S17 EDUC 58067 Early Childhood: Observation & Assessment 2

S17 EDUC 58067 Early Childhood: Observation & Assessment 2

Distance Education
3 Credits / Graded A-F
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This course is designed to help educators, para-professionals and child caregivers observe and assess various aspects of children’s development and programs.  Participants will learn the components necessary for strong observation skills, such as self-awareness, objectivity, confidentiality and ethical guidelines.

The course will then discuss various types of observation and recording tools, as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with each.  Students will learn how to set goals, plan, and choose the best instrument for specific situations.  Included will be tools for assessing environments, developmental milestones and programming.  The why, when, where, what and how of conducting appropriate observations and authentic assessments will be covered.

Participants will gain techniques for organizing, analyzing and interpreting observation data.  This course will teach how to apply assessment information to improve program quality and to best meet the needs of individual children.

Students will discuss proper methods for displaying observations and sharing assessments.  Included will be portfolio development and other documentation methods that make children’s experiences visible.  The course will then show ways to communicate observation and assessment information to parents and other appropriate adults. Finally, students will apply course concepts by creating an observation and assessment plan for their own classroom environment.

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