APPLICATION: Retreat and Training for Community Leaders

Reisterstown, Maryland
Sunday, July 23, 2017
APPLICATION: Retreat and Training for Community Leaders
Sunday, July 23, 2017 - Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center
(410) 429-4400
5425 Mt. Gilead Road
Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
United States

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Thank you for your interest in this program. Application and registration are now closed. 


Tikkun Middot and Wise Aging:  Building our Practice, Bringing it Home
A Retreat/Training with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center
July 23-27, 2017

This summer the Institute for Jewish Spirituality will offer a unique retreat/training program for professional and lay leadership teams from Jewish communities, who will be immersed in contemplative practice and will receive practical training in implementing either of two Institute-based approaches to integrating contemplative practice into communal life: the Tikkun Middot Program or Wise Aging.

Ideally, multiple leaders from a community will register as a team for one of the two tracks in this retreat/training, although a single representative may attend. Participants will be expected to implement either the Tikkun Middot Project or the Wise Aging program back in their communities.


Participation in the Tikkun Middot Project is limited to Hevraya members and alumni of other Institute programs (Kivvun, JMMTT, Wise Aging, etc.) attending with one or more professional or lay partners from their congregation/community.

The Tikkun Middot Project track will train participants to facilitate Tikkun Middot groups in their communities and begin the process of developing systemic strategies to infuse their communities with mindfulness and middot practice. We envision that participants in the retreat/training will be prepared to facilitate the Tikkun Middot Project over three years:

Year One (2017-18): continue personal mindfulness and middot practice, working in monthly, facilitated distance/virtual Va'adot with weekly chevruta check-ins.

Year Two (2018-19): facilitate one or more such Va'adot for congregants and/or staff in the institution.

Year Three (2019-20): begin implementing this strategy in the institution.

The Institute for Jewish Spirituality will offer optional post-retreat support for participants, including:
  • Va'adot
  • Monthly webinars
  • Faculty support and mentoring

The Wise Aging track is open to Hevraya members, alumni of other Institute programs (Kivvun, JMMTT, Wise Aging, etc.), and those who have not been trained by the Institute before. Participants will ideally attend with one or more professional or lay partners from their congregation/community, but individuals can also apply. The program will train participants to be facilitators in Wise Aging groups in their communities. The facilitator training will focus on issues of aging, understanding the methodology and pedagogy that underlie the leading of Wise Aging peer groups, as well as the significance of the core components of the Wise Aging curriculum: study of Jewish texts and other sources of spiritual wisdom, active listening, contemplative practice and journaling.

By the end of the training, participants will understand and articulate why this work is important for their organization, themselves, and their own group participants. They will understand theoretically and experientially the core components of the Wise Aging curriculum, the content of the foundational text, Wise Aging: Living with Joy, Resilience and Spirit, and the Facilitators Guide, and how to translate these resources into a usable framework for a series of group sessions.

It is strongly recommended that individuals desiring to participate in the facilitator training have:
  • Experience with group facilitation
  • Familiarity with mindfulness practice
  • Comfort working with Jewish texts. 
  • Intention to lead one or more groups in their synagogue or other Jewish community institution in the coming year.

In order to attend this retreat, participants must APPLY first, following the guidelines below:

  • If you are interested in the Tikkun Middot Project track, your team representative must apply on behalf of the team.
  • If you are interested in the Wise Aging track, each individual must apply.
The application is free and rolling, and you will be notified within a week if you are cleared to register. 

To apply, click "REGISTER NOW" at the top right of this page.

Retreat Faculty:
Marc Margolius     Jonathan Slater      Lorel Zar-Kessler        Myriam Klotz

 David Jaffe              Rachel Cowan           Linda Thal            Karen Frank

Retreat Pricing:
Our retreat fees are structured are structured by breaking it down into two areas: Room and Board costs, and Tuition. Tuition to attend this retreat is $650. You may select the room type of your choice (some have limited spaces available), at the prices below:

Single Room: $1100
Double Room: $775
Commuter: $375

Please note that the tuition cost for this retreat is subsidized by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. The true per-person tuition cost for this retreat is $1049.16.

Location and Times:
 Our program will take place from late afternoon Sunday, July 23 through noon on Thursday, July 27, at the beautiful Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center in Reisterstown, MD.

For more information about this retreat/training please contact Rabbi Marc Margolius:, 610-724-1901.


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