Calling Thunder to the Mountains

Lake Tahoe-Glenbrook, Nevada
Friday, September 22, 2017
Calling Thunder to the Mountains
September 22-25, 2017
Galilee Retreat Center-Lake Tahoe
Glenbrook, Nevada

I write this from my reservation on Great Lake Superior.  When I am here, everything is animate.  The wind carries messages, the eagle watches over us, the forests who wander down to the lake hold our history.  Far from the Hollywood caricature of devastated “Indians”, members of my tribe use their education and heritage to defend the earth and all of our relations. 

Our prophecies say that it is you who will make the great decisions that will shape our future and the future of our children’s children.  We are to help in every way we can.  “Calling Thunder to the Mountains,” is my way of sharing with you.

We found a beautiful, peaceful location for a four-day retreat on the edge of Lake Tahoe.  It’s not a resort, but in its simplicity, it allows us to step back into the natural world for both a respite from the modern world, and a portal into a way of living that may enhance your life and what you do with it.

Our Intention

I prayed about what I could share with you that would be most meaningful.  The title came, “Calling Thunder to the Mountains. “  In our tradition, the Thunders are the grandfathers, they are the great Thunder Birds, they are the sky making love with the earth, and they are power that can be beneficial or destructive.  You will learn how to call these names, and if our time together has it's most positive result, you will learn how to use the power that rolls across the mountains to build deeper relationships with the natural world, understand your true name, speak with humility to your ancestors, and listen.  In the silence is the voice of the Great Mystery and your role in life.

I would say that I hope you learn by the end of our time together how important you are, but that thought would be incomplete.  I would hope that you would leave understanding how important everything is.  We are not greater than the creation we share our generous earth with, but what you choose to do with this gift of life matters.  It matters very much.

These Four Days Together

These four days together will be an immersion in what we honor and value the most.  You’ll learn about the cycles of life and what opportunities each phase offers.  You’ll live as clan members and learn a new ways to form community.  You’ll grow new senses and see and feel the animate world around you as you touch it and it touches you.  You’ll find the spiritual undercurrent that moves through all life, and the values that it offers.  You’ll learn the role your ancestors play in your life and how to let your life be a thread through time that weaves the future for the generations who follow us.

You’ll learn why you are considered the Fourth World, and the sacrifices that the other Three Worlds make for you every moment of every day.

If all of this is integrated into your life, then you will carry away wisdom.  If you live this wisdom, then you will learn how to live in balance both on the inside and outside.  What a great day, when your balance, wisdom and intention ripple out into your family and community, and balance is once again restored.

Meet your Guide
  Connie Buffalo is an Anishinaabe, and member of the Red Cliff Band of ChippewainNorthernWisconsin.
Her deep love and appreciation of her culture is woven into her sharing, traditional stories, and respect for both the seen and unseen worlds that surround us.

The Anishinaabe teachings and philosophy have influenced her work throughout her life. Ms. Buffalo worked with CBS television network as a Director of Promotion and Advertising for affiliate stations.  She went onto become General Manager of a manufacturing plant producing interactive video computers.  She then designed advanced interactive video training for Fortune 500 companies, developed international interactive video training for the telecommunications industry, launched an international telecommunications consulting business, and became CEO of a company designing delivery systems for chemical and biological warfare decontamination.  She is now the business partner of Jean Houston, Ph.D. and designs training programs dedicated to encouraging lives of meaning and purpose. 

As a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, she offers a unique perspective on Anishinaabe philosophy and it’s practical value for creating an honorable future for our children and our children’s children.

You may have questions:
  • Our retreat will take place in a beautiful lake front lodge with several cabins. The cabins vary with 3-4 rooms each with 3-4 bunk beds per room.  
  • You may request bunk mates if you have friends or family coming.
  • We will begin with Registration at 2pm on Friday and end on Monday at 2pm.
  • You are requested to stay with the group during the retreat. 
  • Sons and daughters, sisters and friends are welcome if they are over 15.     
  • No electronic devices are welcome during our time together.
  • Special dietary restrictions can be accommodated.
  • Releases are necessary for participation.
  • For those who can, we will be kayaking on the lake.
  • We will be doing moderate hiking.
  • There will be creative activities where you will put your learning into form.
  • You may bring your own sleeping bag or linens or a bedroll can be provided for a $15 one time charge.
  • Some cabins have gathering rooms for getting together at night.  We will do as much as possible outdoors.
  • Swimming is available during free time.
  • Showers are in each cabin, but you will need to bring personal soap, shampoo and hair dryers.
  • If you want to carpool from the airport to the lodge, we will provide names of those with a car who would like to rideshare.
  • Full trip recommendations and details will be sent upon registration.  
  • See our LODGING, TRAVEL & FAQ pages for more details.
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Contact Information

  • We would be glad to answer any questions you have! 

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    Monday - Friday
    9-5 PST 


Payment Instructions

  • Thunder Retreat Program Fee:

    Calling Thunder to the Mountains
    Galilee Retreat Center-Lake Tahoe
    Glenbrook, Nevada
    September 22-25, 2017

    Early Bird: $474 + Lodging package ends September 11th
    Full Price: $574 + Lodging package
    Lodging Package: $252 pp (required)
    The Lodging Package includes 3 meals per day beginning with dinner on Friday and ending with lunch on Monday.  Lodging is in cabins on a beautiful lake front lodge with several cabins. The cabins vary with 3-4 rooms each with 3-4 bunk beds per room.  You may request bunk mates if you have friends or family coming. Travel is not included. Please see the FAQ tab for more information.

    VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Accepted 

    See FAQ for information on our cancellation and refund policy

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