NCAEMSA Membership*


Bobby Cooper, Chairman ~~ Phil Ricks, Vice Chair/Chairman Elect~~Kim Green, Secretary ~~ Mickey Tezai, Treasurer Jim Albright, Past Chairman

NCAEMSA Membership*

The North Carolina Association of Emergency Medical Services Administrators welcome you to their membership website.  Here you may apply to be a member, renew your membership, pay renewal fees, We hope you find it a good experience and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems, questions, comments, or if we can assist you further.

Thank you.

Active Members - Active membership shall consist of one paid professional EMS Administrator per paid professional provider. This person shall serve as the active member for their organization and shall be appointed by the organization.

Active members may vote and hold office within the Association.

Associate Members - Associate membership shall consist of paid professional EMS personnel whose job description indicates they have administrative, management, and supervisory responsibilities to their EMS organization.  
associate members may vote and serve on committees. 

Associate members shall not hold office in the Association

Affiliate Members - Affiliate membership shall be open to all paid 
Professional EMS personnel at the local, regional, or state level and community college personnel, who are interested in promoting the betterment of EMS in North Carolina.

Affiliate members may serve on committees.  Affiliate members shall not vote nor hold office in the Association.

Lifetime Membership - Any NCAEMSA member upon retirement form an Emergency Medical Services administrative Position, in good standing with the Association, may maintain a Lifetime Membership in the Association, after Executive Board and membership approval. 

Corporate Membership - Any agency wishing to register a number of members but not individuals may use this membership level.  It is $125.00 per member but allows anyone up to the number of corporate memberships registered from the agency to attend conferences and get Association benefits as permitted by the agency head.  


Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • You can mail checks to:

    NC Association of EMS Administrators
    Mickey Tezai, Treasurer
    PO Box 15514
    Durham NC, 27704 
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