Tony Blauer's: Be Your Own Bodyguard & Weapons Protection Workshop - Austin, TX

Austin, Texas
Saturday, February 25, 2017
Tony Blauer's: Be Your Own Bodyguard & Weapons Protection Workshop - Austin, TX
Saturday, February 25, 2017 - Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Range at Austin
8301 S Interstate 35 Frontage Rd
Austin, Texas 78745
United States

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SAFER IN A DAY! The Be Your Own BodyGuard seminar 

The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is the single greatest skill you could possess. What if learning how to be your own bodyguard was much easier than you thought? This intensive course will give you the foundational knowledge to improve your situational awareness, verbal skills and equip you with simple & practical self defense skills. 

The 'No-nonsense Self-defense' program is called: Be Your Own Bodyguard and was researched, developed by Coach Tony Blauer, a pioneer of modern self-defense. He has created a system based on physiology and natural biomechanics called SPEAR, it's based on the startle-flinch response, which is part of the human survival reflex. This is an 80,000 year old DNA hard-wired into our survival system - to say it's stood the test is understatement. What this really means is you already have the key to the system hardwired in you. 


Join Tony Blauer, the founder of the System & developer for this private seminar & workshop.  You'll learn the research and science behind the words first behaviorally based self-defense & combatives program. Attendees will also learn the essential drills to continue their practice of the program.

This is a private session for private security, law-abiding citizens, self-defense instructors, personal safety coaches, law enforcement.

Attendees will:
  • Improve Tactical Awareness
  • Learn to better read pre-contact cues
  • Decrease reaction-time
  • Learn to convert the startle-flinch response into a tactical response
  • Learn to intercept close quarter attacks
  • Learn the SPEAR System's Clear Control Counter method.
  • Course will be taught personally by Tony Blauer. Read bio
  • Learn more about the SPEAR System
  1. Read about the SPEAR System in Men's Fitness HERE
  2. The Economics of Violence (article) HERE


Schedule: 9am - 4pm

  • Improving Situational awareness
  • Understading Fear Management
  • The Victim vs Victor Mind-Set
  • The Theory of Adaptive Courage
  • SPEAR System
  • Human Weapon Theory
  • Essential Self-defense Skills

Schedule: 9am - 4pm

  • Review of the essentials
  • Close quarter drills & skills
  • Weapon Protection Principles
  • The Three C's: Clear, Control & Counter
  • Disarms & Counters
  • Close Encounter Scenarios 

WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothing. Note-taking material.  Water & snacks. Training Weapons (knife & gun) 


The SPEAR System is a modern close quarter combatives & personal defense program based on science, psychology and human bio- mechanics. It is not a martial art nor does it replace other martial systems. We have standardized and simplified close quarter combatives choices and improved potential effectiveness by basing the close quarter skills on hardwired reflexes and reactions to violence.

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Payment Instructions

  • There are limited spots for this course. If the course has filled, email if you'd like to be added to the waiting list.

    Tuition cost - 

    To secure your place on the course you must place a deposit. You can continue to make payments as long as the balance is paid 1-week prior to start date of course (unless arrangements have been made in advance and in writing with BTS, Inc.).


    Toll Free in US & Canada: 877.773.2748

    Courses are limited in size. When you register for a course we are holding that space for you.  If you need to postpone due to illness, injury or another legitimate reason, we will hold your credit indefinitely until you can re-book on another course from Blauer Tactical Systems (BTS).
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