Choosing Vitality! Activating Optimal Health at Any Age

Santa Barbara, California
Thursday, November 02, 2017

Choosing Vitality!
Activating Optimal Health at Any Age
Santa Barbara, California
November 2-5, 2017

Have you wondered what it would be like to be 80 years old and have the enthusiasm and energy of a person half that age?  Jean Houston is often asked how she stays so young looking and active at 80.  This November she shares her very unconventional ways of staying physically and emotionally vital and passionate about life.

“We can place ourselves inside of time and culture and be bound by the constricting beliefs surrounding aging, or we can step beyond these boundaries and into a life-energizing matrix of new possibilities.  Archetypes, internal allies, spiritual grounding and and a passion for a meaningful life can provide a whole new level of regeneration.”
--Jean Houston, Ph.D.

A Special Guest Teacher, Dr. Evelyne Leone

Joining Jean Houston is Dr. Evelyne Leone, a noted physician and nutritional and regenerative expert.

Dr. Leone has the rare gift of combining the very best wisdom of both allopathic and integrative medical traditions.  She has designed a successful approach to daily health that provides specific pathways to regenerating vital life energies and maintaining balance and health.

10 Keys to Revitalizing your Spirit, Mind, Energy, Emotions and Vitality!

Together Dr. Leone and Dr. Houston have created a simple 10-step program that expands your beliefs about health and living, provides new practices for your psycho-spiritual health, improves your positive behaviors, reduces stress, activates dormant healing capacities within your body, provides a delicious recipe for losing weight and creates a renewed sense of empowerment and control over your well being.

We deserve to learn how our mind/body system can function at a higher octave.  It has always been possible.  There is just one grand obstacle.  We don’t believe we are as powerful as we are in self-nurturing.”  --Dr. Evelyne Leone

This is a rare opportunity to sit with a small group of students and be able to not only learn important principles of health, but to know how to apply them to your specific health goals.

Does this sound like an extraordinary opportunity to learn about your physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual health?  It is. Can all these promises be fulfilled? Come and see.  It could just be a life changing experience.

Registration is limited to 20 students.  Please register early.

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Small Group Mentoring Programs Event Details

For those who feel that they need more personal training with Dr. Houston, we offer small group mentoring.  This program begins with a four-day course of study focused on a specific theme. The intimate setting allows for personal interaction with Dr. Houston, her co-teacher and the other students.  

For the next six months, the students come together for an hour each month via a teleconference call to check in on their progress.  During this call, mentees celebrate the integration of the training into their lives or receive additional coaching on accomplishing their visions. Meaningful personal relationships often form during these programs with the other students that often last a lifetime. The concentrated time with Dr. Houston provides the perfect opportunity for camaraderie and the generous exchange of ideas and explorations. 

Small Group Mentoring Programs are often referred to as “Salons”, patterned after the inspiring gatherings of the French literary and philosophical movements of the 17th and 18th centuries where small groups gathered to learn and share knowledge with a stimulating host. Our modern Salons now serve to advance the wisdom and understanding of dedicated individuals who are committed to deepening his or her consciousness and contribution to the world.

Be prepared to dance, sing, write, act and embody your discoveries so that they become a part of your essence. Everyone leaves with a deeper understanding of what is possible with his or her life, and commits to live it. The monthly mentoring phone calls reinforce the passion that was conceived on the mountain top and nurtures the expansion you have always dreamed of.

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Payment Instructions

  • Program Prices:

    Santa Barbara, California
    Six-Month Program

    Full Price: $3695

    Early Bird: $3395

    Choosing Vitality! Activating Optimal Health at Any Age
    Santa Barbara, California
    November 2-5, 2017
    Early Bird Ends: Extended to October 25, 2017

    Your course fee covers a six-month mentoring program including a monthly phone counseling, and a 4-day intensive in Santa Barbara CA, with continental breakfasts and spectacular gourmet lunches.

    If paying by check please contact the office 541-488-1200 or to make payment arrangements.
    Travel, lodging and other meals are not included in the Salon and six-month Mentoring Program costs. See lodging tab for recommendations.

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