WCMA Membership

WCMA Membership

WCMA members benefit from the exchange of ideas and information, from enhanced educational opportunities and resources, and from the development of professional relationships with managers with similar interests, challenges, and responsibilities. WCMA enjoys a long standing and close working relationship with the Association of Washington Cities and several other local government professional associations with an exemplary track record of combined efforts to improve the knowledge, quality and efficiency of municipal management.

Become a Member
Step 1
Read the ICMA Code of Ethics and Ethical Inquiries for State Associations.

Step 2
Determine your membership type and dues (see Membership Types below).

Step 3
Click on the Join Now button.

Membership is yearly and runs from January through December.

Membership Types

Full Member - $315 (Salary $100K or Higher) OR $185 (Salary $100K or Less)
Full (voting) membership is for chief administrative officers (CAOs) whose scope of responsibility meets these six criteria: appointment, policy formulation, budget, appointing authority, organizational relationships, and qualifications; assistant/deputy chief administrative officers; and other senior-level staff in local government in the state of Washington who have significant administrative duties and report to a CAO whose position meets the six criteria for joining. Such person shall become a member by notifying the Secretary-Treasurer of his/her desire to participate in the Association and upon payment of the membership fee for the current year.

Associate Member - $50
Associate (non-voting) membership is for individuals who fill a position in a general purpose local government or council of governments, including entry to mid-level local government employees and professors. Associate members shall submit a statement co-signed with their current chief executive officer indicating a continued interest in pursuing a career in city/county management or an appointed administrative official reporting to a Mayor/City Council. Associate members shall hold no office or vote.

Cooperating Member - $185
Individuals who work for an employer who does business with and has close ties to one or more units of local government. Cooperating members shall hold no office or vote.

Student Member - $25
Any person who is registered as a student in a college or university public administration program or is currently working in a career in public management may petition the executive Board for membership. Student members shall hold no office or vote.

Retired Member - $25
Any person who was previously a full member and has qualified for benefits under a local government retirement plan shall be eligible for retired membership by providing written notice to the Secretary-Treasurer and payment of the membership fee for the current year. Retired members shall hold no office or vote. Retired members shall comply with the ICMA Code of Ethics.

Honorary Member - No Dues
Honorary members shall be chosen because of distinguished service to general purpose local government, or for special recognition because of having made a distinct contribution to the advancement of the art and science of public administration and are deserving of such recognition. They shall be proposed by at least five (5) active members and shall be elected only upon a unanimous recommendation of the Board of Directors and a majority of the members present at the annual meeting. Honorary members shall comply with the ICMA Code of Ethics.

Life Member - No Dues
Any former Full Member who has retired from active, full-time, permanent employment, shall be eligible for Life Membership. Eligibility is further dependent upon a minimum of 20 years employment as a Full Member, or its equivalent in this and/or other states, with a minimum of 10 years of such service in the state of Washington. Such designation is subject to action and approval of the Board of Directors, who may also take into consideration the offices of WCMA and ICMA held during active service. Life Members are eligible and encouraged to attend all membership activities, shall be retained on the mailing list for all membership communications. Lifetime members shall pay no dues, hold no office or vote. Life members shall comply with the ICMA Code of Ethics.

Members in Transition
Any full member of this association who has resigned or has been removed from their position with a municipality may retain their status as a Full Member up to twelve (12) months, provided they continue to pay dues.

Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • Please make check payable to WCMA and send to:

    2601 4th Ave, Suite 800
    Seattle, WA 98121