2016 Place-Based Philanthropy Convening

Aspen, Colorado
Monday, September 19, 2016
The 2016 Place-Based Philanthropy Convening

Towards a More Resilient Place: Promising Practices in Place-Based Philanthropy
September 19-21, 2016 
Aspen Meadows Resort
Aspen, CO

The Aspen Forum for Community Solutions and Neighborhood Funders Group will gather national, regional and local funders to a convening on best practices in place-based projects. This conference will explore best practices that allow communities to remain at the center of place based projects. 

As place based efforts continue to expand, the relationship between philanthropy and community must evolve and change.  For community change efforts to be successful, the people who live there must be central to the design and implementation because place is about the people who live and ultimately thrive there. This gathering will provide the opportunity to learn about practices, policies and models for creating places that are just and responsive to the needs of those that live there.   

Participants will:
• Learn about successful practices and models from around the country
• Have the opportunity for peer learning 
• Assess what philanthropy needs to be doing differently to advance community well-being
• Explore strategies and skills for improving grantmaking practice.

The agenda will be posted when available. The meeting will start at approximately 4:00 pm on Monday, September 19, and end around 12:30 pm on Wednesday, September 21.

This meeting builds on previous convenings, Towards a Better Place:  A Conversation about Promising Practice in Place-Based Philanthropy in September 2014 and Is this a Better Place: The Art & Science of Place-Based Evaluation in October 2015. 

For more information contact Sheri Brady, Aspen Forum for Community Solutions at sheri.brady@aspeninst.org.   


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