Fall 2018 Team Coaching Program - The Dartmouth Institute Microsystem Academy

Fairlee, Vermont
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Fall 2018 Team Coaching Program - The Dartmouth Institute Microsystem Academy
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Lake Morey Resort
1 Clubhouse Road
Fairlee, Vermont 05045
United States

About The Team Coaching Program

The Team Coaching Program is a five (5) month intensive, dynamic, and highly interactive experiential learning series blending electronic and face-to-face formats to develop coaching knowledge, skills, and abilities. Originating from decades of experience in the field coaching interdisciplinary healthcare groups and advanced through cutting-edge research specific to coaching interdisciplinary groups to engage in healthcare improvement, the Team Coaching Program has documented improved outcomes in healthcare improvement around the world.

Central to the Team Coaching Program is "The Team Coaching Model" with three phases of coaching activities. This team coaching model is unique and specific to groups of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals interested in making improvements in healthcare and will be used to help you grow and develop in your coaching role.

The overall aim of the Team Coaching Program is to improve value, safety and quality of healthcare outcomes through development of coaching knowledge, skills and abilities to coach front line interdisciplinary clinical and supporting microsystems with knowledge, processes, and tools including the Dartmouth Microsystem Improvement Curriculum.

Participants of the Team Coaching Program will develop:
• Knowledge and skills in Clinical Microsystems fundamentals.
• Knowledge, skills and abilities in the art and science of coaching interdisciplinary healthcare groups to engage in healthcare improvement and improve group dynamics.
• A coaching plan for personal and professional development in coaching front line groups in healthcare improvement to result in improved outcomes for patients, families, staff and organizations.

Interdisciplinary Groups

Healthcare improvement requires all professionals, including patients and families to be fully engaged and to have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to make meaningful changes together. Nurses, physicians, secretaries, housekeepers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dieticians, radiologists, patients and families, and others should be included in the group you will be coaching. The overall aim for the group is to learn improvement skills, improve group dynamics and increase abilities to take care of patients and families and continuously improve.

Criteria for Team Coaching Program Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion will be provided to participants who complete the full course and all assignments. See below for specific criteria.
  • Attend all five learning sessions (including three days at Dartmouth).
  • Complete and submit all assignments and progress reports.
  • Active coaching of clinical or supporting microsystem interdisciplinary group.
  • Final Submission of a summary of your coaching experience, including personal knowledge of Microsystems, active coaching of interdisciplinary group (DMIC), personal coaching development plan, and Transition Coaching Plan.


Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • For participants outside the United States, please contact Cherie Caviness for assistance with payment, by email: Cherie.L.Caviness@Dartmouth.edu or by phone: +1-603-653-3578
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