Youth Leadership Program with Japan - Adult Mentor Application

Washington, District of Columbia
Friday, January 09, 2015


Youth Leadership Program with
Japan and South Korea


August 2-27, 2015

Japanese Adult Application


The Youth Leadership Program with Japan and South Korea for female high school students and adult mentors is sponsored and funded by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Embassies in Japan and South Korea and administered by World Learning and EIL Japan. 

Youth Leadership Program with 
Japan and South Korea

August 2-27, 2015

Japanese Adult Application

Application Deadline 

March 2, 2015 11:59 PM
(Eastern Standard Time)

Program Introduction and Application Instructions

The Youth Leadership Program with Japan and South Korea is a four week youth leadership exchange during August 2015 based in Tahoe, NV; Chicago, IL; Seattle, WA; and Washington D.C. for 16-18 year old girls from Japan, South Korea and the United States. 16 girls from Japan and South Korea (8 from each country) will be joined by local girls from Tahoe, Chicago, and Seattle (6 in each city).  The U.S. girls will join the program in their home city as daytime participants.  The program aims to develop a cadre of young adults in Japan, South Korea and the United States who have a strong sense of civic responsibility, a commitment to community development, an awareness of current and global issues, strong interpersonal leadership skills, willingness to foster relationships among youth from different ethnic, religious, and national groups in Japan, South Korea and the United States, and to promote mutual understanding, respect and collaboration between the United States and East Asia.  

Program Sponsors and Partners:

  • U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Youth Programs Division
  • U.S. Embassy in Japan
  • U.S. Embassy in South Korea
  • World Learning
  • Global Ties partners: Chicago & Seattle 
  • EIL Japan


The goals of the program are to:

1)      To promote mutual understanding between the people of the United States, Japan & South Korea; 

2)      Inspire a sense of civic responsibility and commitment to community development among youth;

3)      Develop leadership skills and community service skills among youth appropriate to their needs; and

4)      Foster relationships among youth from different ethnic, religious, national groups.

Description of the Adult Mentor Role:

The Youth Leadership Program with Japan and South Korea is designed for teenage girls ages 16-18.  Daily activities are non-formal, non-traditional, experiential in nature, and designed specifically for teenagers.  This includes outdoor activities to promote teambuilding, conflict resolution goals and cross-cultural understanding.  The adult mentor has many roles on the program. 

These are listed according to the level of importance and percentage:   

  • 80% Participant:  The adult mentor is an active participant who attends and is engaged in all program activities and events, including social activities, unless specified as “optional.”  An adult participant actively contributes to the group and to the learning process.  Adult participants must remain with the program throughout the entire trip.  Personal travel within the U.S. during the program is not permitted.
  • 20% Group leader:
    • A group leader is responsible for:
      • Travel:  Managing students when traveling in airports.
      • Monitoring:  It is important to understand that there may be times where the U.S. program coordinator is not present for meetings because they may be preparing for other activities.  In that case it is up to you, the adults, to serve as the group leader.
      • Assisting U.S. Staff:  There are many instances in which the U.S. staff will ask for your assistance in helping with different sessions or activities, either as a participant or as a facilitator.  There may also be times when we will need you to assist with evening transitions and room checks.
      • Program Pace:  This program is “American-style”, which means it’s very busy and requires a lot of energy and a high level of attention.  It is expected that meetings and sessions will start on time.  Become familiar with the schedule and program rules, and assist staff in reminding participants about upcoming workshops, field trips, and daily activities.
      • Observing:  Paying attention to the mood, needs and dynamics of the group - notice those who are isolated, homesick, or having difficulty adjusting or has any language barriers.  Please communicate relevant observations to the staff.
    • What you have to offer that is valuable to the program:
      • Being a cultural bridge:  It is important to understand and anticipate where there may be cultural differences and confusion and willing and able to address issues between both the Japanese and Korean students who come from different regions in both countries. Additionally, the adult mentor is able to bridge the learnings from the U.S. program to Japan and South Korea.
      • Role Model:  Model respectful, positive, and cooperative interactions.  Help to create positive energy and enthusiasm among participants.  Support the development of a community among participants from Japan, South Korea, and the United States. 

Time Commitment:
The following is an estimate of the time commitment required of adult mentors: Pre-Departure Orientation: 3-4 days in mid-July; US Exchange: 4 weeks from August 2-27, 2015; Follow-on Projects monitoring (checking-in regularly with the students) between September and December 2015; and the final Reunion Conference: 3-4 days late-December 2015.

What is covered?

There is no application fee for applicants.

The United States Government will pay for international transportation to and from the United States, orientations, program and visa fees and administration, site visits and seminars, lodging and meals, some cultural activities, educational materials, accident and sickness insurance.  Participants will stay with volunteer host families and in conference centers. 

Participants are responsible for expenses related to the application process (copying, mailing, photographs, etc.), passport fees, and spending money for souvenirs and other items in the United States.

Who is eligible to apply?

Adult mentor applicants must ….

  • Be female;
  • Have citizenship and current residency in Japan (applicants with dual U.S. citizenship will not be considered);
  • Be a minimum age of 25-years old;
  • Be active in working with teenagers in either a high school or community setting;
  • Be willing to spend three weeks in the United States living with Japanese and Korean teens;
  • Be willing and able to meet periodically with selected students from their city/region, during 2015 to support and monitor their follow-up work; 
  • Be proficient in English; and
  • Have traveled abroad in the past.

What are the criteria for selection?

Adult applicants will be evaluated on the following factors:

  • Demonstrated interest in and commitment to service in their local regions;
  • Demonstrated history of supporting youth activities;
  • Strong record in teaching and/or youth programs;
  • Demonstrated leadership ability;
  • Ability to work cooperatively in diverse groups of students and peers and tolerate the opinions of others; and 
  • Commitment to working with youth after the project to help them implement projects.

Applicants who can answer yes to the following statement is not eligible to apply.

  • Applicants who are in the process of applying for U.S. immigration.

Required Documents to be submitted with a completed Application 

Note: Any documents sent to must reference the applicant's full name and the attached document in the subject line of the email. For example, "Carolina Silva, Participant Agreement"

Selection Process

  • Individuals that make it past the initial application review by our panel will be contacted by EIL Japan for an interview in March 2015;
  • Due to large quantity of applications received, it is not possible to inform all applicants of their status. Thus, applicants can assume that they were not chosen if they have not been contacted by EIL Japan in March 2015;
  • Additional questions should be emailed to the

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