceeds benefit:  Displaced by Hurricane Sandy       

Benefit Sponsors:

Zennubian 7 Teahouse  



Contact Information

  • Phone: 203-565-6170

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    Fri. 4-9pm

    Platinum Welcome Reception w/open bar, hearty appetizers, networking with experts, access to Mobile PAMPERING station & network mixer w/live performance(s)  $35 pp -


    Sat. 9:30am- 4:30pm

    Keynotes w/plated lunch, break-outs, Mobile PAMPERING Station, live performances & Social After-Gathering w/appetizers $75 pp


    Social Gathering w/appetizers Only- Saturday 5-8pm $10 pp

     Mobile PAMPERING Station Only $10 pp / per day

    $99 Webinar of Keynotes & Performances only
    *must meet minimum requirements of 20ppl*



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