The Monroe Institute Outreach Workshops in California

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Adventures on the Edge of Enlightenment

Conducted worldwide by Outreach Trainers (like me!) certified by The Monroe Institute® (TMI), all Excursion® workshops are designed as highly experiential and transformative opportunities. The weekend Excursion offers a means to experience the benefits of TMI’s 5-day residential programs. It's an entry portal to the creative potential of whole-brain thinking working with input from the heart.

The Monroe Institute Excursion workshops feature Hemi-Sync® audio-guidance technology. This "technology of enlightenment" lets you access and maintain an expanded mode of consciousness. Similar to a waking or lucid dream, exercises support personal exploration, self-discovery, healing, and self-empowerment.  Hemi-Sync allows rank beginners to achieve whole-brain synchrony, a mode of consciousness that unfolds in minutes rather than years of practice.

Hemi-Sync works best with proper set and setting. You can try it at home. Find a quiet time and darkened space. Use your best headphones or earbuds because the frequencies require stereo to work. Your brain will easily synchronize into a state much like a waking dream. Let the frequencies carry you there without expectation, as this is a gentle and guided introductory exercise.

 At the workshop, you'll receive an iPod with all workshop exercises, earbuds, and an eye mask. Bringing your own headphones will enhance the experience, but are not required. Do bring an extra blanket and pillow to enhance your body's comfort as psyche journeys in altered states. You'll also want to bring a journal or sketchbook along with colored pens/pencils and the like. Often an amateurish sketch will "gestalt" the memory of your experience better than a thousand words!

Payment Instructions

Workshop Participants Receive $200 off a future Monroe Institute Residency Program
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