2017 Annual Meeting: "ALL IN" for Conservation

Columbus, Ohio
Sunday, February 26, 2017
2017 Annual Meeting: "ALL IN" for Conservation
Sunday, February 26, 2017 4:00 PM -
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

The Renassiance Columbus Downtown Hotel
50 North 3rd Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
United States

Map and Directions

**Draft Agenda and Workshops:  Subject to change based on availability of speakers, etc.



Sunday, February 26, 2017

Director’s Board Meeting, 4pm-6pm

Monday, February 27, 2017

8am-12pm:  Registration, Pre-Function East
9:00am:  Welcome Coffee, Pre-Function Area
9am-5pm:  Envirothon Silent Auction, Pre-Function South
9:30am-10:55:  Opening Session, Hayes CDE

    *Master of Ceremonies, Kris Swartz, President
    *Welcome, Director David Daniels, ODA
    *National Anthem, TBD
    *Special Guest Speaker, Randy Frazier, Leadership Takes Courage

11am-12pm:  Conservation Training Workshops, Session I

Noon Luncheon, Featuring Special Guest Speaker, Jim Richardson, National Geographic, Hayes CDE

1:15pm-2:15pm:  Auxiliary Meeting
1:15-2:15pm:  Conservation Training Workshops, Session II
2:15pm-2:30pm:  Break, Meet with Vendors
2:35pm–3:35pm:  Conservation Training Workshops, Session III
3:00pm-4:00pm:  Snack Break (grab and go to sessions!)
3:45pm-4:45pm:   Conservation Roundtables
5:00-6:00pm:  “Get to know your staff and supervisors” Cocktail Hour

OASWCDE is hosting a social at Pins Mechanical, 7pm ( Foosball, Pinball, Duckpin, Ping-Pong) www.pinsbar.com
Close to the hotel and this will provide food, games and drinks.  No charge to enter and no registration fee.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

6:45am-12:15pm:  Registration, Pre-Function East
7:15am-8:30am: New Supervisor and Board Chair Breakfast, *please RSVP to OFSWCD via email to Alison
8am-9am:  Coffee Hour
8am-11:30am:  Envirothon Silent Auction, Pre-Function South
8:45am-12pm:  New Supervisors Training, Hayes A
9am-10:30am:  General Session, Hayes CDE

   *Agency Updates:  OEPA, ODA and NRCS
   *Legislative / Budget Discussion

10:45am-11:45am: OFSWCD Delegate Session
10:45am-11:45am:  Conservation Workshops, Session IV


1:45pm-2:45pm:  OSWCC Meeting
1:45pm-2:45pm:  Conservation Workshops V
3:00pm-4:00pm:  Conservation Workshops VI

5:00pm-7:00pm:  LEGISLATIVE RECEPTION, Statehouse Rotunda, *Please purchase Tickets to participate


Workshop Agenda:  Subject to Change


Monday Sessions:

Conservation Training Workshops, Session 1:   11am-12pm

1.       Overview of SWCD Audits:  Learn more about the audit findings from 2016 that may help SWCDs prepare and manage their fiscal matters to AOS standards.  Review Best Practices that SWCDs can use for better accountability.  Speaker:  Tiffany Ridenbaugh, Assistant Chief Auditor, Office of Auditor of State

2.       AutoCAD:  During this session, the Autocad workgroup will discuss outreach efforts, and the technician survey, demonstrate a CAD template on a waterway, discuss technical issues and needs, and more!  Speakers: Nikki Drake, Fairfield SWCD, Aaron Mosely, Pickaway SWCD & Justin Reinhart, ODA DSWC 

3.       Responsible Nutrient Management: Hear more from Joe about the recent changes in soil chemistry, and setting your soils up for efficient nutrient recovery while minimizing risk of off-site movement. Speaker: Joe Nester, Nester Ag, LLC.  www.nesterag.com

4.       Lake Erie Dredging:  Learn about dredging for large ships on Lake Erie and future changes to managing materials dredged.  Speaker:  Shannon Nabors, OEPA

5.       Virtual Sandbox:  Hear about Harrison SWCDs experience in funding, building and teaching their own Augmented Reality Sandbox. Learn how they’ve used technology to engage a wide range of age groups about soil erosion, watersheds and other conservation topics.  See the sandbox in action and get time to experiment with it to see types of lessons it can be utilized to teach.  Speaker:  Josh Britton, Harrison SWCD

6.       Nuisance Wildlife in Ohio:  Whether its coyotes, black vultures or raccoons – wildlife across the state can cause headaches for both landowners and producers.  This session will review the biology, management and laws governing nuisance animals.  Speakers:  Tommy Butler, Wildlife Biologist, USDA APHIS and Ron Ollis, Law Program Administrator, ODNR-Division of Wildlife


Conservation Training Workshops, Session II: 1:15-2:15pm

1.       OASWCDE Meeting:  Learn more about the Employee’s Association, including what it takes to be a member.  During this meeting, you can vote for Directors in Area 1,3 & 5!  Speaker:  President Mike Libben, Ottawa SWCD

2.       Intergrating GIS into SWCD Work: Can GIS be a tool for SWCDs? Hear & see ways that districts small to large, ag to urban are integrating GIS into their work from organizing engineering projects to developing grazing plans to stormwater mapping, along with a gallery of other projects from around the state. We’ll also discuss GIS resources available so that YOU too can get up and running as a GIS user and start your project TODAY!  Speakers: Janell Weiss & Justin Reinhart, ODA-DSWC; Richard Purdin, Adams SWCD; Nikki Drake, Fairfield SWCD & Aaron Herbert, Franklin SWCD

3.       Annual Plan for Success:  Would you finance a home, buy a new combine or go on an extended vacation without doing some good planning?  NOT!  Then why would you expend tax dollars, undertake a new employee liability or attempt to deliver programs and goods without good planning.  Join us to hear how some time invested and your Annual Plan of Work can result in opportunities, financial support and growth.  Speaker(s):  ODA-DSWC Staff:

4.       SB 150 & Voluntary Nutrient Management Plans:  Learn about the responsibilities of SWCD Board of Supervisors in reviewing NMPs and what the obligations are under SB 150.  Speaker:  Kip Studer, ODA-DSWC

5.       CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease): An update on Ohio’s surveillance and disease status and the latest national news.  Speaker: Mike Tonkovich, Deer Program Administrator and Scott Peters, D3 Wildlife Management Supervisor – ODNR, Division of Wildlife

6.       GRANTS!  The OEPA’s Office of Environmental Education (OEE) administers the Ohio Environmental Education Fund (OEEF), which offers mini and general grants ranging from $500 to $50,000. Audiences for these grants come from Kindergarten through University, General Public and the Regulated Community. This workshop will provide you with grant writing suggestions and ideas of past funded grants to SWCD’s and the agriculture community for both youth and adult environmental education programs, grant deadlines and more!  Don’t miss the opportunities! Speaker: Dennis Clement, Ohio EPA


Conservation Training Workshops, Session III: 2:35pm-3:35pm

1.       SWIMS Replacement Program:  After a long process, a replacement for the SWIMS program has been selected!  Come and hear an overview of the new program and learn about its capabilities.  Speaker:  Martin Joyce, ODA-DSWC

2.       9-Element Watershed Plans:  Participants will be introduced to a streamlined watershed planning process that readies an organization and its partners for accelerated nonpoint source practice implementation.  ODA and OEPA have collaborated to develop this new framework, which incorporates USEPA “9-Elements” required by many programs.  Learn how this differs from watershed action planning and receive an overview of the guidance, template and example.  Speakers: Greg Nageotte, ODA and Rick Wilson, OEPA

3.       4R’s Going Statewide:  Participants will learn more about the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program going statewide!  Learn how you can promote and be a part of the growing number of folks engaged in 4R practices.  Speaker:  Mark Fritz, Ohio Agribusiness Association

4.       Ditch Maintenance:  Several districts will be represented during this panel discussion on technology, computer programs and equipment being used for ditch maintenance.  Speakers:  Huron, Delaware, Ottawa and Defiance SWCDs

5.       The Internet and Social Marketing:  If behavior change is what you want, the internet may be your newest ally.  Learn how to use analytics and algorithms to your advantage when using the internet and social media.  Speaker:  John Nelson, Hamilton SWCD

6.       Election BMP’s:  Strategic board succession and conscientious board member recruitment are not only important characteristics of good board governance by your role in this process of board member elections is a responsibility outlined in Ohio Soil and Water Conservation law.  This session will review your roles and responsibilities and provide you with guidance for effective and efficient SWCD Board member elections.  Speaker:  ODA-DSWC Staff


Conservation Training Roundtables -3:45pm-4:45pm

1.       Administrative Assistant

2.       District Administrators, Program Specialists & Supervisors

3.       Ditch Maintenance

4.       Education Specialists

5.       Wildlife & Forestry Specialists

6.       Ag, Urban & GIS Technicians 

7.       Watershed Coordinators



Conservation Training Workshops, Session IV: 10:45am-11:45am

1.       Ag Learn / Client Gateway / USDA Conservation Program Updates, Come learn about the Conservation Planning process as it relates to you and your District employee.    NRCS staff will walk you through our broad training plan, the AgLearn system used to access comprehensive natural resource courses and how today’s newest technology allows for convenient client/agency interaction.  You can also visit the NRCS booth to sign up for Client Gateway because we want you to be All in for Conservation, too.  Speaker:  Mark Smith and NRCS Staff

2.       AADP Orientation: Learn more about the program, the course outline, time-commitment require, learning objectives, costs and more!  It’s a great opportunity to have questions answered and learn when the next class is starting!  Speakers:  Clark Hutson, ODA-DSWC and AADP Trained SWCD staff! 

3.       Soil Health and Cover Crops: DESCRIPTION COMING! Speaker, Eric Niemeyer, Buckeye Soils Solutions

4.       Community Conservation:  Rural or urban, SWCDs have similar initiatives and projects that they are implementing.  Find out how the newly created “Ohio Urban Networking Committee” is working to strengthen all Ohio SWCDs through mentoring, increased coordination, sharing tools and information, creating partnerships and working to make ORC language more comprehensive.  Speakers:  Chris Wible and Josh Garver, Franklin SWCD; Kate Sowards, Scioto SWCD; and Brian Prunty, Summit SWCD

5.       Timber Harvesting:  In 2016 The Division of Forestry gained regulatory authority over timber harvest complaints. Come learn about changes in the program, SWCD involvement, and  various education and outreach events planned for 2017.  The new MOU between the Division of Forestry and SWCDs will be introduced and a newly updated version of the Timber Harvest Plan Form will also be covered.

Speaker:  Bob Mulligan and Cotton Randall, ODNR Division of Forestry


Conservation Training Workshops, Session V: 1:45pm-2:45pm

1.       Tom Spellmire Leadership Academy:  Network-Facilitative Leadership: Forget the Generational Differences. Here’s a Way to Have Impact:  There’s a lot of talk about “generational divides” in today’s workplace. But maybe that’s the wrong focus. Maybe there’s a common language that promotes communication, teamwork, and innovation across age and other perceived boundaries. And maybe it has more to do with your leadership style than anything else. Facilitative leadership uses the collective ability of an organization to adapt, solve problems, and improve performance. The leader's role is to network employees at all levels to achieve success. This workshop will introduce the basics of using a network-approach to facilitative leadership with steps you can deploy immediately.  Speaker: Brian Raison, OSU

2.       Pollinators Next Step: Last fall over 2,500 gallons of milkweed pods were collected across Ohio in an effort to help protect the monarch butterfly. Come and learn about various initiatives, projects, and programs that are underway to help promote pollinators in Ohio. Speaker:  Marci Lininger, USFWS

3.       Drones in Agriculture:  New technology waits in the wings for agriculture.  Let’s explore how drones can be used to help towards ag and conservation use.  Speaker:  John Barker

4.       Big Data:  DESCRIPTION COMING!  Speaker:  Keith Manion, Ag Solver Regional Sales & Consulting Lead

5.       New and Inspiring Programs:  Find out what other SWCDs are doing to reach their target audiences, whether the general public or construction site operators.  Speakers:  Elizabeth Hiser, Cuyahoga SWCD; Nicole Hafer, Muskingum SWCD; and, Matt Heckler, Mercer SWCD

6.       Stormwater 101: Many SWCDs are assisting their county, municipalities and villages with stormwater issues, especially those requirements related to current Ohio EPA permits.  Learn how SWCDs are using their technical expertise to see that conservation and stormwater practices are better planned and applied on the ground and how they are funding these initiatives.  Speaker:  Kathi Vrable-Bryan and Sean McGuire, Mahoning SWCD; and Warren SWCD staff


Conservation Training Workshops, Session VI: 3pm-4pm

1.       Tom Spellmire Leadership Academy:  Network-Facilitative Leadership: Forget the Generational Differences. Here’s a Way to Have Impact:  There’s a lot of talk about “generational divides” in today’s workplace. But maybe that’s the wrong focus. Maybe there’s a common language that promotes communication, teamwork, and innovation across age and other perceived boundaries. And maybe it has more to do with your leadership style than anything else. Facilitative leadership uses the collective ability of an organization to adapt, solve problems, and improve performance. The leader's role is to network employees at all levels to achieve success. This workshop will introduce the basics of using a network-approach to facilitative leadership with steps you can deploy immediately.  Speaker: Brian Raison, OSU

2.       ImaginiT, DESCRIPTION COMING! Speaker:  Tom Finkle

3.       Agricultural Pollution Abatement Rules: One of the primary responsibilities of DSWC and SWCDs is implementation of the Agricultural Pollution Abatement Program. Learn more about the pollution abatement program and how new rules that include civil penalties will be used in the future for pollution complaints. Speaker:  Matt Lane, ODA-DSWC

4.       Soil Health Tests:  DESCRIPTION COMING!

5.       Stream Laws and Maintenance:  There are legislative and technical considerations when working in streams.  Learn how to maintain streams to benefit aquatic health and potential ideas for providing technical assistance through your SWCD.  Speakers: Shawn Blohm, Army Corps of Engineers and Jared Bartley, Rocky River Watershed Coordinator

6.       Outreach at the County Fair:  Learn from a Fair Manager and a friend of conservation on what managers are looking for at from Districts, how to communicate with adults and children in a fair setting and how to get the most out of your presence at a county fair.  Speaker:  Sandy Kuhn, Delaware County Fair General Manager


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