Magus, Mystic, Shaman and Sage 2017

Ashland, Oregon
Friday, August 25, 2017

The Magus, Mystic, Shaman & Sage 
August 25-28, 2017
Jean Houston's Home
Ashland, OR

Since time began, spiritual visionaries have sought to understand the many worlds, both seen and unseen, that we occupy.  Mystics of every age have discovered how to access what scientists are now calling “parallel worlds”.  The practices and wisdom that have accumulated over the ages are now being presented in this very untraditional Salon. 

During the deep days together Dr. Houston will invite you into the world of the mystics, shamans and seekers of ages past and present. You will learn what they discovered and how to use their knowledge to deepen and inspire your own life.

Dr. Houston’s lifetime of teaching of religious studies, begun as a teacher in colleges and universities over 45 years ago, now culminates in one of this year’s most significant gatherings.  You learn to see through the eyes of your soul, and the mind of the Infinite.  To say that this will be a life-changing course of study would of course, be to understate what it is to expand your framework of who and why you exist, and explore your inherent relationship to the very nature of creativity and manifestation.

Space is limited to 18 individuals, who would like to experience the “Magus”, or what was considered the “magic” of living from the depths of not only your own soul, but the collective soul of the world.  Click below for a brief video message from Jean about her most popular program: 

3 Month Mentoring Programs Event Details:

For those who feel that they need more personal training with Dr. Houston, we offer small group mentoring.  This program begins with a four-day course of study focused on a specific theme. The intimate setting allows for personal interaction with Dr. Houston, her co-teacher and the other students.  For the next three months, the students come together for an hour each month via a teleconference call to check in on their progress.  During this call, mentees celebrate the integration of the training into their lives or receive additional coaching on accomplishing their visions.

Meaningful personal relationships often form during these programs with the other students that often last a lifetime.  The concentrated time with Dr. Houston provides the perfect opportunity for camaraderie and the generous exchange of ideas and explorations. 

These Mentoring Programs are often referred to as “Salons”, patterned after the inspiring gatherings of the French literary and philosophical movements of the 17th and 18th centuries where small groups gathered to learn and share knowledge with a stimulating host. Our modern Salons now serve to advance the wisdom and understanding of dedicated individuals who are committed to deepening his or her consciousness and contribution to the world.

Be prepared to dance, sing, write, act and embody your discoveries so that they become a part of your essence. 

Everyone leaves with a deeper understanding of what is possible with his or her life, and commits to live it. The monthly mentoring phone calls reinforce the passion that was conceived on the mountain top and nurtures the expansion you have always dreamed of

An Untraditional Program at an Untraditional Location:

The Salon for the August 25-28 Three-Month Mentoring Program is hosted in Jean Houston’s double-geodesic dome home in the mountains of Ashland, Oregon, and is truly a stimulating environment of inspiration.  Designed by the late Buckminster Fuller, her home offers the perfect setting for the exploration of the many domains of consciousness in which we inhabit, create and are created.  Fueled by gourmet lunches, the mountain walks offer a perfect environment for meditation and relationship with our glorious earth.

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    Magus, Mystic, Shaman and Sage
    Ashland, Oregon
    August 25-28, 2017

    Early Bird: $3395 extended until August 18th. Summer Special!
    Full Price: $3695

    Your course fee covers a  three-month mentoring program that includes a 4 day intensive in Ashland, OR with catered
     gourmet lunches and an evening of fun and entertainment, followed up by monthly integration calls with Dr. Houston.
    Travel, lodging and other meals are not included in the Salon and Three-month Mentoring Program costs. See lodging tab for recommendations.  Please be advised that there are pets on the premises of Jean Houston's home.  Please see the FAQ tab for more 

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