NCSPP 2018 Midwinter Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday, January 15, 2018
NCSPP 2018 Midwinter Conference
Monday, January 15, 2018 - Friday, January 19, 2018

The Venetian Las Vegas
(702) 414-1000
3355 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
United States

 The NCSPP 2018 Mid-Winter Conference, entitled, Diversity Actualization: Manifesting Diversity in Programs, Policies, and Practices for Community Well-being, is representative of NCSPP’s awareness of the impact of the current sociopolitical climate on the mental health needs of marginalized and underserved populations and the responsibility of psychology graduate programs to provide the field with future providers who are appropriately educated, trained, and evaluated to be culturally competent. Given our roles as providers, educators, and supervisors, psychologists have a significant impact on the quality of mental health services received by those in need. Two topics were identified as areas for purposeful attention due to their relevance in current education and training: (a) spiritual and religious cultural competency and (b) innovative use of technology to promote social justice. Given the relatively limited focus on the role of spirituality and religion in graduate psychology programs, combined with the centrality of spirituality to a large proportion of the population, particularly in communities of color, this conference hopes to contribute to increasing the attention to this topic among professional psychologists. In addition, in light of the increasing use of technology and the pervasive presence of social media, there will be a focus on these elements as tools to be integrated into psychology as innovative means of advocating for social justice (e.g., being a public ally for gender and sexual diversity) and reaching marginalized and non-traditional populations who may not otherwise consider accessing psychology, either as clients or as students, which will allow attendees to utilize technology as a tool to address social injustice and make psychology and psychological services more accessible to a larger portion of the population.
Overall, it is imperative that we develop and maintain education and skills in a manner that permits us to provide high-quality education and training to psychologists-in-training who will, in turn, offer culturally competent clinical services to the public. As faculty and administrators, we have a responsibility to the field, the public, and our students to remain current in our own knowledge and abilities, and to protect the integrity of what we pass on to those under our care and supervision.

The 2018 Mid-Winter Conference will specifically focus on these tasks through its three primary goals:
  1. Imparting strategies for effectively training culturally competent psychologists for the future;
  2. Contributing to meeting the needs of our larger communities and society, inclusively attending to issues of race, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender, disability, class, religion and spirituality, nationality, generational status, age, and additional factors that constitute one’s identity; and
  3. Providing experiential workshops, roundtable discussions, and symposium sessions dedicated to continuing education regarding topics central to diversity education, training, and practice in psychology.
The aspiration of this conference is for NCSPP to move from discussion of issues central to the competent practice of professional psychology to action and implementation. It is anticipated that the outcome of this conference will be both interpersonal and intrapersonal growth and development, as well as content that can be incorporated into curriculum and course content, pedagogical techniques, and in the impartation and evaluation of clinical and supervision competencies.


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