Online Integrated Approach to Wellness 2 - Physical Connections to Learning

Online Integrated Approach to Wellness 2 - Physical Connections to Learning

Full Online Course

Instructors Lynea Gillen, LPC, MS, RYT & Jim Gillen, RYT

$195 Course Fee
Includes online access to Yoga Calm for Children textbook

$60  Optional Course Credit (1 PSU Grad/Undergrad Credit)

Learn simple yoga-based activities, mindfulness exercises, and social/emotional skill training to help youth (ages 3-18) improve their self control, attention, behavioral skills, physical health and emotional stability. Integrate healthy physical, mental, and emotional practices into daily living to help you and your students/children experience less stress and develop lifelong wellness habits with all associated benefits

This second in a series of three Yoga Calm curriculum courses introduces participants to 20 new wellness games and activities from the program curriculum and how to safely develop strength,  flexibility, fitness and health awareness for preK-12 youth.. 

Using highly experiential activities, participants also receive detailed instruction in student motivation, physical alignment, sequencing and class planning based on developmental stages, and adaptations for diverse abilities, including those of special needs students. Nervous system regulation, physiology, team building, cognitive strategies and wellness lesson-planning will also be covered.

This workshop is designed for teachers, counselors, therapists, yoga teachers, and any other adults that work with children.

Yoga Calm was developed from over 35 years of classroom, counseling and research experience. Its college accredited courses, award-winning materials and classroom, home and clinic tested methods are used by thousands of educators, parents and therapists. The practices taught in this course are designed to complement those taught in An Integrated Approach to Wellness 1 and 3. 

Start Learning Now!
This online course uses the latest in educational methods to facilitate your learning, including:
  • Videos of live training sessions and children's classes with the founders of Yoga Calm
  • Reinforcement readings from award-winning Yoga Calm for Children
  • Inquiry processes
  • Audio journeys
  • Lesson Plans
  • Interactive quizzing & review
  • Access and guidance from online course instructor
It’s a great way to learn at a convenient time and location and to repeatedly watch and practice activities!


Yoga techniques taught in this course are very simple and designed to be accessible to a wide range of abilities. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Offered in conjunction with Portland State University, Continuing Education in the Graduate School of Education (CE/ED). One PSU Graduate Credit option available.  Certificate of training provided.

Coursework also applies towards the Yoga Calm Youth Instructor Certification program.

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