What's The Fix?

Seattle, Washington
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Date: Wednesday, June 14

Health care is tough, cold and inefficient – we all know that, but we believe that health care should be people-first. And there are everyday people in this world making huge inroads to help themselves and others despite the dysfunction. That’s what we want to bring to light.

This conference is about the people who are working outside – and in spite of – the system. Everyday people like your neighbors, friends and family who needed help, were failed by the system and took matters into their own hands. They represent the other side of health care. People like...

  • A college student using social media to shine a light on how extended hospital stays can hurt a patient's ability to heal.
  • Parents with no medical background who found their own way to manage their kids’ chronic illnesses – and some who found cures!
  • Moms who have figured out how to knowledge-share to manage their kids' complicated health needs.
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