Live Stream Package (ITC 2015)

Rohnert Park, California
Thursday, July 16, 2015
Live Stream Package (ITC 2015)
Thursday, July 16, 2015 - Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, California 94928-3609
United States

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Live and On-Demand!

26 conference sessions. 54 presenters. 25 hours of the best content from ITC 2015.

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Click here for dates and times. The Live Stream Package is composed of the conference sessions in Ballroom A and Ballroom B. When the block schedule shows concurrent sessions in these two rooms, one session will be streamed live and the other session will be recorded and made available to you. Sessions that have an asterisk by them are the ones that will be streamed live.

Note: the Welcome Address by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens (Thursday, July 16, 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm) does not appear in the schedule linked above but is included in the Live Stream Package and is listed below in the Plenaries section.         

Keynote Presentations

*Karen O'Brien: Integral in Action: Climate Change and Transformations to Sustainability
*Bill Torbert: The Kinds of Inquiry, Power, and Love Required for Timely, Developmentally Transforming Practice
*Elza Maalouf: Integral Design in the Midst of Chaos, Bloodshed, and Revolution

*Sean Esbjorn-Hargens: Integral Impacts: Using Integrative Metatheories to Catalyze Effective Change
*Mark Fabionar: The Public HUB of Impact: Sonoma State University’s Integral Center for Diversity, Vitality, and Creativity
*Michael Schwartz + Philip Rubinov Jacobson:
On Integral Visual Art: Creativity and Enchantment for Social and Individual Transformation
*Mark Forman (MC): Best Paper Awards
Ken Wilber: At the Frothy Edge of Geopolitical Impact: Nation Building in Ukraine (and a Brief Look at Pluralistic Ontology)

Presentations - Pioneers
*Don Beck: Clare W. Graves & Spiral Dynamics. Next Steps in Integral Emergence
Gail Hochachka: The Integral You Don’t See: Activism on the Frothy Edge
Terry Patten:
Integral Soul Work: The Integral Marriage of Spirit, Soul, and Social Activism
*Zak Stein:
Desperate Measures: Global Crises of Measurement and Their Metatheoretical Solutions

Beena Sharma: Expanding Perspective on Subject-Object Movements in Vertical Development
*Randy Martin + Jeff Cohen + Lynette Lee + Mark Fischler:
Enacting Integral Justice to Catalyze Systemic Change: Barriers and Leverage Points
The Lectica Team + responses from Susann Cook-Greuter and Bill Torbert:
Exploring the Relation Between Ego Development and Cognitive Development: Practical and Theoretical Implications
*Andrew Johnson + Michael McElhenie:
How Large System Change is Catalyzed by Integrally-Informed Personal/Leadership Development
*Beena Sharma + Deborah delaCuesta:
Healing the Self ∞ Developing the Self – Exploring The Potential Of Tailored Psychotherapy Using The Leadership Maturity Framework
Deborah Kennedy:
The Impact of Integral Development on Coaches’ Use of Self as Instrument
Bence Ganti + Dennis Wittrock:
The 1st Integral European Conference – Integrally Evolving the Conference Format for Impact and International Community Building
*Lakia Green:
Communicating with Impact: Convey Your Integral Vision to Any Audience

Presentations - Triads
Dustin Diperna + Zach Schlosser: The Awakened WE: The Phenomenology of Spiritual Awakening and a New Cartography of Wespace + Trusting Desire: A Trans-lineage ‘Living Spirituality’ that Actually Leads to Action
*Chris Dierkes + Eric Towle:
Searching for Centaur: Recovering the Lost Symbolism and Self-Identity of Integral Consciousness + Uprising of the Human Spirit

Panels - Traditional
Exploring the Edges of Embodiment within the We Space

Panels - Democracy 3D*
*The award for best model and metric of human development goes to: Fischer or Loevinger?
*Integral culture has to abandon its spirituality to have a mainstream impact.

It's time for Integralists to stop catering to corporate interests and start fighting for social justice.

*The central element of a Democracy 3D panel is a sharply framed motion, around which two teams on opposing sides Debate and Dialogue their way to a Denouement. The integrative impulse is suspended at the outset and teams have “permission to be partial.”

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