The Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope ® : The Intercultural Coach's toolkit with Jenny Plaister-Ten

Thursday, 08 February 2018
The Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope ® : The Intercultural Coach's toolkit with Jenny Plaister-Ten
Thursday, 08 February 2018 10:00 - 17:00 (GMT)

The British Psychological Society London Offices
30 Tabernacle Street
United Kingdom

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Masterclass outline:

Deeply entrenched cultural norms, values and beliefs contribute towards biases, stereotyping and differing working practices. Yet, global organisations are demanding more effective methods to accommodate and benefit from difference.  Jenny has designed solutions for leaders, executive and team coaching based on The Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope®.  This is a systems approach to coaching that increases awareness of the cultural influences upon coaches and their clients. Now, having developed her knowledge of systemic constellations, she has integrated this approach into practice.  The result is a toolkit, comprising desktop and floor models for both one-one and team coaching.  Come along and have fun experiencing a novel approach. 

The Masterclass will include:

  • Overview of key intercultural theory and dilemmas
  • The background to the Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope® Research
  • How to use the Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope®: one-one and teams
  • Cross-Cultural coaching scenarios 
  • Experiential practice 
  • Hints and Tips for application to practice

Masterclass aims & objectives:
This one-day master-class is designed for practitioners who operate in a global or multi-cultural context with the aim of exploring the impact of culture in the coaching relationship. The objective is to raise awareness to cultural influences and dynamics and to introduce you to a tool for use in your intercultural practice.  Learn experientially and have fun!

Masterclass content:
Rooted in research and proven in practice, you will be introduced to the Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope® tool and be invited to experiment with it.  Using the principles of systemic constellations, you will embody your inter-cultural experiences and learn how they contribute to your personal and cultural identity as well as question whether those cultural mandates are appropriate, given a change of context, environment or team.  You will not only learn how to use the toolkit, you will raise awareness of your own cultural influences and co-coach your fellow participants to ‘unlearn’ any unhelpful cultural patterns.  You will leave with greater self-awareness about the impact of your own cultural patterns and you will have enhanced your intercultural skillset.  Be prepared to take your shoes off and be experiential with a floor mat!

Jenny Plaister-Ten, MA, MAC, FinstLM is Director of 10 Consulting Ltd, an executive coach and leadership facilitator with a background in international business.  She worked at senior levels for multinational companies, Compaq/HP and ICL/Fujitsu.  She also founded a Consulting Practice based in Singapore. Jenny learned much about the impact of differing cultural values informing values, beliefs and decisions whilst living and working in the Asia/Pacific region, the USA and the Netherlands.  These experiences inspired her to continue to work with global leaders and their teams. 

Her book, published by Karnac in July 2016, is called ‘The Cross-Cultural Coaching Kaleidoscope: a systems approach to coaching amongst different cultural influences’


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