Tony Blauer's BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD Workshop - Ocean Grove, Australia - July 30, 2016

Ocean Grove, Victoria
Saturday, July 30, 2016
Tony Blauer's BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD Workshop - Ocean Grove, Australia - July 30, 2016
Saturday, July 30, 2016 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney Time)

Warrior Academy
7-9 Marine Parade
Ocean Grove, Victoria 3226

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SAFER IN A DAY! The Be Your Own BodyGuard seminar 

The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is the single greatest skill you could possess. What if learning how to be your own bodyguard was much easier than you thought? This intensive 1-day course will give you the foundational knowledge to improve your situational awareness, verbal skills and equip you with simple & practical self defense skills. 

The 'No-nonsense Self-defense' program is called: Be Your Own Bodyguard and was researched, developed by Coach Tony Blauer, a pioneer of modern self-defense. He has created a system based on physiology and natural biomechanics called SPEAR, it's based on the startle-flinch response, which is part of the human survival reflex. This is an 80,000 year old DNA hard-wired into our survival system - to say it's stood the test is understatement. What this really means is you already have the key to the system hardwired in you. 

During the course, our certified trainers, will reconnect you with this primal skill. Our approach to self defense will reawaken your situational awareness and teach you a patented approach to identifying and managing fear. The program also includes an effective verbal de-escalation system and the simplest approach to personal defense using natural bio-mechanics. You'll be 'Safer in a Day'.

Participants will be exposed to the following principles and drills:


    * The 3 D's: Detect, Defuse, Defend
    * The Non-Violent Posture
    * What is behaviorally- based Self-defense?
    * What the Bad-guy wants
    * What the Bad-guy doesn't want

    * Biological vs Psychological Responses 
    * The ABCs of Self-defense
    * The Cycle of Behavior: How to manage fear


    * Personal weapons (palm strike, forearm, elbow, knee)
    * The SPEAR Tactic
    * Tips on how to evaluate your routine 

For more information on Tony Blauer and the SPEAR System visit these links: 

Coach Blauer's key videos & demos - click here
    * MEN'S FITNESS feature on the SPEAR System - click here
    * Read the Economics of Violence Article - click here 


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