Fifth Annual Fearless Writing: Vermont 2013

Westminster West, Vermont
Friday, August 30, 2013

Fearless Writing:
the whole enchilada  

write, play, eat, cook & write some more
at her home & garden
this Labor Day Weekend

Westminster West, Vermont
August 30-September 3, 2013 (Labor Day Weekend)

At a Fearless Writing Workshop, you'll:

Find your voice. Find your juice. Cozy up to your fears and get granite-solid certain about how to use them. Get jazzed and energized even in these most uncertain of times.

Take it for the fearlessness.
Take it for the writing.
But take it!

And at Fearless Writing: the Whole Enchilada --- held just once a year at Crescent's Vermont home, and limited to 15 participants --- you get even more.


Fifth Annual Fearless Writing: Vermont 2013
Friday, August 30, 2013 3:00 PM -
Tuesday, September 03, 2013 1:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Crescent's Home (& Rainbow Serpent Retreat Center)
110 Arnof Way
Westminster West, Vermont 05346
United States

Map and Directions

About the workshop itself

If you've ever found yourself stopped cold by unexpected change, doubt in your own abilities, uncertain outcome, the demands and needs of others or unfamiliar economic, technological, or social conditions... you're not alone. If you're tired of this, Fearless Writing offers a way to stop being stopped.

You don't have to be a writer, or would-be writer, to get a lot out of a Fearless Writing workshop. But if you are, you'll get a double-dip: skills and techniques that will serve you not just in writing but in almost every other life-endeavor.

And at Fearless Writing: the Whole Enchilada, an extended 4-full-day workshop held on Crescent's enchanted Vermont hilltop, elements of the perfect summer camp for adults are incorporated: swimming, hiking, optional sessions of movement and improvisation, and superb food... all built around Fearless's vibrant core.

Creative stability in uncertain times

The workshop uses the anxiety generated by chaotic conditions as a powerful creative force. Fearless is practical, effective, creative, serious and playful. It turns apparent obstacles into the material from which to build a thriving life.

Fearless's writing practices and principles spill over cornucopia-like: from writing, to creativity and problem solving, to business and personal life.

It works for blocked or would-be writers, and for people who don't identify themselves as either. It works whether you perceive the obstacle stopping you as an inner or outer barrier.

It works, period.

In Fearless, you'll discover how to
  •   unwrap the secret gifts of fear, misgivings, and self-doubt
  •   align expenditures of time, energy & money to your life-destination
  •   experience, trust, and use your creative self as a reliable partner
  •   decode procrastination's hidden messages
  •   work harder by working softer
  •   immediately begin writing with more clarity, strength, and ease
  •   use Fearless's template to create a business, personal, & creative life in which you
      thrive & grow
  •   become your own mentor, continuing the Fearless path long after the workshop
  •   find, retain, and keep growing your own authentic, original, unique voice

Plus! You're not just signing up for a weekend; you're getting help which begins the minute you register, is intensified during our time together, and then continues long after. Here's how:

BEFORE: When you register, you'll immediately receive a confirmation letter which includes a link giving you access to a private 17-minute video by Crescent. Called "Build Your Writing Practice:start now, never stop." i
mmediate, life-changing help in dismantling the push-pull and empowering your writing NOW ... in the form of  The link is included in your confirmation letter. Watch it, act on it, and you'll be rockin' and rollin' even before the first session.

DURING: Of course, the interaction; with Crescent and your Fearless colleagues. But besides that, you'll get 25 + pages of valuable material, given at the workshop.  Besides its usefulness in your on-going Fearless practice, you'll get that special insider's I-was-there-first satisfaction: Crescent's book on Fearless Writing will be published in 2014. The hand-outs are a sneak preview of the book's core principles.

AFTER: Questions come up. Discouragements and setbacks happen. So do unexpected breakthroughs and successes. How do you live what you've discovered in Fearless; how, and with whom can you share your ongoing discoveries? Now you have an option, there whenever you need it. You get automatic access to Fearlessly Onward, a private Facebook page open only to Fearless alumni. The discussions that go on there are transparent, lively, fascinating, supportive... and they are among colleagues who get it, as well as Crescent. 

Now, all of the above is part of every Fearless, anywhere in the world. But...

At a Whole Enchilada Fearless in Vermont, you'll also:

... be in an area of America storied for its natural beauty, its long-time history as a haven for writers and artists, its progressive civic life. You'll help form and become part of an unusually rollicking, supportive, comfortable temporary creative community (or similarly-minded, -hearted folks are drawn to Fearless, especially the Whole Enchilada one): we always surprise ourselves and each other!

Here, what you see and touch is as vibrant, and expansive as the inner Fearless experience.

Here, you'll get to live the workshop's timeless, holistic principles, down-to-earth yet sublime, which integrate the extraordinary work & play of creation with daily life.

Here, you'll
  • use movement, nature, nourishment & rest to renew your creative & whole-life self
  • walk, hike, swim & just look: spectacular, wide-open views and vistas everywhere you turn
  • restore your body & rest your mind with for-any-level-or-shape-friendly movement
  • practice pure playfulness, making it up as you go along with fear-free improv
  • experience "first-brain" some of Fearless's neuro-physiological benefits
  • explore the gardens, woods & meadows of several hundred acres of pristine, protected natural Vermont
  • help yourself to a cornucopia of beautiful home-style meals, mostly created with local (including right out of Crescent & David's garden), seasonal, and regional ingredients - food as nourishing, satisfying, generous, and delicious as your own emerging sense of possibility

Erase the line between work and play  --- not only in Fearless sessions but in exuberant optional guided hikes, and optional daily sessions in improv, and several forms of movement.  Our guest instructors are talented, delightful, each Fearless-compatible in his or her approach. Movement sessions are held in a glowing, light-filled studio.

Imagine all the exuberance of a Fearless PLUS the ultimate 4-day summer camp for creative, intelligent, thoughtful people... (people not, however, without their goofball side, or willing to find it). That's what the Whole Enchilada brings.

And guess what: there's a money-back, no-hassle guarantee. That's how sure "your fearless leader" is that you are going to get every single thing she's promised... and then some.

Limited to fifteen: register now!

Want to know more? Click on the tabs above to find out if Fearless is for you, read what other folks who've taken Fearless have to say, and to meet your Fearless leader and the guest instructors who'll make this an unforgettable and joyful weekend.

Most of all, register right now.


Contact Information

  • Phone: 802-869-2696 OR 802-869-2697  Email:

Payment Instructions

    • Register online or off
    • Online: Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express accepted
    • $1695 "Whole Enchilada" registration includes 4 days of superb meals, movement classes & Fearless Writing: Friday night, all day Saturday, Sunday, & Monday, Tuesday morning
    • $250 discount for first five registrants
    • Offline: checks are accepted (email Crescent; with prior arrangement, you may divide the registration fee into up to 4 payments)
    • 25-plus pages of hand-outs & 16 minute included
    • access to private "Build Your Writing Practice" video which will get you started immediately; even before the workshop begins
    • full, unconditional, no-hassle money-back guarantee
    • free membership to Fearlessly Onward, a private Facebook page only for Fearless alumni, for daily interaction, encouragement, and questions with Crescent and your Fearless colleagues
    • accommodations are not included, but are available on premises or nearby, and range from luxurious and upscale to budget


Fearless Writing, and Virtual Fearless Writing have a 100%, no-hassle money-back guarantee that makes extravagant promises. Why? Because, in either form,  the workshop keeps them! 

Crescent fully and unconditionally guarantees Fearless Writing and Virtyal Fearless Writing. If, after attending all sessions (or, if necessary, listening to the recordings of any sessions I am unable to attend), I am not replete with satisfaction, insight, and the ability to write with greater ease and pleasure, I will email her a request for a refund, with the address to which a check should be sent. She will gladly refund my registration fee in full by check within one month

You'll see this again when you check out at registration.

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