Coaching leaders to work (lead) effectively across boundaries - Dr Anthony Kasozi

Wednesday, 01 November 2017
Coaching leaders to work (lead) effectively across boundaries - Dr Anthony Kasozi
Wednesday, 01 November 2017 10:00 - 17:00 (GMT)

The British Psychological Society London Offices
30 Tabernacle Street
United Kingdom

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Masterclass outline:

In this one-day masterclass you will examine how as a coach (or coaching leader) you can better understand, support and guide those whose roles, circumstances or choices require them to work with the unfamiliar, lead in the unknown or engage with the culturally, personally and/or socially challenging.

The masterclass draws on the experiences and insights of people whose “normal” way of being has taken them across and beyond boundaries; taught them how to enable and envision themselves and others despite being in the unfamiliar; to live well-enough with the unexpected and, in it all, even achieve the extraordinary.

Masterclass aims and objectives:

As a coach (coaching leader) this masterclass will help you better to:

  • connect with, support and coach clients who are working in the different and the unfamiliar;
  • facilitate your client’s development of curiosity, awareness and sensitivity for difference, cross boundary engagement and inclusion;
  • encourage the reluctant, cautious or doubting to engage, work well with and envision the possibilities and value offered by different futures;
  • help the dedicated, enthusiastic or unquestioning to navigate the unfamiliar with growing insight, wisdom and judgement.

Masterclass content:

In a world where more of our work involves engaging with people from other cultures, organisations professions, and countries – being able to work and lead effectively with difference is a need we all have. For leaders and coaches, it is a role essential. This masterclass will cover how coaches (coaching leaders) can support their clients to:

  • lead the different;
  • work differently and effectively outside familiar professional, life, and cultural experience and practice;
  • adopt a questing/exploring mentality towards unfamiliar situations and experiences;
  • use core questions, insightful guides, heightened intuition and astute practices to ground and guide themselves;
  • correct relate and engage better to engender mutual appreciation and inclusion.

Participants will have opportunity if they choose to bring one of their own experiences as an action inquiry cases to use to help them to reflect and examine the usefulness of the ideas and approaches offered.


Dr Anthony Kasozi was born in East Africa, educated in Africa and Europe and has coached, consulted and worked with managers and leaders from and in Africa, America, Europe and Asia. 

Educated in international relations, language, economics and finance, he is an experienced executive coach, and an organization development and management consultant.  Anthony has a keen and active interest in the roles organizations and leaders in science and public service play in shaping responses to educational, community, developmental, health and change challenges facing us in a world with growing populations, resource constraints and fast changing technologies. Anthony is married with close family in Europe and Africa. 


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