2014 Pacific Northwest Chapter Call for Board of Directors Nominations and Volunteers

The PNW Chapter Nominating Committee has issued a "Call for Nominations" for the election of officers and directors for the PNW Chapter of the Professional Convention Management Association for 2014.  In addition, we are looking for Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs to serve and support the chapter in 2014.

Open Officer Positions for 2014:
President-Elect - 1-year term (to be followed by the President role in 2015)
Affiliate Planner Director - 3-year term
Affiliate Supplier Director - 3-year term

Positions Already Confirmed for 2014:
New officers and directors will serve with the following officers:
Wendi Haught, CMP – Current President-Elect (will become the 2014 PNW Chapter President)
Keith Backsen – Current President (will become 2014 PNW Chapter Immediate Past President)
Kelsey Soukup – Secretary (currently holds this role and will continue in 2014)
Emily Houg – Treasurer  (currently holds this role and will continue in 2014)

Due:  September 13, 2013

Board Member Criteria, Guidelines, and Responsibilities

Criteria and Guidelines:

  1. You must be an active or affiliate member in good standing.
  2. You must commit to attending conference calls/meetings of your committee.
    - Monthly conference calls (approx. 8 per year, 1 hour each
    - In-person meetings before/after chapter educational programs (approx. 6 per year, 1.5 hours)
    - Annual board retreat (once a year, 8 hours)
  3. Candidates will assume responsibility for all expenses (such as parking, transit fare, phone calls, faxes) in conjunction with board meeting participation.
  4. You must complete tasks/projects for which you volunteer for the committee.
  5. If your committee is involved with particular programs, show your support by participating in the programs.

*All nominations must be approved by the PCMA Nominating Committee and the PCMA PNW Chapter Board of Directors.

*Please note, if elected, participation is required at the PCMA PNW Chapter Board Retreat. (November 13, 2013 in Bellevue, WA from 8:00am to 5:00pm)


  1. Direct the business and financial affairs of the chapter.
  2. Establish administrative policy.
  3. Fill any vacancy on the board of directors, with the exception of the president, for the balance of that term.
  4. Foster growth and development of the chapter.
  5. Assist the president in the structuring of committees.
  6. Review committee reports and determine action to be taken.
  7. Approve budgetary allocations.
  8. Establish policies regarding the purchasing of supplies and equipment.
  9. Approve contracts for services, such as printing or other special projects.
  10. Review policies annually and determine action to be taken.
  11. Assume other duties as appointed by the president.
  12. Shall, as retiring officers, deliver all chapter property to their successors within thirty days after termination of office.
  13. Shall serve, as appointed, as a board liaison to chapter committees.  This will ensure effective communication between the board and chapter committees.
  14. Help define the goals and objectives of the committees.

Call for Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs
Join one of our dynamic committees, providing a great opportunity for professional development, networking, and being a leader in our industry.  Each of our committees is led by a Committee Chair, who serves as the leader and liaison to the Board of Directors.  The Chair oversees the committee members and needs to be able to take initiative, respond proactively to the needs of the chapter, and communicate regularly with their committee members.  Committee Chairs and Members are expected to serve for at least one year.

Pacific Northwest Chapter Committee Overviews

Membership Committee: To actively pursue and engage people in the chapter to promote the enrollment and retention of all eligible members in the association and to initiate and coordinate membership services made available through HQ.  Responsibilities:  Grow new membership, achieve retention and renewal goals,  support and help to achieve the PCMA HQ Strategic Plan in regards to Membership Goals, welcome new members and potential members to the chapter, engage members at all levels, utilize the membership reports sent by Headquarters within the guidelines of the PCMA Member Privacy Policy.

Program Committee: Goal is to add value to PCMA membership by providing outstanding education to members to network and share best practices by offering a variety of programs at different venues. Responsibilities include:  securing speaker, marketing and communication strategy for program promotion, manage budget for each event,  dictate save the date and registration eblasts, liaise with the speaker leading up to the event, create program script and slide deck, attend each event and serve as spokesperson for the chapter to welcome attendees, welcome speaker and make chapter announcements, and all post-event follow-up.

Sponsorship Committee: Responsible for (1) actively soliciting sponsorship for the chapter (2) developing, promoting, and tracking recognition and reward program for sponsors, (3) creating sponsorship material to promote sponsorship program, (4) working closely with all other committees to ensure sponsorship needs are met, (5) working closely with Bid and Bowl Chair, (6) securing space for all chapter events and board meetings.

Community Service Committee: Responsible for coordinating 2-3 service projects a year for the PNW Chapter.  This includes the Service ‘N Sync day with all PCMA Chapters in November.

Communications Committee:  Purpose:  To communicate chapter news, activities, and events to chapter members.  Responsibilities:  Identifying, collecting, and producing chapter communications to distribute via chapter Web site, Facebook page, LinkedIn group, mailings, email announcements.  Ensure that chapter communications follow logo and communication guidelines.  Produce a quarterly or bi-annual newsletter, cross-promote with other industry associations.

Meetings Industry Summit Committee:  Responsible for the planning and execution of the PCMA/MPI Summit.  Work closely with the MPI Summit Chair to create a robust educational program with the following components:  overall program theme and direction of program, educational speakers/break-outs, securing sponsors, securing venue and all venue planning and logistics (i.e. A/V, meeting room set), event registration and marketing, on-site execution, budget,  post-event follow-up and survey.

Student Committee:  This is a newer committee and one that needs someone who has a passion for working with emerging hospitality professionals. The Committee Chair will need to come up with a plan of action on how to attract more student members and keep them engaged at the local level.  Washington State University in Pullman, WA, has a Hospitality Management program that we want to get involved with.  The chair will be responsible for developing a strategy and setting goals on our student membership and engagement, then executing on strategy, with the help of the committee vice-chair and members.

Bid and Bowl Committee:  Our Bid and Bowl (as known as our Silent Auction) is our biggest fundraising event of the year.  We need a strong leader and committee members who will:  select a venue and negotiate terms, procure all auction items (approx 100), manage bowling teams, oversee all event logistics, organize wine tree raffle, develop a marketing and communication strategy, and oversee day of event management.  Timeframe – event is in Nov/Dec; planning begins in June and there are regular meetings/conference calls and consistent planning until the day of event and 1-2 weeks post-event.

Scholarships Committee:  The PNW Chapter commits to providing scholarships to our members for the following:  Annual Meeting, Education Conference, Membership to PCMA, and attending chapter events.  The chair is responsible for:  creating a timeline for scholarship announcements, sending out the scholarship application, overseeing scholarship deadlines, working with the board of directors to select scholarship recipients, ensuring that winners fulfill their obligations, and promoting chapter scholarships.



Contact Information

  • Sarah Watrous
    Chapter Operations Director
    Phone: 360-303-2955