Initiation of the Sage: Harnessing the Power of Experience

Ashland, Oregon
Friday, April 13, 2018
Initiation of the Sage: Harnessing the Power of Experience
Friday, April 13, 2018 - Monday, April 16, 2018

Jean Houston's Home
Ashland, Oregon

Initiation of the Sage

It is one thing to live, quite another to use your experiences to grow into a wise being.


We used to think of “sages” as those who had a long life, and theoretically became wiser in the process.  That doesn’t always happen, does it?  All too often the patterns that may inhibit our greatness solidify as the years go by, or our busyness just spills over from day to day without the awareness of just how magnificent and meaningful your life is. 

To be aware of what you have experienced and why, is to become a co-creator with the gift of life.

The Path of Initiation

This spring, Jean Houston, Ph.D. offers an Initiation of the Sage, Harnessing the Power of Experience.  It is a three-month mentoring program that is in fact an initiation into the becoming of a wise, mindful, active participant in life.

Throughout the four days in her home in Ashland, Oregon, with a small group of students, you’ll be exposed to the spiritual essence that inspires your thoughts, re-commit to an identity that serves your purpose in the world, visit the Wisdom Schools of great teachers, learn how to gather meaning from your memories and new skills from your life lessons.  

For the following three months, you’ll be mentored as you return to your own routine, and integrate the many lessons.  You’ll be studying with like-minded students where strangers soon become trusted friends.

This initiation will be unlike any program you may have experienced.  Through music, talks, personal processes, and spiritual deepening, you’ll become an alchemist of your own life.  The candlelit ceremonies will bring you to the place of humility where you receive the great gift of a conscious tomorrow.

This is an initiation into a new kind of elder.  You will learn how to clarify your intentions, harness your magnificent life lessons and pass them on in potent, meaningful ways.  This is what Jean Houston calls the “Axial Age”, where the wisdom you carry will make the difference for today and for the children of the future.

We may be able to do more than accrue memories.  We are charged with a significant responsibility to seed the future, fill it with voices swelling with messages of hope, direction and possibilities.  This next generation is brilliant, and can only gain from the thousands of years of our collective experience. Your participation and that of others can benefit and accelerate a new octave of society.

This is one of the most exciting and compelling mentoring programs Jean Houston has ever launched.  If you feel the urge to step forward, harness the power of your experience, and transform your understanding into gifts that will help shape the future, then please join us.

We have a limited amount of scholarships for this Salon. Should you be interested, please email a 300 word submission of your projects and goals to


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Payment Instructions

  • Program Prices:
    Full Price: $3695
    Early Bird: $3395  
    There is still time to save. The Early Bird Special ends March 30, 2018

    There are a limited amount of scholarships available for this Salon. Should you be interested, please email a 300 word submission of your projects and goals to

    The three month mentoring program begins with a four day teaching that we call a Salon at Jean Houston's home in Ashland, Oregon. It is followed by three months of mentoring teleconference calls to help ensure ongoing learning and integration of the program teaching period.

    Travel, lodging and other meals are not included in the Salon and Three-month Mentoring Program costs. See lodging tab for recommendations.

    Since this event is held at Jean's home, dogs and cats will be present. If you have allergies, please bring any medications you might need.

     If paying by check please contact the office 541-488-1200 or to make payment arrangements. 

    VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Accepted. 
    See FAQ for information on our cancellation and refund policy.
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