HIGH GEAR: Scenario Training Instructor's Course

Fairbault , Minnesota
Monday, March 09, 2015
HIGH GEAR: Scenario Training Instructor's Course
Monday, March 09, 2015 8:00 AM -
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 5:00 PM (Central Time)

Rice County Sheriff's Depatment
Rice County Annex
2119 Grant Street
Fairbault , Minnesota 55021
United States

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Course Description:

High Gear BMF Scenario Instructor Certification

Blauer Tactical Systems has developed a specialized program called Ballistic Micro-Fights™ (BMF) to assist DT, Combatives and self-defense instructors in designing relevant, rigorous, realistic close quarter confrontations for their students. 

The BMF is the first organized, scientific approach to designing realistic scenarios-based on real world encounters. Through the carefully researched and focused examination of real life confrontations, attendees are taught to 'reverse engineer'  scenarios by studying then replicating scenarios from actual videos of confrontations. The BMF formula can adapt to any training scenario, system and in any environment. 

The course includes lectures, written materials, physical skills development and drills. Upon completion of the training the student should understand and/or correctly perform: 

1. A-SAP™ Model and its effect on scenario training. 

2. BMF™ Construction 

3. Attack Specific Drill Instruction 

4. Dissecting The Street Ambush 

5. Emotional Climate Training™ 

6. Scenario Specific Replication Training

The course will also teach participants how to:

- Reverse-engineer scenarios using actual surveillance video footage
- Apply our replication vs. simulation theory
- Improve safety with our threshold drill model
- Dramatically change the reality of your training using our “Be A Good Bad Guy” Formula
- And much more...

Who can attend?

- This course is open for all combatives and defensive tactics trainers as well as any active duty first-responders


*High Gear is required. We will have  High Gear suits available as 'loaners' on first come first serve basis. If your department or agency has High Gear, please bring a suit.

***To purchase High Gear click HERE

***You must be in good physical condition to attend. 

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Recommended Nearby Hotels:
Grand Stay
1500 20th St NW   
Faribault, MN 55021  
Boarders Inn & Suites
1801 Lavender Drive 
Faribault, MN 55021   

Closest Airport:
Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport
4300 Glumack Drive
St Paul, MN 

For a quick overview watch this video
More on High Gear


Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • Send jenny@blauertactical.com an email from an official governmental email or provide physical proof (scanned or digital photos) of governmental ID. You will be sent an invitation code upon confirmation to register. These security measures are in place solely to protect you, your fellow police officers, soldiers and first responders.

    Cost: $449

    *Attendees are assessed & evaluated throughout the course through oral & practical drills.   If the attendee graduates the course they will receive a diploma valid for 24 months. If attendee does not meet the standard and requires additional support/training or refresher, they will receive a "certificate of participation" which can be used to gain credit for the training hours, but does not qualify them as a Coach until they are re-certified by Blauer Tactical Systems.

    For payment through Purchase Orders or checks, please contact accounting@blauertactical.com

    ***Payments are accepted in US funds ONLY***
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