Coaching using the Past, Present and Future with Professor Patricia Riddell

Tuesday, 27 March 2018
Coaching using the Past, Present and Future with Professor Patricia Riddell
Tuesday, 27 March 2018 10:00 - 17:00 (GMT)

The British Psychological Society London Offices
30 Tabernacle Street
United Kingdom

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Masterclass outline:

As a species, we are exquisitely good at moving through time in our heads: we use information from the past, present and future when day dreaming, thinking about our lives, making decisions and planning for future events.  As coaches, we work with clients to create compelling future plans - but do we know explicitly how this brings together the past, present and future?

In this workshop, Professor Patricia Riddell will explore how the brain represents past, present and future thinking, and will show you how a knowledge of these processes can help coaches to work with clients to build even more compelling plans for the future.  

Masterclass aims & objectives:

The aims of the masterclass are to provide a basic working knowledge of the brain and its function, and then to show how a more detailed understanding of how our brain represents the past, present and future and the evolutionary basis for this can help us to better understand the how to create compelling future plans.

At the end of the masterclass, you will have:
• a better understanding of the brain, its components
• an understanding of how we represent the past, present and future.
• explored some of the consequences of the way the brain processes time
• practised some techniques that have the potential to use this more effectively in coaching.

Masterclass content:

The masterclass will explore how we use current information from our senses to understand the present, how this is combined with information from our past that forms the basis of our expertise. We will then consider how (and why) we construct the future. Using this understanding, we will consider how coaches can help to create future plans that are more likely to lead to action.

The workshop will build on the latest neuroscience to create a day that will be both informative and interactive. There will also be plenty of opportunity to practise new ideas and techniques, to network with other people who are interested in coaching and the brain, and to ask questions of an expert neuroscientist with many years of experience of research and teaching in this field.

Professor Patricia Riddell is a chartered psychologist and chartered scientist with an active research interest in neuroscience. She studied Physiological Sciences at University of Glasgow, and obtained a Masters degree in Quantitative Methods Applied to Physiology from Imperial College before going to University of Oxford to complete a doctorate in Physiological Sciences. One key theme that runs through her research is the changes that occur in the brain as new learning takes place – or how the brain creates new learning. Her interests lie in how learning can be facilitated by changes in motivation, teaching styles, attention to cues, and other strategies. She is passionate about bringing the expanding knowledge that we have about the brain and how it drives behaviour to people beyond Universities. She believes that there is a huge benefit to be had from coaches, trainers, leaders and others being knowledgeable about the brain. She loves creating cutting edge training workshops that integrate and expand on the most recent ideas in neuroscientific and psychological thinking.


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