Stormwater Detention System Design

Denver, Colorado
Thursday, April 26, 2018

Stormwater Detention System Design
Thursday, April 26, 2018 8:30 AM -
Friday, April 27, 2018 5:00 PM (Mountain Time)

Leonard Rice Engineering Training Facility
(303) 455-9589
1221 Auraria Parkway
Denver, Colorado 80204
United States

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General registration fee for this two-day class is $750.00.  
        Early registration fee of $675.00 is available unit March 30th
Discounted CASFM-RMAPWA member fee is $740.00.
        Early registration fee of $675.00 is available unit March 30th
The low general registration fee and the discounted CASFM-RMAPWA fee is 
available because of sponsorship, in part, by the Urban Drainage &
Flood Control District.

CEU’s: You will be eligible to receive 1.5 CEU’s or 15 PDH’s for this course. 
               You will receive 12 ASFPM Core CEC’s toward CFM certification. 

What Will You Learn?

Stormwater detention has been identified to be very effective means to mitigate the effects on stormwater runoff and flooding due to urbanization of watersheds.  It is a very important part of urban stormwater systems and is critical in protection to public provided beyond those offered by BMP and LID facilities. In this course you will learn:

   1) Assessment of urbanization impact on increase 
       of runoff rates and volumes
   2) Types of stormwater detention, 
   3) Hydrograph method for estimating detention volume 
        for large watersheds 
   4) FAA method for estimating detention volume for 
       small watersheds
   5) Empirical methods for Excess Urban Runoff Volume (EURV), 
       Water Quality Capture Volume (WQCV) and 10-yr and 100-yr 
       detention volumes 
   6) Detention basin’s pre-sizing for multiple flood events 
   7) Detention basin’s pre-shaping to produce
        the stage-storage curve
   8) Design of inflow system using a forebay and inflow 
       channel for in-stream basin
   9) Design of inflow system using a culvert-diversion 
       structure for off-stream basin
  10) Design of outflow structure with WQCV plate, 
        low-flow orifice, and high-flow grate,
  11) Design of outfall culvert using restricted plate to 
        produce the stage-outflow curve
  12) Design of basins operated by HGL using equalizer 
        pipes and flood gates  
  13) Reservoir routing method to evaluate basin’s 
  14) Design of micropool in front of the WQCV plate
  15) Design of Full Spectrum Detention (FSD)
  16) Application and impact of watershed-wide regional FSD
  17) Design-storm modeling versus continuous simulation 
         of detention basins
  18) Effect of location in watershed on detention 
         basin effectiveness 
   19) Maintenance of detention basins and
arious design components 
   20) Design and Review examples using
          UDFCD’s UD-Detention workbook tool 

This Course Will Cover: 
The lectures and work sessions are designed to teach how to design a stormwater detention system.  You will be provided with a easy to use, spreadsheet based computer model Stormwater Detention Design that was specifically developed for you to:
   1) Calculate the required storm water detention volumes, 
        including ones for Water Quality Capture Volume,
        Excess Urban Runoff Volume, 10-yr and 100-yr storms

   2)  Estimate the basin geometry using triangular, rectangular, 
         or elliptical shapes,
   3)  Develop the final stage-storage-outflow relationships, and
   4)  Conduct reservoir routing through the basin under design. 
Detentions and BMP outlet structures can be very complicated and can contain of multiple orifices, weirs, perforated plates, and culverts.  

Much of the class will be in workshop mode, in which you will experience hands-on operations and how to achieve various stormwater and flood mitigation using detention design techniques. Stormwater Detention Design Software's design procedures used fully 
comply with proven hydraulic design protocols applicable in all areas of United States and the rest of the world.  You will also learn how to use spreadsheet-based freeware developed by the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District to size detention volumes and outlets. 

Bring Your Own Computer. 
You will need it to run the Excel workbooks provided to you in the class.    

Dr. James C.Y. Guo, PhD, P.E. is a professor at University of Colorado Denver. In addition to teaching engineering hydrology and hydraulics since 1982, he is active in applied research and is a practicing engineer. Dr. Guo’s research work has been referenced in number of Federal, State, and City and County drainage manuals in United States and in several refereed journals as well. He also brings to the class the latest concepts and methods for stormwater detention designs and modeling techniques for outlet structure sizing and analyses. 

Holly Piza, P.E., is a Project Manager at the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District, serving the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. Ms. Piza managed the development of the current version of the UD-DETENTION reservoir-routing model. She has also managed the criteria, standards, and stormwater quality research and technology development program at the District since 2009.  

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The size of the classroom will be limited to approximately 24 students.  To assure a space for yourself we suggest registering early by clicking on the "Register Now" button above

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