Urban Channel Design and Stream Rehabilitation

Denver, Colorado
Thursday, April 27, 2017

Urban Channel Design and Stream Rehabilitation
Thursday, April 27, 2017 8:30 AM -
Friday, April 28, 2017 5:00 PM (Mountain Time)

Leonard Rice Engineering Training Facility
(303) 455-9589
1221 Auraria Parkway
Denver, Colorado 80204
United States

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General registration fee for this two-day class is $750.00.  
        Early registration fee of $675.00 is available unit June 31, 2017
Discounted CASFM-RMAPWA member fee is $675.00
        Early registration fee of $625.00 is available unit June 1, 2017
        These rates are available to CASFM & RM-APWA members only.
This low general registration fee and the discounted CASFM-RMAPWA fee is 
available because of sponsorship by the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District.

CEU’s: You will be eligible to receive 1.5 CEU’s or 15 PDH’s for this course. 
               You will receive 12 ASFPM Core CEC’s toward CFM certification. 

What You Will Learn:    
This is a two-day workshop that will focus on the design of urban flood channels and flow analyses. The course covers overview of basic principles, and design procedures as to how to lay out the channel alignment and then how to design each reach to satisfy the criteria and constraints. The latest versions of UD-CHANNEL spreadsheet software will be distributed and used as design tool for hands-on practices. The subjects that will be covered in this course are:

1) stream morphology and sediment transport,
2) channel alignment and vertical profile 
    ( riffles + pools+ meandering patterns) 
3) flow principles of energy+ momentum+ continuity,  
4) hydraulic drops and jumps,
5) Design of jump pools with multiple flows
6) channel design criteria – permissible shear stress, 
     velocity, and Froude number, 
7) grade control design using drops and check dams, 
8) grass-lined channel design using the SCS procedure, 
9) riprap channel design using the HEC15 procedure 
     vs. UDFCD procedure, 
10) composite channel design using the 
       conveyance-weighting method,  
11) high-gradient super-critical channel design  
       accounting for roll waves and pulsating flows, 
12) cross wave analysis in steep curved channel, and 
13) channel performance and rehabilitation in 
       urban streams.
Workshops will include hydraulic jump analysis, floodplain flow analysis, drop structure design, transition section design, and more. Graphic field examples will be presented with dramatic photos of sub-critical and super-critical flood flows in operation when properly designed and when the design does not fit the hydraulic conditions that actually occur.  Much of the above will be done in a hands-on problem solving workshop format. 

Prof. James, C.Y. Guo, P.E., PhD, is a professor at University of Colorado Denver. In addition to teaching engineering hydrology and hydraulics since 1982, he is active in applied research and is a practicing engineer. Dr. Guo’s research work has been referenced in number of Federal, State, and City and County drainage manuals in United States and in several refereed journals as well. He brings to the class the latest concepts and methods for urban flood channel designs and modeling techniques to understand flood wave movement through channels.

Ben Urbonas, P.E., D.WRE
, is the president of the Urban Watersheds Research Institute. Before retirement from the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District in Denver, Colorado (District), he managed the Master Planning Program there for over 30 years and started the Maintenance Program and started and managed for a number of years the South Platte River Program. He has worked at rehabilitating the River and many of its tributaries using common sense approaches that not only stabilize the waterways but also provide improved aquatic and terrestrial habitats. 

Colorado is a great place to visit!

Colorado is a great place to visit in April. Couple of ski areas are usually open at this time and there are many other outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, photography, sight seeing, etc. Also, the City of Denver and its metropolitan area has many cultural and entertainment attractions and great restaurants.  So, if you come and attend this class, you may want to extend your stay and take advantage of this most attractive area of the United States.

The size of the classroom will be limited to approximately 24 students.  To assure a space for yourself we suggest registering early by clicking on the "Register Now" button above.

For more information, call us at 303-728-4449 and ask for Ben, or e-mail him at info@uwtrshd.com


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