One Church One Mission

RIchmond, Virginia
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
One Church One Mission
Wednesday, December 14, 2016 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Catholic Diocese of Richmond Pastoral Center
7800 Carousel Lane
RIchmond, Virginia 23294

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**Please read the information and instructions carefully before proceeding with Registration**

 What is One Church One Mission?

One Church One Mission is a new initiative offered by the Diocesan Office for Black Catholics and the Office of Social Ministries that challenges Parish Leadership to increase their effectiveness working across the diverse cultural communities that our Parishes serve. Studies show that these days it is not the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) that enables one to succeed in our globalized communities, nor is it the lesser known EQ (Emotional Quotient), rather, it is one’s Cultural Intelligence. In the words of Pope Francis, “if we are genuinely attentive in listening to others, we will learn to look at the world with different eyes and come to appreciate the richness of human experience as manifested in different cultures and traditions.” (Message of Pope Francis for the 48th world communications day).  This initiative will help us fulfill our Church’s mission by teaching us how to best communicate our message with others and to evangelize by reaching out and sharing Charity and Faith.

How will One Church One Mission Work?

In order to help us meet this objective, we have developed a resource book which Parishes can use to increase their cultural competence. This book will have 12 easy to follow chapters (one for each month) and will contain great information that can help you understand people from various backgrounds and cultures. It will be released at the One Church One Mission conference on October 8th. In addition, we have also invited the Cultural Intelligence Center (CQC) which helps organizations including faith-based organizations to develop their cultural competency. We invite priests or 2 people in leadership positions at your Parish to attend our One Church One Mission Conference on December 14th from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Catholic Diocese of Richmond Pastoral Center, Richmond. We encourage participants to be introduced to the concepts of Cultural Intelligence by taking the CQ or Cultural Intelligence assessment Online. This assessment will introduce you to cultural intelligence research and help you to know where you place in cultural understanding. This can be likened to a personality test. We encourage every Parish to choose two people to complete these two assessments. During your registration process you will have two options: 

1) Take the assessment only.  
2) Take the assessment and register for the conference.

You must complete the registration form for either options by choosing the register now button on the right. Please make sure that you use your most used email address. After completing your registration, you will be emailed a link with the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) assessment test within a few days. Please complete it.

One Church One Mission Conference:

This is the kickoff event for the year long program. During the event, Dr. Sandra Upton of the Cultural Intelligence Center (CQC) will facilitate a highly interactive two-part training session with parish leaders. This session will introduce the Cultural Intelligence research and model, describe its relevance to the Dioceses’ efforts to equip leaders and staff to work more effectively with its growing team of international priests, parishioners and communities who come from different cultures.

Here is a brief time line of what you can expect before and after the Event:

Before the event:

Step One: Click to register for the event and choose one of the two options. You will receive a link that will take you to the Assessment. Follow link and take the assessment.
Step Two: Receive assessment results (the results will be expounded upon by Dr. Sandra Upton during the event).

During the One Church One Mission event:

Step Three: Continued Education- with Dr. Sandra Upton who will offer a highly interactive training session with the parish leaders.
Step Four: Receive the One Church One Mission Resource Book detailing the curriculum.

Following the Event:

Step Five: Plan to begin Parish engagement of Cultural Intelligence using the One Church One Mission Resource Book. This resource is designed to be used throughout the year.
Step Six: Continue your education by attending the regional workshops in the beginning of 2017 and encouraging others to attend. The dates will be released soon.

Event Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sandra Upton
 Dr. Sandra Upton is the vice president of educational initiatives with the cultural intelligence center (CQC). Dr. Upton has over 20 years of experience training, consulting and effectively integrating CQ assessments into the educational and nonprofit settings. She understands how to effectively integrate CQ assessments and training into educational and nonprofit settings. She loves to travel and has facilitated numerous CQ trainings and global experiences throughout Brazil, China, Israel, Singapore, South Africa and several countries throughout Europe. 

 **Click on the Register Now Button to register for one of the two options**

 Our Lord calls us to love one another as He loved us. There is a source of Incarnational Evangelization that needs to happen when approaching someone about their faith. One Church One Mission is designed to equip church leaders and staff to work more effectively with its growing team of international priests and brothers and sisters who have begun to attend Mass. We must step out of our comfort zones and “Cast out into the depths!” Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing your Parish team on December 14th!


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