FaegreBD Franchise Summit

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

FaegreBD Franchise Summit
Leadership and Collaboration: Difference Makers for Successful Franchise Relationships and the Brand Promise
Wednesday, August 5 - Thursday, August 6, 2015

The FaegreBD Franchise Summit is a "can't miss" event for franchise executives nationally. The 2015 Summit will focus on building, maintaining and capitalizing on the power of collaborative franchise relationships and enhancing the franchise system’s effectiveness in delivering on the brand promise — key difference makers that will help franchisors and franchisees overcome current business and regulatory challenges.  

International Franchise Association Chair Melanie Bergeron will join us as keynote speaker. Melanie is a strong and visionary leader in franchising and the chair of Two Men and a Truck. We also are pleased to announce two outstanding guest speakers: Gerry O’Brion who will talk about What Big Brands Know! and Waldo Waldman who will talk about Wingman Leadership.

The best and brightest franchisor and franchisee leaders will enrich the event with their perspectives on best practices. Speakers and panel discussions will address:
  • How can franchisors and franchisees effectively relate to one another? 
  • How can franchisors and franchisees collaborate versus confront?
  • How do franchisors and franchisees evolve the system, products and services in ways that make sense at the customer level, the unit level and the franchisor level?
  • How can franchisors and franchisees effectively deliver on the brand promise despite franchise leadership nuances, field support challenges and external forces that focus on “too much control?”
Our commitment is to make a difference for attendees as they focus on growing their businesses even as external forces like the NLRB (joint employer), SEIU and other regulatory efforts challenge the franchise business model. Together, strong franchisors and franchisees will overcome those challenges and thrive. Divided franchisors and franchisees will struggle. 


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  • There is no fee to attend this event.

    No suppliers can attend other than our sponsors. If multiunit franchisees are interested in attending, they should contact Brian Schnell at brian.schnell@FaegreBD.com.