Positive Psychology in Action - Lucy Ryan

Tuesday, 16 October 2018
Positive Psychology in Action - Lucy Ryan
Tuesday, 16 October 2018 10:00 - 17:00 (GMT)

The British Psychological Society London Offices
30 Tabernacle Street
United Kingdom

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The Aims of the Session:

As far as coaching goes, positive psychology offers the world of coaching something very special – an evidence based framework and a rich scientific body of work from which to design your interventions. Since working in this field for 10 years, my aim for this workshop is to share my learning and dig deeper into three big areas of positive psychology. We will ‘play with’ positive interventions that go beyond the norm you can read in most PP books and will stimulate your action and thinking for your clients. The three areas we will focus on will be:

  1. Character Strengths
  2. Positive Emotions and Resilience
  3. Motivation and Peak Performance. Particularly working with teams.

Typically I work with corporate leaders but you will find the exercises we discuss appropriate for many walks of life. I also tend to work visually, as well as cerebrally, with clients so you will find the exercises involve cards; grids and ‘walk-arounds’, with a wealth of suggested coaching questions.

The Content of the Session:


Positive Psychology’s 24 Character Strengths go beyond most strengths psychometrics, offering clients a ‘route path’ for growth and development in their life. Using the strengths cards and coaching questions, we will explore together four fundamentals for working with character strengths:

  • How do you help people recognise their strengths (and fall in love with them)?
  • What worth does a client get from exploring their strengths (and considering overuse and underuse);
  • In what other areas can their character strengths be applied and amplified?
  • Beyond your signature strengths, what character strengths need developing to achieve what you want to achieve next in life?

Positive Emotions and Resilience:

The fundamental premise of emotional intelligence is to help people utilise their own, and others, emotions as a resource for inspiring and driving emotions in the right direction. In order to develop this intelligence, people need to:

  • recognise their own emotions and the effect on mood and performance;
  • manage themselves effectively in times of stress and negativity and understand the impact of ‘emotional contagion’;
  • understand the importance of positive emotions as a valuable resource for happiness and resilience and be able to intentionally capitalise on such emotions;

Together we will explore the ‘Emotions in Action Matrix’ – a simple, yet highly effective tool that helps people be aware, and take control of, their emotional state – whether it is a helpful positive state or an unhelpful negative state.

Whilst we will discuss triggers and negative emotions, the focus will be on nature and usefulness of positive emotions, particularly the power of appreciation; celebration; optimism and teamwork. We will also work with the different ‘positive positions’ for looking at situations in new lights.

Team Motivation and Peak Performance:

Utilising the MAPP (Motivation and Peak Performance) Wheel, in the last section of this workshop we will explore the 12 scientific factors that enhance motivation and drive. This section of the workshop brings together much of the new body of scientific work around achievement and motivation and shows you how to work in a practical, interesting work with a client and a team, utilising the wheel and motivation cards.

Three vital chapters in Lucy’s life inform her coaching approach: firstly on the stage, (failed opera singer but would-be Julie Andrews!), then Sales Director in London and Sydney and latterly as a coach and positive psychologist. In her own training and coaching career, Lucy has worked with over 12,000 individuals and teams across Europe at crucial transition points in their leadership journey and today she is considered to be one of the UK’s foremost personal impact and confidence coaches for senior business people. In the last decade she has worked with leaders from diverse organisations across Europe including L’Oreal; Channel 4; PHD; RAC; Sony; OUP; Argos; UNICEF; Siemens and Ingeus. With a unique ‘bank’ of coaching models and methods, Lucy also trains coaches and psychologists across Europe in strengths based approaches, resilience and positive psychology.

Lucy holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and is involved in the development of positive psychology in Europe. She is co-author of the UK’s first resilience and wellbeing curriculum (SPARK), author of Well Being Lessons for Secondary Schools, Honorary Lecturer at the University of East London, and trainer for the Penn Resilience Programme. She is currently studying for a PhD at University of Liverpool focusing on middle age, the menopause and the retention of senior female executives!


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