SPEAR System: Instructor Certification - Manchester, UK

Monday, 13 March 2017
SPEAR System: Instructor Certification - Manchester, UK
Monday, 13 March 2017 - Thursday, 16 March 2017

Greater Manchester Police
The Hough End Centre
Mauldeth Road West
M21 7SX
United Kingdom

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SPEAR System: Strategies & Tactics for De-escalation

Instructor Certification Training

Course Description:

The SPEAR SYSTEM™ is the world’s first and only behaviorally-based close quarter defensive tactics & personal defense program.  It is based on science, psychology and human bio-mechanics. It uses hard-wired reflexes to enhance an officer's ability to detect, intercept, and defend a sudden close quarter ambush. This system is not a martial art nor does it replace other defensive training systems. The SPEAR System provides a bridge between the sudden onset of an attack and the DT skills an officer already possesses, so the design will enhance any already existing program.

This Trainer Development Program allows agency instructors to introduce a full SOP / ROE into their agency’s ‘Use of Force’ model covering development of pre-assault awareness, Startle/Flinch Conversion Theory, Counter Ambush Policy Development, Close Quarter Tactics and scenario / drill development. 

The new format for SPEAR 4.0 will enhance an officer’s ability to identify pre-contact cues, allowing for more incidents to be handled with less violence. This course will enable instructor graduates to increase the safety of the officers within their agency, regardless of the officers age, gender or size. 

The new SPEAR 4.0 course has an improved focus on both the officer's and the subject's safety, thus, reducing liability. The new design also enhances decision-making and recall which will help officers better articulate use of force decisions so both the officer and agency are safer.

Six Important Resources for Attendees, Graduates & Administrators.

  1. SPEAR System Reduces Injuries to the Head by 41%: Email ask@blauertactical.com from your government address and we will send you the study.

  2. Medical Reviews of S.P.E.A.R. System from USA, Canada & UK click here

  3. ‘Scientific Review of S.P.E.A.R.’ click here

  4. ‘The Physiology of Survival’ click here

  5. ‘Scope of Technique’ click here

  6. Testimonials from around the world click here

Course Schedule:

  • 8:30 to 17:00 PM each day with 1-hour lunch break
  • Arrive at 8:00 on Day 1 to check in
What to Bring: 

  • Printed copy of the registration receipt or Photo ID
  • Printed copy of the Training manual that was emailed to you
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Suitable clothes for training
  • Snack and fluids, or a meal if you do not plan on going off-site during lunch break
In Preparation:

  • Once you are registered you will receive all the study, materials, manual, links to articles and more.
  • Read as much as you can to get familiar with all the information, this will help your absorption rate at the course.
  • This will enhance your experience and better prepare you
Test Results and Certificates:

  • Attendees will be required to teach a practical drill from the Syllabus, which will be assessed.
  • Attendees will conduct either a written or oral assessment on the Theory from the Syllabus.
  • Certificates will be emailed to attendees in PDF Format within 1 week of completition of the Course

New Attendee:  $975 USD (870 Euro, 735 GBP) - Register by January 13th to receive the Early Bird rate of $900 USD (802 Euro, 678 GBP)
Re-certification: $600 USD (535 Euro, 452 GBP)  - This discount is for returning SPEAR Coaches and is only available for active SPEAR Coaches attending this course for re-certification.

Local Hotels:

Premier Inn West Didsbury
Derwent Ave
M21 7QS
Phone:   +44871 527 8722
(1.5 Miles from venue)

Premier Inn Deansgate Locks
Medlock Street
M15 5FJ
Phone:   +44871 527 8740
(2.9 Miles from venue)

Best Western Hallmark Hotel Manchester Willow Ban
340 Wilmslow Rd
M14 6AF
Phone: +44844 387 6216
(1.9 miles from venue)

Local Airport:

Airport: Manchester International Airport

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Payment Instructions


    You must email our office ask@blauertactical.com to receive the code required to register. Please send an email from official government address or provide physical proof (scanned or digital photos) of government ID. Once verified you will be sent an invitation code to register. These security measures are in place solely to protect you, your fellow police officers, soldiers and first responders.

    Checks accepted in USD only


    Blauer Tactical Systems Inc. 
    270 F N El Camino Real #477
    Encinitas, Ca 92024

    Please indicate who and what the payment is for and mail your deposit check right away. If sending a deposit please remember your final balance is due paid in full two weeks prior to the course. (unless arrangements have been made in advance and in writing with BTS, INC.)

    For payment through Purchase Orders or checks, please send an email with your PO documentation and we will help get your participant registered ask@blauertactical.com

    To secure your place on the course you must make a minimum deposit of $250. You can continue to make payments as long as the balance is paid 1-week prior to start date of course. 


    Toll Free in US & Canada: 877.773.2748
    Email: ask@blauertactical.com

    Courses are limited in size. When you register for a course we are holding that space for you.  If you need to postpone due to illness, injury or another legitimate reason, we will hold your credit indefinitely until you can re-book on another course from Blauer Tactical Systems (BTS).
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