2015 ACDA Southeast Conference

Milledgeville, Georgia
Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - Saturday, March 21, 2015

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This schedule includes all events scheduled as well as teaching schedules.  Please let us know if you see a conflict in your schedule if scheduled to teach.  Please keep in mind that this is the first draft of the schedule. 
Adjudication Concert Programs (PDF)

Teacher Bios (Teachers - click on your name to load your class schedule!)

2015 ACDA Southeast Conference
Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - Saturday, March 21, 2015

Georgia College
Dept of Cont. Ed.&Public Svcs.
231 W. Hancock Street
Milledgeville, Georgia 31061
United States

Map and Directions

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se the FIREFOX or CHROME browser when viewing websites and  registering for conferences. 

Georgia College & State University invites faculty and students to participate in the American College Dance Association's Southeast Conference, March 18-21, 2015, in Milledgeville, Georgia.  We are planning an exciting celebration of dance in higher education with a wide variety of master classes, scholarly research presentations, opportunities for student and faculty exchanges in and out of the studio, adjudication and informal concerts, feedback sessions and a fantastic final performance featuring four companies!  Additionally, special faculty seminars and workshops have been planned.
A great deal of initial planning for the Southeast Conference has already occurred.  We invite all institutions to attend and participate in the full array of scheduled events, whether or not you are planning to present choreography for adjudication.  The experience of taking master classes, attending research presentations, viewing concerts, and listening to adjudicators' comments, as well as the energy exchange among dancers and faculty from other schools, has proven invaluable for our students, regardless of their levels of dance experience.

ACDA values diversity and maintains a commitment to the development of conferences that reflect and give value to the various forms, styles, cultural traditions and aesthetic dimensions of dance in performance. We encourage attention to diversity within informal and formally adjudicated concerts, master classes and panel discussions and/or lectures. 



The American College Dance Association (ACDA) provides dancers from all across the nation with opportunities to experience the art of movement as viewers, learners, performers, and creators. As the host for the ACDA Southeast Conference, Georgia College continues this tradition by inviting the attendees to:

·     Embrace diverse forms of dance with a unique final concert comprised of an eclectic selection of professional dance companies from the Atlanta area.

·     Evoke networking opportunities with inspiring master teachers, professional dancers and peers during a wide array of classes.

·     Embody the language of movement on stage as performers and dance makers with choreographic presentations adjudicated by a distinct panel of judges.


The opportunity to receive feedback on choreography and performance is integral to every ACDA conference.  We have arranged dynamic and highly respected adjudicators: Bill Evans, James Sutton and Edisa Weeks.  We are also honored to have Atlanta Ballet, City Gate Dance Theatre, Crossover Movement Arts, and Staib Dance as our guest companies. 

The largest change from past Southeast-hosted ACDA conferences is that there will not be a Gala concert.  Since 2015 is not a year in which ACDA presents the National College Dance Festival, organization policies allow that conference hosts may choose to offer a different closing event for their conferences.  We look forward to emphasizing education and shared learning through the adjudication process as opposed to competition.  Instead, the conference will end as we all come together to enjoy a formal concert of Atlanta area professional dance companies as they present an eclectic concert of classical ballet, modern dance, performance art, and some surprises as well!   The evening will begin with a site specific work on the beautiful front lawn of our 114 year old historic theater, Russell Auditorium, where Crossover Movement Arts will present their "Time Travelers"!  The audience will then move into the theater where a beautiful evening of professional dance will be presented.  After the concert, we will come together and celebrate in the historic Magnolia Ballroom as we dance the night away!


While we would like to accommodate all who wish to attend our conference, space is limited and registration fills very quickly.  Please note registration opens for:
  • In-region institutional and individual ACDA members at 9:00am on Wednesday, October 8, 2014
  • All ACDA members on Wednesday, October 15
  • Non-members on Wednesday, October 29.   Our maximum capacity is 475 registrants and 48 adjudicated dances.  In order to accommodate as many schools as possible, a registration cap of 20 students per school is in effect until Wednesday, October 22nd.

It is highly recommended that you read Registration Instructions carefully before starting to register your group. 

We will register participants on a first registered-first accepted basis. Entering participants through online registration temporarily holds slots for two weeks.  Payment or proof of intention to pay must be received within two weeks of registration in order to guarantee your registration. If payment or proof of intention to pay is not received within two weeks, your slots may be released. Full payment is due for all registrations no later than December 15, 2014.  It is critical that you adhere to the above deadlines to reserve your registration spots.  Information for payment is located in the right sidebar.  Deadlines, fees, registration and membership policies, and registration instructions can be found under the Conference Details tab on this website.

Due to the rising costs of processing cancellations, as well as the negative impact on other ACDA members of holding then releasing slots, a $25.00 cancellation fee will be assessed on each individual registrant cancelled prior to full payment.  There are no refunds on paid registrations.  Register only the number of participants that you are committed to bringing.

Conferences often fill before the closing deadline and when we reach maximum capacity, we will be unable to accept additional participants.  If you are closed out of the conference, email the Conference Coordinator immediately to be put on the waitlist.  Your place on the waitlist is determined by the time and date of your email request.

You need not be an ACDA member to attend the conference, although only institutional members may participate in the adjudication process and only members may register during the member priority period.  Additionally, members pay a discounted registration fee.  If you have not yet joined ACDA, we urge you to do so to help further the important work we do for college and university dance programs and to receive the benefits of membership.

If you are interested in the adjudication process, please refer to the Adjudication Policies.  If you choose to have two pieces adjudicated, at least one piece must be choreographed by a student.  Time and space will limit the number of dances we can adjudicate to no more than 48.  Pieces will be accepted for adjudication, like registration, on a first registered-first accepted basis with payment (or proof of intention to pay) received within two weeks of registration. If payment is not received within that time frame, slots may be lost. Please remember that you must be an ACDA institutional member in good standing to qualify for adjudication.
For those of you who attended the 2014 Southeast conference, we look forward to being your host again!  For those of you who will first-time visitors to our area Georgia College is located in the heart of downtown Milledgeville.  Georgia College is part of the city's museum district and includes a number of historic sites like the Old Governor's Mansion and the fourth capital of Georgia.  We invite you to visit our beloved town, explore our history and visit our attractions. Click here to find out more about our historic town of Milledgeville.  You'll find a wide array of Milledgeville hotels to suit every taste, as well as outstanding dining at any one of our fabulous restaurants.  We are looking forward to having you on our campus. 

Stephanie Westmoreland and Amelia Pelton
ACDA Southeast Conference Coordinators


The opportunity to receive feedback on choreography and performance is integral to every ACDA conference.  We have arranged three dynamic and highly respected adjudicators: Bill Evans, James Sutton, and Edisa Weeks.

Please click on each adjudicator's name for their bio.





All institutional members are invited to bring up to two dances for adjudication, while adjudication slots remain available.  Please read the Adjudication Policies carefully.  Policies are available to download and are included under the Conference Details tab on this website.
You will be able to indicate whether you are bringing one or two dances in the "Adjudication Fees" section in the online registration.  The online system will not allow you to enter a number if adjudication slots have filled.
If you are not an institutional member and would like to participate in the adjudication process, you must begin the process of becoming an Institutional Member before registering to adjudicate work.  A membership application is available on the ACDA website.
Please download ADJUDICATION POLICIES for your reference.


In the interest of creating opportunities for many schools, only one dance per institution may be shown in the informal concerts; however, more than one piece per school will be considered if space allows.  All groups and individuals registered for the conference are eligible to perform in the Informal Concerts.
  • Performance slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The number of informal performances will be limited to 24.
  • Dances presented in the Informal Concerts are restricted to work not being adjudicated.
  • Works-in-progress may be shown.
  • The maximum time for each work presented in the Informal Concert is 10 minutes.  The burden of meeting the time requirement rests with the choreographer.  ACDA recommends that the choreographer allow a time margin within the 10-minute limit for technical errors or theater peculiarity.
  • A sound recording of concert quality must be provided by the choreographer in the format specified by the Conference Coordinator.
Please submit Informal Concert program information online by February 1, 2015.

SCHEDULE (subject to change)


At this time, we are planning for the conference to begin at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, March 18, 2015, and to conclude with a final reception on the evening of Saturday, March 21.  The exact time frame may vary depending on registration and adjudication numbers.

A detailed conference schedule will be posted as soon as the information is available.


        Conference Schedule
        Class Descriptions & Teacher Bios - available on conference app
        Adjudication Schedule
        Tech Schedule
        Informal Concert Schedule

Please carefully read the following instructions prior to the opening date of registration.

Instructions for Initial Registration Prior to Oct. 29, 2014
Instructions for Initial Registration Oct. 29, 2014 & After

If registering prior to October 29, 2014, registration will be in two steps: 

Faculty Representative will enter names (or placeholders) and contact information for all registrants.  The Faculty Rep. may also reserve spots for adjudication and the informal concert.  On October 29th, you will be asked to re-enter your existing registration account to enter details for your school's participation in the conference.
Refer to Updating Existing Registrations.
2. STEP TWO INFORMATION TO BE SUBMITTED ONLINE (under "Details" for the Faculty Rep.):
It is not necessary to submit all information at the same time.  You may return to your registration to add or update information. 
Open or download Preparing to Submit Detailed Information to see a full list of information that will be requested.

In all cases, please honor posted deadlines for information submission.


Submit Program Information for each dance you are adjudicating and/or presenting in the informal concert.  Please be thorough in your answers and accurate in your spelling.

Deadline for completed program information is February 1, 2015.
  • The Adjudication Program Information fields will be visible only to the Faculty Representative for ACDA Institutional Members and ACDA Board Members.
  • The Informal Concert Program Information fields will be visible to the Faculty Representative for ACDA Institutional Members and Non-Members, ACDA Board Members and Individual registrants.


Deadline for submission of Teacher Information is February 1, 2015.
Teachers are invited to propose classes/workshops, research presentations and panel topics to enhance diversity and the breath of class offerings.  We encourage proposals that go beyond the usual academic dance styles or topics.    

The online Teacher Information fields allow faculty members to submit up to three classes/workshops, research presentations and/or panels.  Graduate students may submit up to two different proposals. The conference may not be able to involve all who are interested, but we appreciate your response and will contact teachers as soon as possible regarding selections.  Due to budget constraints, honoraria will not be possible.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Teacher Information fields will be visible to all faculty members registrants.


ACDA is a national membership service organization to strengthen the educational network for students and faculty within the academic setting. Faculty (ACDA members only) who are teaching or presenting at the conference may request a written or oral peer response when registering.  Faculty interested in serving as responders will be able to offer their services when registering.

Note: Peer response/responder requests are no longer part of the online registration process.  The Call for those interested in receiving or providing a peer response will be disseminated by an ACDA Board Member.  ACDA will make every attempt to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled.


Deadline for submission of Musician Information is February 1, 2014.
We invite your most skilled musicians to participate in the conference, playing for classes and/or JAM sessions in exchange for conference registration and an honorarium of $30 per class.  Interaction among musicians will help to make very memorable master classes. Sharing good music gives us new ideas to take home to our own programs and adds vitality to classes.

Musicians should complete requested information online.  Musician fields are visible only to those registering as Musicians.   


We encourage students and/or faculty to present research during the conference. The Faculty Representative may submit information on behalf of the student(s).


Each conference participant is required to sign the Liability Waiver. In order to save paper, we are asking all registrants in a group to sign one waiver.  It is important that each registrant understands the terms of the waiver.  Faculty are strongly encouraged to review the terms with all participants.
Return the signed Liability Waiver via FAX, postal service or scanned PDF email attachment.

1 spaces remaining


Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • Registration payable by:
    Credit Card

    All checks should be payable to
    Georgia College & State University

    Send payment to:
    Georgia College & State University
    Continuing Education
    Attn: Stephanie Westmoreland
    Campus Box 40
    Milledgeville, GA 31061

    Federal ID# 58-6002064

ACDFA gratefully acknowledges the support of the following sponsors:    
ACDFA Lifetime Members: Elizabeth Lowe Ahearn, Judy Allen, Jean Baxter, Jeanne Beaman, B.J. Bray, Lori Bryhni, Mary Cochran, Mary-Jean Cowell, Karen Dearborn, Abby Fiat, Barry Fischer, Amy Ginsburg, Lonny Gordon, Luke Kahlich, Joanne Lawrence, Paula Levine, Luis Martinez, Rhythm McCarthy, Ann Sanders, Russell Sandifer, Brent Schneider, William Seigh, Holly Williams, Alcine Wiltz, and Candace Winters-March.