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Wednesday, April 02, 2014


converging communities


2014 ACDFA Northwest Conference
The University of Montana - Missoula

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014 - Saturday, April 05, 2014

University of Montana
College of Visual & Performing Arts
School of Theatre & Dance, PART 194
Missoula, Montana 59812-8136
United States

Map and Directions


National Conference Selection

Congratulations to the following schools, choreographers and dancers:

"East, West, South then North" (2013)
California State University, Fullerton
Choreographed by Jonathan Fredrickson (Guest Artist)

"GIRL POOL" (an adaptation) (2013)
University of Oregon
Choreographed by Rachel Winchester (Graduate Student)

Alternate Piece 1:
"HeartLines" (2013)
Brigham Young University
Choreographed by Ihsan Rustem (Guest Artist)

Alternate Piece 2:
"He, She, Creating Simple" (2014)
Choreographed by Megan Guise and Jobel Medina (Undergraduate Students)

Thank you to all attendees and the adjudicators for a full, rich and inspiring conference! Keep on Dancing!

Here you will find the newest version of an overall class schedule/concert grid for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well as a schedule that outlines tech times.

A reminder about how the Adjudication Concert Techs will run is here,  and Informal Techs information can be found here.

Also find here a newly updated version of the teacher bios and class descriptions.
We are fortunate to have many talented musicians participating in this event. Please read about the musicians here!

To help you familiarize yourself with the locations of all campus events, please see the map here.

If you are a faculty member participating in peer review, please see the schedule of classes to be reviewed or to review here.


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       ZVI GOTHEINER Born and raised in a kibbutz in northern Israel, Zvi began his artistic career as a gifted violinist with the Young Kibbutzim Orchestra, where he attained the rank of soloist and Concertmaster at age 15. He began dancing at 17, and soon after, formed his first performance group. Zvi arrived in New York in 1978 on a dance scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and danced with the Joyce Trisler Dance Company and Feld Ballets/NY and toured with Bat-Sheva Dance Company. After directing Tamar Ramle and the Jerusalem Tamar Dance Companies in Israel and the Israeli Chamber Dance Company in New York, he founded ZviDance.               

   BEBE MILLERfirst performed her choreography at NYC’s Dance Theater Workshop in 1978, after receiving her MA in Dance from OSU in 1975; she formed Bebe Miller Company in 1985. Her choreography has been performed in venues across the country and internationally in Europe and the African continent, and been commissioned by Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Oregon Ballet Theater, Boston Ballet, Philadanco, and the UK’s Phoenix Dance Company, among others. She has been honored with four New York Dance and Performance ‘Bessie’ awards, fellowships from the Ohio Arts Council and the Guggenheim Foundation, and a United States Artists Ford Fellowship in 2010. In 2012 she was named as one of the inaugural class of Doris Duke Artists, a program of the Doris Duke Foundation’s Performing Artist Awards. A Professor in Dance at The Ohio State University since 2000, she is a Distinguished Professor in OSU's College of Arts and Humanities and received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Ursinus College in 2009. Bebe Miller Company’s latest work, A History, premiered at the Wexner Center for the Arts in September 2012 and toured nationally through 2013.
      SUSAN DOUGLAS ROBERTS is a dance-maker, educator, traveler, performer, community builder, and some time curator.  She is based in Texas and Maine.  As artistic director of wild goose chase – a project-based company for dance and other adventures – she has presented work around the US, in Mexico, Central and South America, and Taiwan.  Susan points to some of the collaborative work she has engaged in as the richest including that with choreographer Sabrina Castillo, sculptor Dennis Leder and composer William Orbaugh in Guatemala, poet Carlos Montemayor of Mexico, and composer Blaise Ferrandino – with an NEA Meet the Composer grant – in the US.  She is a long-time faculty member and Professor of Dance in the School for Classical & Contemporary Dance at Texas Christian University. Awards include two Fulbright Specialist grants – Taiwan (2008) and Guatemala (2011) – and the Deans’ Teaching Award at TCU.  Susan’s professional work has impacted the Fort Worth community. As director of the TCU New Century Danscene, she developed and administered a 7-year community-based initiative funded by the Bass Foundation. During her years as co-artistic director of Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth, she helped build broader dance engagement via partnerships with area schools and cultural organizations, as well as create venues for emerging and established choreographers to present their work. Other projects close to heart and home include the Fort Worth Dance Festival, established through the Arts Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County and independent concerts Five Short Dances for Five Short Decades (a solo performance to celebrate her 50th birthday) and Solofest: Dances for Women. During the next few years, Susan and her husband, Don, will turn their attention to developing wild goose chase/the landing – an artists’ retreat in downeast Maine (photo credit: Susan Vogel).

All institutional members are invited to bring up to two dances for adjudication while adjudication slots remain available.  Please read the Adjudication Policies carefully.  Policies are available to download and are included under the Conference Details tab on this website.
You will be able to indicate whether you are bringing one or two dances in the "Adjudication Fees" section in the online registration.
If you are not an institutional member and would like to participate in the adjudication process, you must begin the process of becoming an Institutional Member before registering to adjudicate work.  A membership application is available on the ACDFA website.
Please download ADJUDICATION POLICIES for your reference.


  • The Northwest Regional Conference will present 2 Informal Dance Concerts.
  • The Conference will be able to accommodate 16 slots for the Informal Dance Concerts. Registration for the Informal Dance Concert will be on a first-come first served basis. We encourage you to register early!
  • Informal Dance Concert pieces must adhere to a time limit to work efficiently within the conference schedule and therefore must be 10 minutes or less in length. The burden of meeting the time requirement rests with the choreographer.  ACDFA recommends that the choreographer allow a time margin within the 10-minute limit for technical errors or theater peculiarities.
  • The Informal Concerts will be performed in the Masquer Theatre, The School of Theatre & Dance's black box theatre. The Masquer Theatre is designed as a three-quarter round performance space.
All groups and individuals registered for the conference are eligible to perform in the Informal Concerts.
Dances presented in the Informal Concerts are restricted to work not being adjudicated.  Works-in-progress may be shown.
In the interest of creating opportunities for many schools, only one dance per institution may be shown in the informal concerts; however, more than one piece per school will be considered if space allows. 
A sound recording of concert quality must be provided by the choreographer in the format specified by the Conference Coordinator.
Please submit Informal Concert program information online by Jan. 15, 2014.

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To truly build upon the premise of "converging communities," we have a proposal for faculty attending the conference this year. For our opening concert, we are interested in collaboratively designing a work that features the choreography and performance of attending faculty. If you are interested in participating in this dance making experience, please contact the conference coordinator by November 1, 2013.

SCHEDULE (subject to change)

At this time, we are planning for the conference to begin in the afternoon of Wednesday, April 2, 2014, and to conclude the evening of Saturday April 5, 2014 with a post-gala reception.  The exact time frame may vary depending on registration and adjudication numbers.

A detailed conference schedule will be posted as soon as the information is available.

For a full conference overview, click CONFERENCE SCHEDULE.


      Class Schedule
        Class Descriptions & Teacher Bios
        Adjudication Schedule
        Tech Schedule
        Informal Concert Schedule
        Opening Concert Choreographic On-line Submission Schedule

The 2014 ACDFA regional conference registration procedure has changed. Please read Instructions  for Initial Registration Prior to Oct. 30, 2013 or Instructions for Initial Registration Oct. 30, 2013 & After carefully prior to the opening date of registration.

If registering prior to October 30, 2013, registration will be in two steps.  In Step One the Faculty Representative will enter names (or placeholders) and contact information for all registrants.  The Faculty Rep. may also reserve spots for adjudication and the informal concert.  On October 30th at the latest, you will be asked to re-enter your existing registration to enter details for your school's participation in the conference. Refer to Updating Existing Registrations.

STEP TWO INFORMATION TO BE SUBMITTED ONLINE (under "Details" for the Faculty Rep.):
It is not necessary to submit all information at the same time.  You may return to your registration to add or update information.  Open or download Preparing to Submit Detailed Information to see a full list of information that will be requested.

In all cases, please honor  posted deadlines for information submission.
Submit Program Information for each dance you are adjudicating and/or presenting in the informal concert.  Please be thorough in your answers and accurate in your spelling.
Deadline for completed program information is December 16, 2013.
  • The Adjudication Program Information fields will be visible only to the Faculty Representative for ACDFA Institutional Members and ACDFA Board Members.
  • The Informal Concert Program Information fields will be visible to the Faculty Representative for ACDFA Institutional Members and Non-Members, ACDFA Board Members and Individual registrants.

Teachers are invited to propose classes/workshops, research presentations and panel topics to enhance diversity and the breath of class offerings.  We encourage proposals that go beyond the usual academic dance styles or topics.    

The online Teacher Information fields allow faculty members to submit up to three and graduate students to submit up to two different classes/workshops, research presentations and/or panels.  The conference may not be able to involve all who are interested, but we appreciate your response and will contact teachers as soon as possible regarding selections.  Due to budget constraints, honoraria will not be possible.
            PLEASE NOTE:
The Teacher Information fields will be visible to all faculty members registrants.
           Deadline for submission of Teacher Information is December 16, 2013.
ACDFA is a national membership service organization to strengthen the educational network for students and faculty within the academic setting.

Faculty (ACDFA members only) who are teaching or presenting at the conference may request a written or oral peer response when registering.  Faculty interested in serving as responders will be able to offer their services when registering.

Note: ACDFA will make every attempt to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled.

The Northwest Conference of ACDFA is proud to announce its Screening, a part of the opportunity to present dance for film and receive constructive feedback. This screening will feature dance films of all genres including: abstract films, experimental shorts, dance/music videos, screen adaptations of stage choreographies, narratives and documentaries. Films that focus on the unique relationship between the medium of film and dance are encouraged.

The Northwest Conference of ACDFA is seeking submissions for its Dance for Camera Screening.  In the interest of creating opportunities for many schools, only one film per school will be considered if space allows. Films may be submitted as a complete finished piece or work in progress. Films must be 10 minutes or less in length.  If the number of films exceeds our capacity, a selection process by a panel will ensue. Films must be submitted in the following format:

- Quick time (.mov)
- Wide screen

Please submit films by publishing it on Vimeo (Vimeo is an online-viewing site that is free to sign up for and use). One published, email the video link along with the video title, name of the institution, and creator's name along with contact information to nicole.bradleybrowning@montana.edu

Be sure to check the box to "Allow other people to download the source video" in the SETTINGS for the video. This allows us to download the project at the ACDFA screenings.

You can choose to make the video password-protected on Vimeo if you don't want it to be public. Be sure to include the password along with your Vimeo film link.

Please check Vimeo's compression guidelines to ensure that you submit your best, high quality rendition. Vimeo's tips will help specify code, frame rate, data rate, resolution and audio.

NEW!!! Deadline for submission: February 1, 2014

We invite your most skilled musicians to participate in the conference, playing for classes in exchange for conference registration and an honorarium of $35.00 per class.  Interaction among musicians will help to make very memorable master classes. Sharing good music gives us new ideas to take home to our own programs and adds vitality to classes.

Additionally, the conference plans to schedule JAMS for musicians and dancers throughout the conference and are looking for your participation!

Musicians should complete requested information online.  Musician fields are visible only to those registering as Musicians.

           Deadline for submission of Musician Information is December 16, 2013.
We encourage students to present research during the conference. Each presentation is limited to a maximum of 20 minutes. The Faculty Representative may submit information on behalf of the student(s).

Each conference participant is required to sign the Liability Waiver.  In order to save paper, we are asking all registrants in a group to sign one waiver.  It is important that each registrant understands the terms of the waiver.  Faculty are strongly encouraged to review the terms with all participants.
Return the Liability via FAX or postal service.
Each choreographer or representative of a choreographer (for a guest choreographer) of a dance to be performed in the Gala Concert must complete and return a signed Video Waiver during the conference.  Waivers will be given to Gala Concert choreographers once the selections have been determined.  Please note that videos are for archival purposed and copies will not be available.

0 spaces remaining


Contact Information

  • conference coordinator: Nicole Bradley Browning
    email: nicole.bradleybrowning@umontana.edu
    phone: 406.243.2682

Payment Instructions

  • Checks and money orders are accepted forms of payment.
    Please make checks and money orders payable to:
     UM Dance.

    Payment should be mailed to:
    Nicole Bradley Browning
    The University of Montana
    School of Theatre & Dance
    Missoula, MT 59812-8136

    University of Montana Federal ID #: If you need this
    information to process payment, please contact
    Nicole directly. Thank you.

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