Mindful Compassionate Coaching with Liz Hall

Thursday, 15 December 2016
Mindful Compassionate Coaching with Liz Hall
Thursday, 15 December 2016 10:00 - 16:30 (GMT)

The British Psychological Society London Offices
30 Tabernacle Street
United Kingdom

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Workshop content:

Mindfulness and Compassion go hand in hand, complementing each other beautifully, and have much to offer coaches and their clients. There is a vast evidence base highlighting benefits of practising mindfulness, and a rapidly growing evidence base for the benefits of developing compassion. For coaches, benefits include enhancing presence, intuition, emotional intelligence and creativity, as well as boosting ability to focus, and resilience. For clients, benefits include improved emotional intelligence, cognitive functioning, resilience and ability to thrive within ambiguous and challenging times.

Workshop objectives:

In this masterclass/workshop, you will:

    ·     Explore key benefits of a mindful compassionate coaching approach for your clients, and yourself and your practice, including emotional intelligence and resilience

    ·     Explore how to identify when to draw on mindfulness and compassion

    ·     Explore potential obstacles to working explicitly with mindfulness and compassion - and how to overcome them if appropriate

    ·     Explore practices to help you be a better coach, including enhancing presence and deep listening

    ·     Learn mindfulness/compassion-focused practices for yourself and that you can share with your clients

    ·     Learn and try out the FELT model for mindful compassionate coaching, developed by Liz Hall

    ·     Explore what your own ‘mindful compassionate coaching’ practice looks like, and how to draw on mindfulness and compassion with clients

Workshop subject:

In this masterclass, we will explore some of the research highlighting the potential benefits of mindfulness and compassion in a coaching context. We will experience mindfulness and compassion-focused exercises that can easily be woven into coaching, and we will explore what mindful compassionate coaching looks like. There will be opportunities to practise co-coaching mindfully & compassionately, including using the FELT model developed by Liz.

Liz Hall is the editor and co-owner of Coaching at Work magazine. She received the Association for Coaching Award for Impact (Leadership/External Focus) 2010-11. She trained with i-coach academy to Senior Practitioner level (accredited by the EMCC) and others. She authored Mindful Coaching (Kogan Page, 2013), co-authored/edited Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation (Kogan Page, 2015) and has contributed chapters to Mastery In Coaching (AC & Kogan Page, 2014); Mindfulness in Organizations (Cambridge University Press, 2015) and Developing mental toughness in young people (Karnac, 2014). She runs mindfulness programmes for individuals and corporates, and is an award winning journalist with 29 years’ experience, writing for publications including The Guardian, the Financial Times, and People Management. Liz has been meditating on and off for more than 30 years and has studied with mindfulness teachers including Thich Nhat Hanh. She has completed TTR1 Mindfulness Teacher Training at the Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice at Bangor University. She is passionate about how mindfulness (interwoven with compassion) practice can be woven into everyday life, helping us be more joyful, resilient, creative and compassionate, and about how it can support transformative coaching.


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