Palo Alto Limbic Coaching Certification Training - Berlin 2017-07 EN

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Palo Alto Limbic Coaching Certification Training - Berlin 2017-07 EN
Tuesday, July 18, 2017 10:00 AM -
Friday, July 21, 2017 3:00 PM (Central European Time)

Training Venue to be Announced
Berlin, 12161

As a coach, do you love what you’re doing and are curious about new developments in the field?

Are you interested in attracting more clients and in attaining even more sustainable results with them?

Do you want to clearly differentiate and grow your practice?

At the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching, our mission is to assist experienced coaches in getting even more flexibility in their work with clients with proven brief brain-based coaching approaches.

Join us for the upcoming Palo Alto Limbic Coaching Certification Course in Berlin, Germany, July 18-21, 2017 to broaden your repertoire of effective coaching tools and learn a unique method of brief coaching to help your clients accomplish fast and sustainable results.

This course addresses international participants and is taught in English.

The investment for this training is € 2150.
Take advantage of our early registration fee. If you register by May 2, 2017, the training fee is € 1850 plus tax.
We also offer a group rate: If two or more participants enroll together, the fee is reduced by € 200 for each of them.


Around the world people are exposed to more stress and higher expectations in their work environments. Many feel that their stress-resilience and their creativity are decreasing and are hence in need of effective support. Unfortunately, many do not even have coaching on their radar of measures to take to tackle the issues that are holding them back.  Their understanding of coaching is an engagement of several months or more to define and accomplish goals. They feel that these needs are not met in coaching if they want fast support for current issues and don’t have a lot of time to spare.

With the Palo Alto Limbic Coaching approach coaches increase their flexibility and can meet clients’ needs for fast and sustainable results in few coaching sessions.  They are thus opening coaching to new types of clients, getting more people into coaching in the long run.


Step by step, participants learn a unique and innovative brain-based brief coaching approach to identify and process emotional blocks and stress at their source: in the client’s emotional brain. The Palo Alto Limbic Coaching method directly integrates the limbic system, a developmentally older part of our brain, which is not accessible through logic, analytical thinking, or language.

The goal of this certification training is to communicate with the limbic system in its own “language” and make useful “revaluations” that are prerequisite for sustainable change.

With this unique approach, which complements all other coaching methods, participants gain even more flexibility and increase their effectiveness in change work with clients. By integrating the client’s emotional brain, they work “on the correct floor of the brain” where blocks originate but can’t be solved with language or logic.
By the way: Several components of the method are also very effective for self-coaching to overcome blocks and obstacles.


Palo Alto Limbic Coaching is highly effective at helping clients overcome obstacle and blocks. It’s the method of choice for facilitating rapid and sustainable transformations in individuals who want to get optimal results and be prepared for any challenge.
This approach is ideal for coaching top performers such as:
•    business executives and managers
•    athletes
•    artists
•    others who want to achieve and maintain optimum performance on demand or want to overcome limiting beliefs, phobias or other blocks that have kept them from being where they want to be.

Based on the latest science of how our brains work and process information, emotions, and stress, the Palo Alto Limbic Coaching method is the tool of choice to help clients:

•    increase their stress-resilience, creativity, effectiveness, and overall well-being
•    implement changes and new behaviors
•    overcome personal and professional disappointments and setbacks as well as blocks on the way to their goals
•    facilitate clients’ access to their knowledge and skills in any situation and context


The Palo Alto Limbic Coaching method is based on science, logic, and common sense. It uniquely combines a variety of well-proven components:

•    Guided eye movements - for optimal cooperation of both brain hemispheres
•    Other ways of bilateral stimulation (alternating auditory and tactile stimulation according to a particular protocol)
•    A practical muscle response test that guides coach and client through the coaching procedure like a compass. By directly identifying and addressing what brought the client into coaching in the first place we avoid detours.
•    Solution-focused communication - to enhance the goal-orientation of the coaching


•    30 hours intensive training with theoretical input in form of presentations, live demonstrations and hands-on exercises to experiment the approach as a coach and as a client
•    detailed training handouts (in English)
•    one hour of skill mentoring / supervision via phone or Skype on two coaching cases the participant handed in
•    opportunity for certified Palo Alto Limbic Coaching Technique Masters to appear in our coach-finder free of charge


This training addresses professional trainers, coaches, counselors, and therapists.

It is an education that requires the participants to be trained in either coaching, NLP, or hypnotherapy, or have a Master’s degree in Psychology or comparable education.


The first step in the Palo Alto Limbic Coaching certification process is attendance of a 4-day training. It then requires submission of two documented cases of coaching sessions using the Limbic Coaching method within 3 months after the certification-training course.

The final step is a skill mentoring / supervision call via phone or Skype with the trainer.

Once all requirements are met, participants are certified and will be listed in our coach-finder directory on our website.


This training has been certified for Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Upon successful completion of the certification course, the participant receives 30 CCEUs.


Sylvia Kurpanek is the creator of the PALiCo Coaching method.

Sylvia is a professional personal and executive coach and the founder of the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching in Palo Alto, California.

Originally from Germany, she was educated in Europe and holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology, a degree in law and degrees in Mediation and Intercultural Training & Coaching.

An NLP Master Practitioner and certified Systemic coach, she is also trained in a variety of very effective and well-proven coaching techniques that were developed in Europe.

Sylvia coaches top performers around the globe, assisting them in achieving peak performance in their professional and sports environment and in increasing their stress resilience and creativity. She also assists individual clients in overcoming blocks and challenges, in getting and staying slim and in enhancing their overall wellbeing.

Sylvia is driven by a huge sense of curiosity about what is out there in the coaching, therapy and organizational psychology world that can helpful in her work with clients. Combining the most effective components with her experience with coaching top performers, Sylvia has developed the PALiCo method. Her goal is to offer exactly the kind of succinct support she would want for herself when faced with an obstacle or the desire to accomplish more. And she would clearly want solution-focused, short-term support that is aimed at using her brain and mind to work for, rather than against, her best interest.

She teaches PALiCo certification trainings in various European countries at renowned training institutes. One of the driving forces in Sylvia’s trainings is to go beyond theoretical knowledge about how the brain works and deliver proven brain-based techniques. These approaches clearly broaden participants’ repertoire of tools and bring new clients into their coaching practice.

Sylvia’s mission is to spread the word on brief solution-focused coaching that offers prompt support for people who want sustainable solutions. She wants more people to find remedies to their obstacles, blocks and challenges in a short amount of time.


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